Language Study Abroad in British Columbia, Canada

12 Language Study Abroad Programs in British Columbia, Canada

Language Learning Worldwide with Eurocentres

Hundreds of individual decide to study English and become immersed in the breathtaking natural beauty and culture of Canada every year with Eurocentres. These immersive language programs are offered in Toronto and Vancouver, cities with plenty of year-round outdoor activities to supplement participant's studies.

International Programs

Study English for several weeks in programs in Canada with International Programs and get the chance to experience living in Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver. General English and semi-intensive English courses are offered at EC School and Core English courses are held at VanWest College in Kelowna. Programs include orientation, Internet access, and some cultural activities.

ICS Mexico

Explore the dynamic country of Canada while learning the French language with Estudiantes Embajadores de Mexico (EEM). Located in Vancouver, this program will give students the chance to receive in-depth language classes on the foreign language, witness the customs observed in their host city, and experience the typical life of a local.

ESL - Language studies abroad

Immersion language study means that you will learn both inside and outside of the classroom. There is no better place to test out your new skills and vocabulary than in a native English-speaking environment and Canada’s anglophone (or bilingual) cities are perfect examples, where the locals are friendly and welcoming to visitors from around the world.

American Language Programs, Inc.

Founded in the late 1980's originally as "Boston Home Language" and then incorporated in 1990 as ALP, American Language Programs is a private homestay program with intensive English language instruction wherein students stay in the homes of their American teachers.

Learn English, French, German, and Italian with Easy-Go

Language courses in England, USA, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Malta, France, South Africa, Germany, Austria and Italy. Our schools are all quality, well-equipped facility to guarantee each student an effective language learning. Our staff is highly qualified and also each of our schools are officially accredited. We offer to each of our students in spite of lessons the opportunity to do ...

Free Counseling and Placement Services for Language Courses Abroad

AEI study abroad agency offers free and personalized counseling and placement services for language studies abroad, including: language courses in language schools abroad, language courses abroad for kids (summer/winter), language courses abroad for seniors, learn a language + work experience programs, learn a language + internships/volunteering programs and au pair programs abroad.

Eurolingua Institute

Canada is a fantastic place to learn a language as it provides the advantage of being taught by and conversing with native speakers on our English and French courses. Canada will not fail to blow you away with amazing scenery and sightseeing offering a great backdrop to your language learning.

Volunteer Abroad, Internships and Au pair

Internships can be in almost any field: engineering, law, teaching, secretary, retail, hospitality... Language Schools: We offer a wide variety of language courses worldwide. Courses are for students, businessmen, individuals or groups, retired people. Language courses can be combined with activities (sports, horse riding, theatre, dance or watching wales on Patagonia...). Volunteering ca...

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