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Miami University John E. Dolibois Center in Luxembourg

Luxembourg : Differdange

The Miami University John E. Dolibois Center (MUDEC) in Luxembourg offers students a unique combination of first-class academics, engagement in the local community, and various...

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Miami University in Oviedo, Spain

Spain : Oviedo

The Miami University spring program in Oviedo (Spain) offers classes for all majors/minors up to 16 credits, including two Global Miami Plan courses. Students are immersed...

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Miami University: Math in Paris

France : Paris

Study abroad in one of the best-known cities in the world, home to countless historical monuments and museums. Paris has a rich past full of writers, artists and political...

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Miami University: City, Society, and Culture in the Baltics

-Multi-Country Locations : Lithuania, Russia

Through explorations of two citiesVilnius (Lithuania) and St. Petersburg (Russia), students will learn about Soviet and post-Soviet history and sociocultural, economic,

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Miami University: Experiencing Arts and Culture in Paris

France : Paris

This summer workshop provides exposure, immersion, and direct experience with, a wide range of arts-based disciplines in an international urban setting. Students learn fundamentals...

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Miami University: Intensive Russian in Novgorod the Great

Russia : Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and 1 other city , St. Petersburg Show less

This program offers an extraordinary first-hand experience of Russia that includes intensive Russian language and culture study at the oldest Russian city, called "the motherland...

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Miami University: Literary London

England : London

Our students enjoy a comprehensive, meaningful cultural and academic experience in London over 6 weeks, studying literature and history and visiting important cultural and...

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Miami University: Australia - Sport History and Culture

Australia : Cairns, Melbourne and 1 other city , Townsville Show less

This course is open to students interested in examining influences on the model of sport and health in a different culture. Visit 4 regions & spend 17 nights in the Land...

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Miami University: Dublin/London: History, Culture and Sport

-Multi-Country Locations : England, Ireland

This course is open to students interested in examining History, Culture, and the their influences on the model of sport and health in a different culture. Students will...

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Miami University: Caribbean Archaeology

Bahamas : San Salvador

Excavations at the Long Bay Site, San Salvador Island, Bahamas, a late 15th/early 16th century Lucayan-Spanish contact period site, provide a unique opportunity to explore...

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Miami University: Intensive German Summer Program

Germany : Berlin

Intensive German Summer offers the second-year and third-year two workshop sequence in German, completing two semesters' work in seven weeks; travel and study in Heidelberg,...

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Miami University: Drawing in Europe

-Multi-Country Locations : England, France and 1 other location , Italy Show less

Drawing in Europe: London, Paris, Venice is part of a long-term workshop series that consists of visiting international art centers and exhibitions. The main goals of this...

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Miami University: Coral Reef Ecology

The Caribbean : Bonaire Island

This course occurs off-campus, in the field. This class examines the coral reef environments of Bonaire including its biology, geologic setting, chemical and physical characteristics,...

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Miami University: Tropical Marine Ecology

Bahamas : San Salvador

Tropical Marine Ecology is offered to introduce students to the marine environments of the Bahamas and Florida Keys. Workshop participants spend four days in the Florida...

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Miami University: Intensive French Study

France : Dijon

This summer, spend five weeks you'll remember for a lifetime with Miami University's 35th annual Intensive French Study in Dijon Workshop. Offered by the Department of French...

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Miami University: Intensive Italian Study

Italy : Urbino

The workshop, held in the beautiful Renaissance city of Urbino, offers you the opportunity to study the Italian language in Italy under ideal conditions, plus the opportunity...

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Miami University: Immersion Spanish in Nicaragua

Nicaragua : Granada

Immersion Spanish for Intermediate Level Students (SPN 299 D) offers a great opportunity to study Spanish, live with a host family in Granada, and volunteer in the community...

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Miami University: Intensive Chinese in Tianjin

China : Tianjin

Complete immersion in Chinese language and culture, earn up to 9 Miami credits. Complete one year of Chinese coursework in six weeks plus 1 or 3 credits in culture, travel...

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Miami University Engineering in Germany

Germany : Freiburg

The workshop offers two core courses for engineering majors: engineering thermodynamics and engineering economy. The students benefit from guest lecturers and professional...

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