About BridgeAbroad

Year Founded: 1896

BridgeAbroad provides quality language instruction, teacher training, and professional development to thousands of people across the world. With nearly thirty years of experience in the field of language training and education, we know how operate efficiently and provide our students with the most rewarding experiences possible. We are dedicated to excellence in our field, cultural competency and genuine service.

At BridgeAbroad, the needs of students are put first, and our team works hard to support each student in the way they need it most during their time abroad. Our staff, programs, facilities and network of global contacts are the most experienced, well trained and competent in the industry because we have always focused on what we do best.

For some organizations, core values are things that are written down on a sheet of paper and then tucked away to be forgotten. At BridgeAbroad, our core values inform our decisions, hold us accountable, and drive our long-term goals. They are a part of the work we do everyday and this commitment to excellence, integrity, innovation, learning and teamwork shines through in the services that we provide to our students and team members.

Discover Programs

Teach English in Spain

Spain : Barcelona

Are you looking to spend your summer giving something back and learning about education in Spain? Need a change of pace? Want to jumpstart your career and perfect your Spanish?...

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BridgeAbroad: Intensive Spanish Language - Buenos Aires

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Acquire Spanish language skills in Buenos Aires, an Argentine city that offers a cosmopolitan mix of styles and sensibilities. Bridge, a global leader in foreign language...

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BridgeAbroad: Brazilian Culture and Language at FAAP

Brazil : Sao Paulo

Study Brazilian Culture and Language through the five-week study abroad program offered by BridgeAbroad. Based in Sao Paulo, the program provides a full-immersion instruction...

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BridgeAbroad: Intensive Portuguese Language - Rio de Janeiro

Brazil : Rio de Janeiro

Join an Intensive Portuguese Language program in Rio de Janeiro. Participants benefit from Bridge's twenty years of experience in providing language programs in Brazil. The...

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BridgeAbroad: Community Service and Intensive Spanish, Chile

Chile : Santiago

Learn Spanish while volunteering with local nonprofit organizations. Volunteers get the chance to serve underprivileged locals and gain insight into the Chilean society. The...

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BridgeAbroad: Intensive Spanish Language - Santiago

Chile : Santiago

BridgeAbroad offers intensive Spanish language courses in Santiago, Chile. Students attend 80 hours of class and 20 hours of workshops and cultural excursions. Bridge strongly...

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