9 Reasons to Consider Costa Rica Adventure Travel Tours & Programs

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Costa Rica is a lush and lively rainforested country in Central America. Its people, vegetation, and animals vibrate with life and wonder, breathing in the excitement of being part of the regions incredibly diverse ecosystem. You will not have a hard time feeling inspired to get out and experience every Costa Rica adventure the country has to offer. Hiking. Volcanoes. Biking. Beaches. Surfing. Zip-lining. You name it, they got it. 

Bridge in rainforest of Costa Rica

Experience new heights on your Costa Rica Adventure

Your heart will feel welcomed and loved by the people and the culture, and your whole being will be open to many exciting adrenaline-inducing, or connection-inspiring, experiences making all of your dream Costa Rica adventures a reality. Being surrounded by nature (and adventure!!) will invigorate your soul and renew your spirit. If that makes your heart flutter, we see adventure travel in Costa Rica looming over your horizon. 

Why Costa Rican adventures should be your next vacation

1. There are so Many Ways to Get Your Adrenaline Pumping...

We love getting our heart racing just as much as the next person, which is why we think that Costa Rican adventures are worth indulging in. Not only can you go backpacking and hiking, but you can also go caving and spelunking. HOW COOL?! Beyond different land-based options, you can also spend time in the water with river kayaking and snorkeling. Because of Costa Ricas incredible diversity, you can experience time in the mountains, near volcanoes, in the sea, or in the rainforest. 

2. …and Even Find Some Relaxation

If you’re looking for a more low-key, relaxing option, Costa Rica has that, too. Need to relax and reconnect with your inner being? Costa Rica has yoga programs that will help you find your center and lead a more intentional life. There are also options for nature tours that will not only help you feel more connected with yourself, but also the beauty that surrounds you. Or if you are more interested in the culture and language, you can take heritage tours to learn more about Costa Rica, live with a homestay to become immersed in the culture, or learn about the local cuisine through cooking programs

Man zip lining over forest

You’ll be soarin', flying; there's not a star in heaven that you can't reach

3. Costa Rica is Small, Which Means More Adventure

If you prefer a combination of relaxation and adrenaline inducing adventure, Costa Rica, again, is the perfect destination. You will have no limitations of creating your perfect adventure itinerary because of Costa Rica’s small size. You can go mountain biking and on an eco tour. Or horseback riding and trekking. The options and combinations are endless, which means you won’t have to choose between the ocean and the mountains, or the rainforest and volcanoes. 

4. It’s Affordable!

Program costs can vary, anything from $600 USD - $5000 USD per week, but lucky for you, the cost of living in Costa Rica is affordable! Which means you will have more opportunities to experience the food and culture without having to limit your adventuring. If money for getting to Costa Rica or the costs of the programs themselves is still a concern for you, read more about how to fund your trip abroad and also consider creating an account with FundMyTravel, a crowd-fundraising site directed towards meaningful travel experiences (like adventure travel in Costa Rica)! Once you are in Costa Rica, you’ll have an easier time managing your money to allow you a great time. It’s also great to remember that these programs will help provide you with some unforgettable experiences, so the money will be well spent!  

5. Communities that Embrace Nature and People Like You

The communities in Costa Rica take pride in their land and the life it enables—half a million species!—so there are laws protecting that land, and everyday practices that encourage the biodiversity to persist and be protected. Costa Rica works to find ways to sustain its rich life and encourage their visitors to do so as well. Beyond being eco-conscious, the multiethnic people of Costa Rica are welcoming and open to embracing people from all over the world. You’ll want to join right in and practice sustainable travel while adventuring in Costa Rica.

6. Monkeys and Frogs and Birds, Oh My!

You don’t need to be reminded of Costa Rica’s size, but to put it into perspective, Costa Rica is .003 percent of the earth’s landmass, meanwhile it contains six percent of the world’s biodiversity. That’s a lot of life in a small area. No wonder Costa Ricans feel so connected to their wonderful, beautiful country and work hard to protect it. As previously mentioned, you can find half a million species in this compact sized country which makes it the perfect place for an ecology program! You’ll have to try hard to avoid the incredible wildlife and biodiversity, not that you’ll want to. 

Sloth hanging in rainforest 

You’ll love hanging out with the wildlife on Costa Rica travel tours 

7. Pura Vida

Pura vida, or the “pure life,” is not just a marketing saying, but a way of life. You may question it and its impact on life in Costa Rica, but you will leave your Costa Rica adventures a true believer. Costa Ricans, also called Ticos, live a high quality life. Some may even say their lives are healthier and they live longer, and how can you not be happy about that? Embrace pura vida. Breath pura vida. Be pura vida. You won’t regret it!

8. Landscape Diversity Galore!

25.6% of Costa Rica’s land is part of the National Parks and Reserves. Not only does the presence of mountains and valleys, beaches and rainforests, and volcanoes and waterfalls elevate Costa Rica’s incredible beauty, but it also gives you the opportunity to fly high above the landscape (or skydive into the beauty) and also surround yourself with the smells, feelings, and tastes through camping. It’ll be impossible to be bored or feel uninspired with adventure tourism in costa rica.

9. It Will Leave You Wanting More

The best kinds of travel experiences are the ones that leave you wanting to do it all over again. Through experiencing Costa Rica’s biodiversity, embracing pura vida, and climbing high and feeling the local rains, your heart will be full and in search of your next chance to experience if all over again. With so many options for adventure travel in Costa Rica, you could just keep coming back!

10. You Can Make a Real Difference

While you are embarking on your adventures in Costa Rica, the connections you make and the relationships you develop will have a true impact on the communities you visit. Whether it be through your conservation efforts or volunteering in the community, you have the opportunity to deeply impact the lives of those you encounter—whether they have two, four, or no legs at all! The important thing to remember about meaningful travel is that your presence is most impactful when you are fully present. So embrace the adventure and lean into every opportunity that you encounter!

Volcano eruption in Costa Rica

Your hearts will explode (with joy) like a volcano

We recommend these four Costa Rica adventure packages

Selina logo

1. Surf & Yoga Santa Teresa Packages by Selina Surf Club

With the perfect combination of adventure and centeredness, this program will guarantee you the best of both worlds. You will learn to focus and be aware of your body and your breath through yoga, which will only increase your surfing skills and experience! The yoga practices will open your heart to feeling, and catching a wave will make your heart just about burst— in the best way possible. Adventure and relaxation, what more could you ask for?

  • Adventure Opportunities: Ecology, sports, surfing, and yoga
  • Get more info: Selina Surf Club
GapForce logo

2. Costa Rica Marine Adventure with Gapforce 

If you are passionate about conservation and love getting your hands wet, this program may be just for you! After a full training, you will be able to scuba dive right into the heart of conservation efforts in Costa Rica. Not only will your time be fulfilling because you are actively engaging with your surroundings (and seeing some pretty cool things!), but you’ll also be impacting the local communities and living pura vida in full force. 

  • Adventure Opportunities: Geology, scuba, and snorkeling
  • Get more info: Gapforce
Raleigh International logo

3. Meaningful Volunteer and Adventure in Costa Rica

As you may know, we LOVE meaningful travel. And this program is all about that kind of experience. Bringing you through Nicaragua and Costa Rica, you’ll experience Spanish language immersion and the opportunities for community and environmental engagement, and of course, adventure! You will help bring awareness to environmental issues while being immersed in the beautiful landscapes both countries have to offer. 

Pure Exploration logo

4. International Educator Program

This program is designed to help you travel differently, while also making a difference. You will be able to help local ecological efforts, protect the environment, and raise awareness about these important issues. This program gets you involved in these efforts, but also gives you the tools to design your own programs to continue to help these efforts! This training will build your confidence in leading groups of students who are also interested in being part of this change. That means this is your stepping stone to create a lasting and continued impact. 

  • Adventure Opportunities: Backpacking, birdwatching, climbing, nature tours, rainforest tours, and trekking
  • Get more info: Pure Exploration

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You’re ready for Costa Rica travel tours

Waterfall in Costa Rica

Chasing waterfalls is highly encouraged

Now that we’ve convinced you that Costa Rican adventures are worthwhile, we’re excited to send you off on your way (unless you need more convincing, then check out these reasons to adventure travel abroad). In the spirit of meaningful travel, we encourage you to brush up on your Spanish skills (although not necessary, it is never a bad thing to have some local language skills), exchange your money (local currencies will help you to pay lower prices!), and check the weather forecast (rainstorms are common, even during the dry season, so pack accordingly!). 

As with any international travel experience, don’t forget to pack an open mind and heart, a smile, and a pair of reliable shoes. If you need some additional packing tips, we’ve got your back! Costa Rica will capture your heart, and your chosen adventures will free your soul. You will not want to return home after living life pura vida style. Embrace every moment and reconnect with yourself (and the natural beauty that surrounds you)!

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