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About ELI

Year Founded: 2001

Whether you are a student, a professional, or a retiree, there is a wide world to explore, with endless opportunities to learn. Welcome to ELI, a non-profit organization that creates volunteer, internship, and study abroad opportunities for the globally-minded who want a travel experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Since its founding in 2001, ELI has worked with thousands of participants from 41 countries, providing them an amazing array of programs. No other travel experience can offer so much. Whether you have a year to spare, or just 10 days, we have a program that's right for you, priced to meet even the modest budget, and backed by outstanding in-country support. If you're ready for the world, ELI is ready for you.

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NGO Internships in Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

Intern with an NGO in Cape Town, South Africa to have the fulfilling experience of a lifetime in a culturally diverse and naturally beautiful setting. There are thousands...

Medical Internships and Health Programs in Vietnam

Vietnam : Can Tho, Da lat and 1 other city , Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Show less

A great majority of the poor in Vietnam do not have access to government health programs. Charity clinics supported by churches and charities and staffed by volunteers endeavor...

Medical and Dental Internships in Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal : Kathmandu

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of Nepali people, especially women and children, suffer unnecessarily due to a lack of basic medical care. Interning at a hospital...

Animal Rescue Project

Ecuador : Rural Areas

Volunteer at an animal rescue center in Ecuador with ELI and get the chance to gain valuable international work experience in environmental and wildlife conservation. Choose...

Professional Internships in New Zealand

New Zealand : Auckland, Wellington

Internships bring experience. Experience brings marketability. International experience shows imagination and self-confidence. All this can be yours interning in amazing

Environmental Policy in Germany

Germany : Kaiserslautern

The German government has established a program to support pilot programs to reduce greenhouse emissions and promote alternative energy use. If you have a background in environmental...

Dance School / Orphanage in Phnom Penh

Cambodia : Phnom Penh

English teachers are desperately needed in this small, unique orphanage in central Phnom Penh where youngsters study classical and folk Khmer (Cambodian) dance and perform...

Orphans & At-Risk Children in Phnom Penh

Cambodia : Phnom Penh

We love this children's home/school in Phnom Penh. It is a truly dynamic learning center, not a place where children are forgotten. There are plenty of shady orphanges in...

Medical Volunteering in Phnom Penh

Cambodia : Phnom Penh

The Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope offers free medical care to those in need in Phnom Penh. Operated by the humanitarian organization, Hope Worldwide, the hospital is staffed...

Work with Disabled Children in Phnom Penh

Cambodia : Phnom Penh

The perfect placement for physical therapy and special education professionals and students who would like to help children with disabilities. This center, operated by the...

Coastal National Park Project in Ecuador

Ecuador : Puerto Lopez

Established in 1979, Machalilla National Park covers more than 60,000 acres, encompassing the islands of La Plata and Salango, Playa Los Frailes, wet lands, dry forests,

Microfinance in Phnom Penh

Cambodia : Phnom Penh

Almost 3 billion people live on less than $2.50 a day. One tool to fight extreme poverty that is being used increasingly worldwide is micro-credits. ELI works with micro-lending...

Human Rights/Women's Empowerment in Phnom Penh

Cambodia : Phnom Penh

Land grabs by corrupt government officials are among the many problems confronting Cambodian women as they attempt to support their families in a struggling economy. As in...

Marine Conservation Project in Peru

Peru : Ica

The Punta San Juan Project (PSJP) is long-term project of the Center for Environmental Sustainability of Cayetano Heredia University. The PSJP has been conducting research,...

Working Holiday or Farm Stay in Chile

Chile : Rural Areas, Santiago and 2 other cities , Valparaiso, Vina del Mar Show less

Our working Holiday program is a great option for someone looking to experience Chile and learn Spanish while covering some of the expenses by working! You won’t receive...

Professional Internships in Chile

Chile : Santiago, Valparaiso and 1 other city , Vina del Mar Show less

With a growing economy and political stability unparalleled in Latin America, Chile is the perfect place to find new opportunities. Our programs are primarily based in Santiago,...

Media and Journalism Internships in Chile

Chile : Santiago

For participants interested on developing their journalism skills in English and Spanish, we have positions available in Santiago in the areas of web writing, journalism,...

Engineering Internships in Chile

Chile : Santiago

The biggest commercial activity in Chile is mining. However, the field of engineering in Chile is widespread due to its strong infrastructure development and expansion in...

Education and Youth in Benin

Benin : Cotonou, Ouidah and 3 other cities , Parakou, Pobe, Porto Novo Show less

Teach or help with an orphanage in Benin! ELI works with several schools and orphanages throughout the country of Benin. Interested volunteers and interns have the opportunity...

Environmental Volunteering in Benin

Benin : Cotonou, Ouidah and 3 other cities , Parakou, Pobe, Porto Novo Show less

Participate in an international project in Benin, focusing on environmentalism and conservation. Interns and volunteers will be working with the Support Project for the Restoration...

Agriculture in Benin

Benin : Cotonou, Ouidah and 3 other cities , Parakou, Pobe, Porto Novo Show less

Volunteer or intern with an agricultural co-op in Benin and focus on making affordable food accessible to the local community along with creating projects that generate income....

Journalism Internship in Benin

Benin : Cotonou

Participate in a Media Outlet internship in Benin and gain an understanding of international production and programming. Interns or volunteers may focus on communication

Medical Internship in Benin

Benin : Cotonou, Ouidah and 3 other cities , Parakou, Pobe, Porto Novo Show less

Volunteer or Intern with a clinic in Benin. As in other areas of Africa, clinics and hospitals in Benin are often underfunded and understaffed. Premedical students, medical...

Conservation Project in Patagonia, Argentina

Argentina : Bariloche, Junin de los Andes

Sustainability & Environment in Patagonia Participants will work in the area of environmental sustainability, assisting in local efforts to protect the natural environment...

Teach at a School in Bali

Indonesia : Bali

Anyone who has put in the time and effort to master a new language will tell you that the best way to solidify your knowledge is to be immersed, or at the very least, to

Foreign Service Internship in India

India : Chennai (Madras)

The U.S. Commercial Service (CS) in India offers internship opportunities throughout the year. This is a Commercial Service program, under the direction of a Commercial Officer....

Nutrition Projects in Ecuador

Ecuador : Quito, Rural Areas

Join ELI in a nutrition volunteer or intern program in Ecuador and get the chance to earn experience in running nutrition programs while exploring the beautiful Ecuadorian...

Veterinary Internship in Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador : Quito

Journey to the Ecuadorian capital of Quito with ELI and get the chance to work with animals in a veterinary internship program. Interns work in a small clinic located in

Graphic Design Internship in Buenos Aires

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Interns can work with a number of firms based in Buenos Aires that focus on advertising, web design, marketing, graphic and web design. Interns will shadow the local professionals...

Veterinary Internships in Dublin, Ireland

Ireland : Dublin

ELI is proud to offer internships with private veterinarians throughout Dublin. Participants in this program work under the direct supervision of trained professionals in...

Volunteer with Special Needs Children in Ecuador

Ecuador : Ibarra, Manta and 7 other cities , Mindo, Otavalo, Portoviejo, Puerto Lopez, Quito, Rural Areas, Santa Ana Show less

Travel to Ecuador with ELI and participate in a volunteer program aimed at caring for special needs children. Volunteer work in different centers across Ecuador, providing...

Internship at the Jewish Museum in Krakow, Poland

Poland : Krakow

The Jewish Museum in Krakow is a non-profit institution that looks at the highlights of Jewish history in Poland. The museum runs exhibits that present past and present Jewish...

Wild Animal Conservation in Ghana

Ghana : Accra

Volunteer or intern with endangered primates from the forests of Ghana with ELI. Participants will work in a center that offers refuge for the endangered white-naped mangabey...

Work at a Zoo in Ghana

Ghana : Accra, Kumasi

Volunteers and interns with an interest in African animals can work at either the Kumasi or the Accra Zoo. Both of these zoos have a wide range of animal exhibits ranging...

Eco-Tourism Internship in Ghana

Ghana : Accra

The entire continent of Africa has a wealth of biological diversity and Ghana is no exception. Our brand new programs allow volunteers and interns the opportunity to get...

Medical Spanish in Guatemala

Guatemala : Antigua

The Medical Spanish program is an intensive language program for intermediate level spanish students. Topics covered will include taking health histories, medical vocabulary,...

Sea Turtle Conservation in Guatemala

Guatemala : Antigua

Guatemalas Pacific coast is the nesting ground of several species of sea turtles, including the Olive Ridley, Leatherback, Hawksbill, and Eastern Pacific Green. These turtles...

Sustainable Internships with Mayan Communities in Yucatan

Mexico : Merida, Western Region and 1 other city , Yucatan Peninsula Show less

This is a unique program for students, professionals, and experts who want to use their knowledge and skills to help indigenous communities in the western region of the Yucatan....

International Camps in Yucatan

Mexico : Ek Balam, Merida

Volunteer Work Camps in the indigenous communities of Yucatan serve the social , environmental, infrastructure and community education needs in Ek Balam. Ek Balam is a...

Marketing Internship in Mexico

Mexico : Merida

The field of Microfinance provides financial services to low income or small business owners in order to give them access to loans, marketing tools, and education to help...

Tourism and Marketing Internship in Mexico

Mexico : Merida

Yucatan is a magical place where ancient Mayan culture mixes with modern technology and commerce. ELI works with local government organizations to provide unique internship...

Sea Turtle Conservation in Mexico

Mexico : Merida

Most species of sea turtles around the world are now considered endangered; many of them accidentally caught in fishing nets or poached for their meat or shells. Preserving...

Children and Youth Programs in Mexico

Mexico : Merida

Volunteer in Children's Homes in Yucatan Volunteers can work with an orphanage or at a child welfare organization in the city of Merida or in one of the Mayan Villages around...

Public Health & Physical Therapy in Cape Town

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

TB/HIV/AIDS: South Africa is suffering from one of the worst TB/HIV/AIDS epidemics in the world. In 2006 the South African Department of Health estimated that 29.1% of

Media, Marketing, IT & Graphic Internships in Cape Town!

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

Famous for its sparkling white sand beaches, diverse African wildlife, exciting outdoor sports and multicultural population, South Africa is a colorful country brimming with...

Community Development in Rio

Brazil : Rio de Janeiro

ELI offers volunteers the opportunity to work with a nonprofit organization focused on community development in Rio de Janeiro. Founded in 1984, this Brazilian nonprofit

Deaf Education in Kenya


This internship provides practical classroom experience and insight into Kenyan Deaf culture in one of Kenya's few schools for the deaf. Interns will assist with day-to-day...

Microfinance Projects in Kenya

Kenya : Nakuru

The field of microfinance has received a lot of attention since Muhammed Yunus received a Nobel Prize after founding the Grameen Bank. Thousands of microfinance institutions...

Dental Internships in Kenya

Kenya : Nakuru

Pre-dental and dental students have the opportunity to work with a Kenyan dentist in a private practice. Interns shadow the dentist to gain insight into the practice of dentistry...

Family School and At-Risk Youth in Brazil

Brazil : Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro

ELI partners with two organizations in Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba that work to improve the lives of children. In the poorer suburbs of Rio, there is a community center that...

Environmental Conservation Above Rio de Janeiro!

Brazil : Rio de Janeiro

Become a volunteer with ELI and work at one of the most visited National Parks in Brazil! The park has just completed 49 years of commitment to preserve a large green area...

Brazilian Wildlife Program

Brazil : Curitiba

This program is devoted to the conservation of the Brazilian wildlife, the flora and fauna located between the Curitiba and Florianopolis. This organization has painstakingly...

Day Care Centers - Nicaragua

Nicaragua : Granada

Volunteer Abroad in Nicaragua! We work with a variety of pre-K through primary schools in Granada, where volunteers can help with a wide-range of tasks including: * Teaching...

Finance/Accounting Internships in Dublin

Ireland : Dublin

Intern in Ireland! You will experience the financial operations of a company in the products or services division. You will be involved in a variety of tasks, including: *...

HR/Recruitment Internships in Dublin

Ireland : Dublin

Intern abroad in Ireland! ELI interns are either be placed with a private consultancy or a department within a large company. Interns will be exposed to the employment procedures...

IT and Computer Programming Internships in Dublin

Ireland : Dublin

Intern in Ireland! This program has internships in the following areas: * Software product development * IT networking * Telecommunications * Web development * E-commerce...

Museum & Art Gallery Internships in Dublin

Ireland : Dublin

Intern in Dublin! Interns assigned in museums and galleries have the opportunity to work in diverse settings: * Historical Libraries * Curatorial * Education * Conservation *...

Toddler Orphanage Program In Chiang Mai

Thailand : Chiang Mai

Ban Vieng Ping is northern Thailand's largest orphanage. ELI volunteers work with the youngest children in one of these rooms: 0-2 year olds, 2-3 year olds and 3-5 year

Organic Farming in Uganda

Uganda : Iganga

ELI works with a demonstration farm in Uganda that provides training to local farming cooperatives. Agriculture is the backbone of economy in the country. Their main food...

Volunteer Teach in Uganda

Uganda : Iganga

Schools in Uganda face the challenge of lack of resources. There are limited opportunities for local teachers to pursue further training, the schools lack materials, classrooms...

Community Development Projects in Uganda

Uganda : Iganga

Work with an international community development volunteer project in Uganda. Participants work with a grassroots community-based organization focused on improving the quality...

Single Mothers Home, Hill Tribe Program in Chiang Mai

Thailand : Chiang Mai

This progressive center provides a haven for unwed pregnant girls from the local hill tribes. The girls are given pre-natal care, Thai, English and computer classes. In

Wildlife Rescue Center in Uganda

Uganda : Entebbe

Volunteer or intern with a wildlife rescue center in Uganda, which is classified as an "ultra diverse" country with more than 1,500 native species of mammals, birds, and

Women's Empowerment Projects in Uganda

Uganda : Iganga

Volunteer or Intern with a grassroots women's empowerment organization in Uganda! As in many countries in Africa, Ugandan women are marginalized through limited opportunity...

HIV/AIDS Projects in Uganda

Uganda : Iganga

Work as an intern or volunteer in an HIV/AIDS project in Uganda with ELI. Uganda has been hit hard by the AIDS epidemic. The countryside is dotted with villages abandoned...

Tourism Internships in Dublin

Ireland : Dublin

Intern abroad in Ireland. Tourism internships in Dublin, focus on both inbound and outbound travel and are available in a variety of settings including: * Advertising/Marketing *...

Marketing and Public Relations Internships in Dublin

Ireland : Dublin

Intern in Dublin! Work with marketing departments or firms in a wide range of areas. You will be able to work on specific projects, or be involved with long-term strategies....

Legal Internship Program in Dublin

Ireland : Dublin

Intern abroad in Ireland. As a legal intern in Ireland you can focus on: * Business law * Family law * Probate & wills * Property law You will work alongside lawyers,...

Media and Graphic Design Internships, Dublin

Ireland : Dublin

Intern in Dublin! We have various internship opportunities available including: * Print Media * Radio * TV Post Production * Film * Graphic design Interns will...

Agricultural Placements in Guatemala

Guatemala : Rural Areas

Volunteer or Intern in Guatemala! ELI works with a variety of programs to help address the country's agricultural needs. ELI's programs strive to assist poor communities

Microfinance Programs in Guatemala

Guatemala : Rural Areas

Work with microfinance projects in Guatemala and learn about this new field as well as the incredible people it serves. With multiple non-governmental organizations and a...

Physical and Occupational Therapy in Nicaragua

Nicaragua : Granada

Students and professionals in this field have an opportunity to work with local professionals at a small clinic in Granada. There are many people who need care, but there...

Agricultural Programs in Nicaragua

Nicaragua : Granada, Rural Areas

Volunteer Abroad in Nicaragua! Volunteers have the opportunity to live and assist at a local cooperative near Volcan Mombacho. Volunteers can work on a variety of tasks including: *...

Work with Children in Vung Tau

Vietnam : Vung Tau

Vung Tau, also known as Cap St. Jacques is a peninsula in southern Vietnam. It is separated from the mainland by the Co May River and home to many fisher families. Unfortunately,...

Women's Empowerment in Northern Tanzania

Tanzania : Arusha, Rural Areas

Women in Tanzania are marginalized through extremely limited access to education which leads to fewer opportunities for employment and less power within society. In growing...

Reforestation Projects in Tanzania

Tanzania : Arusha

Deforestation and drought have become a large problem throughout a large part of Tanzania. Families are struggling to find shade and cannot reap the benefits of a thriving...

Volunteer Teach Near Mt. Kilimanjaro

Tanzania : Arusha, Rural Areas

Tanzanian schools are in vital need of both teachers and supplies, and this is your chance to help make a difference as a volunteer. Enjoy an incredibly diverse country and...

HIV/AIDS Education and Outreach in Guatemala

Guatemala : Antigua, Flores and 3 other cities , Guatemala City, Rural Areas, San Jose Show less

Work as a volunteer in Guatemala and make an impact on a local organization within the community that promotes education about HIV and AIDS. Participants will work on programs...

Cultural Tourism with the Maasai

Tanzania : Arusha, Rural Areas

We are looking for highly adventurous travelers to take part in this community development project in Tanzania. You will work closely with the Massai community in small rural...

HIV/AIDS Outreach in Dar es Salaam

Tanzania : Dar Es Salaam

In its most recent report, UNAIDS estimates over 1.4 million people in Tanzania are HIV positive. Urban centers have been hit much harder that rural areas with some neighborhoods...

Work with Disadvantaged Youth in the Mekong Delta

Vietnam : Rural Areas

ELI works with a community organization based in the town of Can Tho, about 200 km from Ho Chi Minh City, focused on providing day care and early childhood education for

Orphanages in Dar es Salaam

Tanzania : Dar Es Salaam

In 2007, Unicef estimated the population of orphaned children in Tanzania to be around 2.6 million. Almost a million children have been orphaned due to AIDS alone. Other...

Medical Internships in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand : Chiang Mai

Hospitals in Thailand are known, all over the world, for their professional care and advanced equipments. Students who intend to pursue a career in medicine can now learn...

Human Rights NGO Internships in Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal : Kathmandu

This program focuses on children's and women's rights. Our partner organizations work tirelessly for the promotion of gender justice, non-discriminatory and rights-based

Women's Empowerment in Dar es Salaam

Tanzania : Dar Es Salaam

The Chiseco Widow Cooperative Savings and Credit Society, a group founded in 2001 to provide economic opportunities to widows in Dar es Salaam, pursues income generation...

Assist at a Daycare Center in Germany

Germany : Kaiserslautern

Volunteer at a daycare center in a German village. Enkenbach-Alsenborn is located near the Rhine in Western Germany. Experience rural life in Germany as part of a small

Translation Internship in Shanghai

China : Shanghai

Many companies in Shanghai have opportunities for interns who want to gain experience in document translation. Interns work under a translator and assist with editing roughly...

Hospitality Internships in Shanghai

China : Shanghai

Gain international hospitality experience in China! ELI offers hospitality internships in one of Chinas biggest bustling cities - Shanghai. Internship placements are available...

IT/Graphic Design Internships in Shanghai

China : Shanghai

Experience Shanghai while interning in Information Technology (IT) and Graphic Design. Participants can choose to work with organizations involved in online gaming, engineering,...

Engineering Internships in Shanghai

China : Shanghai

Explore China while gaining experience in the field of Engineering! Students, as well as new grads can work with a variety of companies specializing in jobs ranging from

Medical Internships in Shanghai

China : Shanghai

Gain clinical experience through this Medical Internship program in Shanghai. Participants will have the opportunity to work along hospital staff and take on tasks as the...

Journalism Internship in Shanghai

China : Shanghai

Participate in a Journalism internship in Shanghai through Journalism Internships. ELI works with various English-Language media organizations located in Shanghai to develop...

Legal Internship in Shanghai

China : Shanghai

Experience what it is like to live and intern in Shanghai through Legal Internships. Through this programs individuals, who show an interest in law, will be able to work

Architecture Internship in Shanghai

China : Shanghai

Gain experience living and interning abroad in the bustling city of Shanghai through Architecture Internships. The skies of Shanghai are filled with contemporary skyscrapers,...

International Business & Marketing Internship in Shanghai

China : Shanghai

Learn about international business and marketing dynamics through an internship in the booming metropolis of Shanghai. Home to multinational corporations, local businesses,...

Community Center in the Philippines

Philippines : Tacloban City

Welcome to the exotic islands of the Philippines! Volunteers can work in a community center focused on providing a meeting place for everyone in the community as well as

Social Welfare Projects in the Philippines

Philippines : Tacloban City

The Department of Social Welfare and Development is an active Philippine government agency helping underprivileged children, families, the elderly and the disabled in Tacloban...

Nutrition Programs in the Philippines

Philippines : Tacloban City

Work with a local government office that aims to reduce the number of malnourished children in Tacloban City. The office monitors malnourished children throughout Tacloban...

Teach in the Philippines

Philippines : Tacloban City

Speaking English is a valuable skill. Native and near native speakers can help spread this skill on the beautiful island of Leyte. Volunteers teach English as well as many...

Work with Street Children in the Philippines

Philippines : Tacloban City

Explore the magical Philippine Islands and its diverse culture through an ELI volunteer placement on the historic island of Leyte. Neglected, abandoned, or run away children...

Volunteer at an Orphanage in the Philippines

Philippines : Tacloban City

ELI works with several orphanages on Leyte Island in the Philippines. Each orphanage houses 45 to more than 100 orphans, abandoned children, and runaways. While the orphanages...

Teach on the Tropical Kerala Coast!


Volunteer at CMI schools in the beautiful foothills of the Western Ghats, near the Kerala backwaters and the tea estates in Munnar! Volunteers work at schools that offer

Conservation Projects in South India

India : Kodaikanal

Southern India is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species. The forests of the Western Ghats are classified as a biodiversity hotspot, but these ecosystems are...

Travel and Lifestyle Writing Internship, Southern India

India : Chennai (Madras)

Southern India is the perfect destination for journalism students and aspiring travel writers to get their feet wet! Print journalism has existed in South India for over

HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention in South India

India : Chennai (Madras)

HIV is spreading quickly through the Indian population. The groups at risk include women, slum dwellers, sex workers and truck drivers. Participants will work with an organization...

Volunteer at an Elephant Camp, Thailand

Thailand : Chiang Mai

45 minutes outside of the busy city of Chiang Mai, in the lush hills to the north, is an Elephant Camp. Come learn about the endangered Asian elephant, help with conservation...

Teach at Monastery in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand : Chiang Mai

You, as a volunteer will teach novice Buddhist monks (middle school to high school) at different monastery schools in Chiang Mai. The program aims to enhance the knowledge...

Legal Internships in Chile

Chile : Santiago

Participate in an internship in Chile with ELI and gain an understanding of the Chilean legal system and procedures. After Chile implemented a new system and codes in 2007,...

Health Placements in Chile

Chile : Santiago

Our health programs in Chile focus on public health efforts, physical therapy, and medical shadowing. The health projects can provide wonderful opportunities for doctors,...

Marketing and Business Internships in Chile

Chile : Vina del Mar

Intern abroad in Chile. Marketing and Business internships can be arranged with a variety or companies in anything from: * Advertising/Marketing * Web design * Online/Social...

Animal Rescue Programs in Chile

Chile : Santiago

This program was created to help the dogs and cats that are abandoned on the streets and struggling to survive. Many of the dogs are desperately awaiting someone to adopt...

Equine Therapy in Chile

Chile : Santiago

This well-regarded foundation receives children from the age of 2 years up to adolescence and adulthood. Most of the patients suffer from brain paralysis, down-syndrome,

Social Work Projects in Chile

Chile : Santiago

Located in Santiago, Vina del Mar, and Valparaiso Chile, ELI Social Work Projects get volunteers involved in a variety of ways. With an overall goal of benefiting the community,...

Teach in a School in the Sacred Valley

Peru : Ollantaytambo, Sacred Valley of the Incas

Volunteers have the opportunity to learn firsthand about the challenges being faced by small schools in the Sacred Valley. Schools are under funded, in disrepair and short...

Work in a Home for Teenage Mothers

Peru : Cusco

Volunteer with ELI in Peru and help teenage mothers receive the resources and skills they need to provide a loving and safe home for their children. Statistics show that

Orphanage and Childrens Programs in Cusco

Peru : Cusco

Volunteers in Cusco can work with an orphanage providing shelter to orphaned and abandoned children or with a day care center for children with low income working mothers....

Human Rights of Domestic Workers in Lima

Peru : Lima

Over the last century, Peru has been experiencing a massive rural to urban migration. Many of the workers pouring into Lima are domestic workers hoping to make their fortune...

Work with Street Children in Lima

Peru : Lima

The streets of Lima are a tough place for kids with nowhere else to turn. Many Peruvian children end up on the streets as an escape from extreme poverty, abusive home situations,...

Teach at a Buddhist Monastery

Nepal : Kathmandu

Nepal is a country beloved by all who visit. Warm and friendly people, a rich cultural heritage, and scenic beauty that defies the imagination. Nepal is the only Hindu Kingdom...

Legal Internships in Buenos Aires

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Gain international law experience in Argentina with ELI. Choose from a variety of law types, as ELI works with a number of different law firms in Buenos Aires. Participants...

Business and Marketing Internships in Buenos Aires

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Argentina is one of the most captivating countries in South America. ELI's Argentina programs are based in Buenos Aires, the elegant and energy filled capital. Students and...

Journalism and Communications Internships in Argentina

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Intern in Argentina and get published! ELI partners with a variety of publication organizations, including local magazines and newspapers. Interns may be involved in the

Politics & Human Rights Internship - Argentina

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Participate in an internship in Buenos Aires and gain an understanding of human rights in Argentina! Interns will live in one of South Americas most cosmopolitan and dynamic...

Microfinance in Uganda

Uganda : Iganga

Join ELI in Africa to intern at a successful microfinance institution in Uganda. Microfinance institutions can provide a tremendous service to local communities, providing...

Study and Intern in Paris, France!

France : Paris

Spend a semester in Paris with ELI in a combination study and internship program that opens the door to an adventure in France. The program kicks off with a five-week classroom...

Internships in Cape Town, South Africa!

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

Find the perfect internship to launch your career in the scenically stunning and culturally diverse city of Cape Town, South Africa. Internship placements include but are...

Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment in Costa Rica

Costa Rica : Liberia

Volunteer with women's empowerment programs in Costa Rica. Women in Costa Rica have made many advancements in the workplace, politics, and legally in the past few decades,...

Volunteer Health Programs in Costa Rica

Costa Rica : Bagaces, Rural Areas

Our health programs focus on public health efforts to address the physical, mental and environmental concerns of Costa Rica. The health projects can provide wonderful opportunities...

Volunteer Teaching in Kenya

Kenya : Nairobi, Nakuru and 1 other city , and Rural Areas Show less

As in many countries, the Kenyan school system is facing many challenges including limited resources, overcrowding and lack of qualified teachers. Volunteers can work at

Orphanage and Street Children Programs in Kenya

Kenya : Nairobi, Nakuru and 1 other city , and Rural Areas Show less

UNICEF estimates that approximately 2.3 million children in Kenya are orphans. Many of these children move in with relatives after the deaths of their parents. Orphans are...

Medical Internships and Volunteer Work in Uganda

Uganda : Iganga

Intern or volunteer in a medical clinic or hospital in Uganda. Participants work with doctors and nurses in small clinics in Eastern Uganda. International Interns will have...

Volunteer with Ugandan Orphans

Uganda : Iganga

Volunteer in an orphanage in Uganda. There are countless orphans, and not enough orphanages to care for them. The orphanages that exist are overcrowded and underfunded,

Volunteer in a Buenos Aires Soup Kitchen

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, volunteers on ELIs Soup Kitchen project work to directly influence the nutrition for thousands in the Argentinian capital. Volunteers...

Centers for At-Risk Children in Buenos Aires

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Located in the beautiful and diverse city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, ELIs Volunteer at Centers for At-Risk Children program allows volunteers to make real change in a growing...

Volunteer at an Orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

ELI works with several homes in Ho Chi Minh City that shelters and provides education to more than 1000 children who have been abandoned, orphaned, or are living on the streets....

Medical Interns and Volunteers in Kenya

Kenya : Nakuru

ELI works with the Nakuru Provincial General Hospital and Municipal Health Service to create programs for pre-med and medical students. Interns will shadow doctors and other...

Medical Interns and Volunteers in the Philippines

Philippines : Tacloban City

A great way to get some medical experience while travelling is to participate in rural health clinics in communities just outside of Tacloban City with ELI. Volunteers can...

Volunteer at a Youth Community Center in Nicaragua

Nicaragua : Granada

Volunteer Abroad in Nicaragua! Located in the heart of Granada, the youth center provides meals and a wide variety of educational and vocational program for the needy youth...

Women's Empowerment in Nicaragua

Nicaragua : Granada

Women's leadership training program, promotion and protection of human rights among maquiladora workers, advocacy program and the micro-credit program.

Animal Programs in Argentina

Argentina : Bariloche, Buenos Aires

Volunteers at the Buenos Aires Zoo will work for at least four hours a day. Most of the day will be spent assisting the zookeepers with care of the animals, cleaning habitats,...

Medical Internships in Buenos Aires

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Intern in a Buenos Aires Hospital. Interns work with a group of residents in a public hospital in the city of Buenos Aires. Within this group of residents, the participant...

Engineering Internships in South Africa

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

Engineers have this incredible opportunity to life and intern in the naturally beautiful and culturally diverse country of South Africa. Internships typically last for 7

Animal Programs & Conservation in South Africa

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

Are you thinking to pursue a career in animal care, research, or conservation? Placements are available with cheetahs, monkeys, ostriches, penguins, birds, reptiles, and...

Fashion Internships in South Africa

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

The Western Cape Province of South Africa is a major district for clothing manufacturing, and Cape Town is quickly making a name for itself as a fashion mecca. The industry...

Children's Programs - Guatemala

Guatemala : Rural Areas

Participate in a volunteer program in Guatemala and work with underprivileged young people at a local project, with several locations available. Volunteers will be working...

Volunteer Teach in Costa Rica

Costa Rica : Liberia, Rural Areas

Volunteer teach in Costa Rica, in and around Liberia. A large part of of Costa Rica's economy is based on tourism and the tourism industry is constantly growing. Being able...

Orphanages in Northern Tanzania

Tanzania : Arusha

In 2007, UNICEF estimated the population of orphaned children in Tanzania to be around 2.6 million. Almost a million children have been orphaned due to AIDS alone. Other...

HIV & AIDS Program in Meru Community

Tanzania : Arusha

Like other countries in East Africa, Tanzania has been seriously affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Thousands of orphans and widows are left to rebuild their lives in the...

Teaching the Maasai

Tanzania : Arusha

Though English is the international language and the second language of Tanzania, very few Maasai are able to speak English. The majority of Maasai families recognize the...

Conservation & Environmental Volunteer Projects (Costa Rica)

Costa Rica

Volunteer with Environmental projects in Costa Rica and contribute to sustaining Costa Rica's natural wonders. With over 25% of the country's total land area set aside in...

Teach in Rural Guatemala

Guatemala : Rural Areas

Volunteers are welcome in Santiago's elementary school. Students are mainly Mayan and have Spanish as their second language. English is not taught in the school, it can

Health Placements in Rural Guatemala

Guatemala : Rural Areas

Volunteers will be an active part of a medical team that travels to different small towns in the highlands of Guatemala. Participants with appropriate qualifications will...

Volunteer with Disabled Children in Guatemala

Guatemala : Rural Areas

The center for the disabled works in the following areas: vocational training, early stimulation, home visits (emotional support, working with parents, and teaching) and

Summer Camp Counselors

Poland : Krakow

Volunteer at a youth summer camp in Pilicia, near central Poland. Volunteers are needed to teach English, lead culture workshops, lead sports dance and art activities. The...

Women's Empowerment Programs in India

India : Chennai (Madras)

Women's empowerment is a major social issue in India. ELI works with several organizations in Chennai devoted to empowering marginalized women. The organizations have evolved...

International Work Camps

Kenya : Kisumu, Nairobi and 1 other city , Rural Show less

International Volunteer Work Camps are offered monthly in a variety of locations throughout Kenya. These are 3-week projects that will give the volunteer the opportunity...

Orphanages in Ghana

Ghana : Accra, Kumasi

Volunteer in Ghana in orphanages. Over 170,000 children in Ghana have been orphaned by the AIDS epidemic alone. Many of these children are taken in by extended family and...

Volunteer With At-Risk Youth in Costa Rica

Costa Rica : Bagaces, Rural Areas

Volunteer with street kids and other at-risk youth in Costa Rica. Volunteers will learn about Costa Rican life from the inside while helping to change the lives of the children...

Women's Empowerment Programs

Ghana : Accra, Cape Coast and 4 other cities , Ho, Kumasi, Rural Areas, Tamale Show less

ELI offers a variety of internships and volunteer programs aimed at improving the quality of life of women throughout Ghana. ELI will carefully select volunteer placements,...

Youth Camp in Poland

Poland : Krakow

You'll begin your adventure in Krakow, with 2 days of orientation before heading to camp located in or very near the Tatra mountains. Once there, you'll join trained Polish...

AIDS Project in Ghana

Ghana : Accra, Ho and 5 other cities , Hohoe, Kumasi, Legon, Rural Areas, Tamale Show less

HIV/AIDS is not just a health issue. HIV/AIDS is also a social, developmental, and economic issue. Volunteers with the HIV/AIDS programs in Ghana will work with community...

Community and Urban Development and in Ecuador

Ecuador : Ibarra, Puyo and 2 other cities , Quito, Rural Areas Show less

The economic crisis of the late 1990s impacted almost everyone in Ecuador. Today, there is approximately 40% of Ecuadorians that are still living below the poverty line.

Volunteer at an Orphanage in Southern India!

India : Chennai (Madras), Madras

Gain the experience of volunteering at an orphanage in Southern India. ELI partners with orphanages in and around Bangalore, Chennai and Kerala. Orphanages that volunteers...

Humanitarian Aid in Kenya

Kenya : Nakuru

Experience the incredible country of Kenya while working with those in need and bringing resources to underprivileged children. Through this ELI program, located next to

Humanitarian Aid in the Philippines

Philippines : Tacloban City

Experience volunteering abroad in the Philippines with ELI. ELI works with local organizations in the Philippines that bring aid to underprivileged children including street...

Art Colony: Cholamandal, India

India : Chennai (Madras)

Help revive modern creative arts in India through this ELI Art Colony program. Live and work at an artists village, which was started by thirty artists hoping to revive

Volunteer Teach in Ghana

Ghana : Accra, Ho and 4 other cities , Kumasi, Rural Areas, Takoradi, Tamale Show less

Ghanaian schools face the same challenges that most schools in Africa face: overcrowding, lack of materials, and lack of teacher training. In many classrooms, the student-teacher...

Legal and Human Rights Internships

Ecuador : Quito

Intern with a human rights organization in Ecuador. Human Rights is one of the foremost issues in Ecuadorian politics today. ELI works with governmental and non-governmental...

Special Needs Children in Chennai

India : Chennai (Madras)

In Indian society, children born with a mental or physical disability are often considered a burden or curse. ELI volunteers work with several organizations that provide

Medical Internships in Southern India

India : Chennai (Madras), Madurai

ELI works with charitable hospitals in Chennai and Madurai to create unique internships designed for pre-med students. Interns have the opportunity to shadow medical professionals,...

Nepal Youth Initiative Programs Start at USD285 for 2 Weeks!

Nepal : Kathmandu

Join us in Kathmandu! At the orphanages, ELI volunteers work as activity coordinators: Playing with the children, coordinating games, teaching English, math or art classes,...

Journalism Internships in Ecuador

Ecuador : Quito

Be amazed by the beauty and culture of Ecuador while assisting local organizations and gaining a deep understanding of the people and culture. ELI works with several media...

Conservation in Ecuador

Ecuador : Galapagos Islands, Mindo and 3 other cities , Puerto Lopez, Puyo, Rural Areas Show less

Experience the incredible beauty of Ecuador with ELI while assisting local organizations and gaining a deep understanding of the people and culture in a volunteer and internship...

At-risk Youth and Children in Ecuador

Ecuador : Ambato, Montanita and 6 other cities , Otavalo, Portoviejo, Puerto Lopez, Puyo, Quito, Rural Areas Show less

Travel to the Ecuadorian Andes with ELI and participate in a volunteer and internship program aimed at helping at-risk youth and children. Volunteers can work at an orphanage,...

Teach in the Galapagos & Other Regions of Ecuador

Ecuador : Ambato, Galapagos Islands and 9 other cities , Manta, Mindo, Montanita, Otavalo, Portoviejo, Puerto Lopez, Puyo, Quito, Rural Areas Show less

Volunteer to teach English and other subjects in Ecuador. In recognition of the importance of learning English, the Ecuadorian government requires English to be taught in...

Medical Internships in Ecuador

Ecuador : Ambato, Galapagos Islands and 6 other cities , Manta, Otavalo, Portoviejo, Puerto Lopez, Puyo, Quito Show less

Interns hoping to gain clinical experience can work at a clinic or hospital in Ecuador. ELI works with many charitable clinics and public hospitals to create opportunities...

Social Work & Community Development in South India

India : Bangalore, Chennai (Madras) and 1 other city , Madurai Show less

South India: famous for its lush jungles, white beaches, magnificent temples and a fantastic vegetarian cuisine, is everything you've imagined and more. Explore this unique...


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