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A Guide to Volunteering Abroad in Accra

Akwaaba! Welcome to Ghana, a vibrant and culturally thriving country often referred to as the friendliest place in Africa. The capital city of Accra is the hub and home to this culture, where upon arrival, you will be greeted with warmth and sunshine. A city that combines a tropical utopia with a teeming metropolis, beckons you to immerse yourself in all of the culture, music, and art that it has to offer. Famous for the National Theatre of Ghana and the overflowing arts and culture markets, those who volunteer in Accra will find an unparalleled experience and sense of fulfillment.

Volunteer Placements in Accra

As the capital city, opportunities to volunteer in Accra are abundant, and offer a variety of extraordinary experiences that put you in hands on situations where you can make an immediate impact and difference. For all intents and purposes, volunteer placements in Accra can be categorized into the following general areas: working with children, education, medicine and healthcare, and wildlife conservation and animal welfare.

Working with Children. For those interested in working with children in Accra, there are several options within the city limits. Volunteering with children most often takes place in local orphanages, where volunteers can help with a variety of tasks; but volunteers will also be able to work with youth in other ways, such as through coaching sports.

Education. For those interested in volunteer placements in Accra surrounding education, there are an incredible amount of teaching opportunities in Accra with all age ranges. Teaching in Accra may come in the form of primary education, adult education, or even fine arts education.

Medicine. For those with a background in health sciences or medicine, who are looking to further their skills and experience, there are many opportunities to become a medical volunteer in Accra. Individuals can take part in medical placements that involve promoting outreach programs, assisting at a local hospital, working in an emergency room, helping in a maternity clinic, and much, much more.

Wildlife Conservation & Animal Welfare. For those interested in hands on volunteer placements in Accra, who have a background in biology or animal sciences and have an interest in working with animals, there are plenty of opportunities. Individuals can volunteer in Accra to help protect endangered primates, assist in the care of animals at sanctuaries for at-risk species, and more.

Life in Accra

Daily life in Accra is a whirlwind of adventure, as it is a buzzing tropical metropolis. While the city is very accessible by foot, the streets are teeming with local taxis or tro-tros ready to take you on your next exciting escapade. The national language of Ghana is English; however, you will need to be very patient when conversing with locals during your volunteer program in Accra, as it may take some time for you to get used to their accent and them to yours. Most locals are multi-linguists, speaking one or many of the indigenous languages of the over 75 ethnic groups estimated to comprise the country.

When not volunteering in Accra, volunteers can head out for a day exploring in one of Accra’s famed arts and culture markets, while making sure to stop along the way for a delicious meal of RedRed, Fufu, or other Ghanaian delicacies. Volunteers should expect to barter for most everything, including meals on occasion. While Accra is the economic hub of Ghana, poverty is still intense, so expect to be approached for money as a foreign volunteer in Accra.

In addition to the endless amounts of music and art, Accra is also home to a wide variety of museums and monuments, and is also a host venue to the Black Stars, Ghana’s World Cup competition soccer team. Take a day off and enjoy some R and R on Labadi beach, one of Accra’s most beautifully maintained beaches where weekend concerts of highlife, reggae, and cultural drumming and dancing are in abundance. Simply put, Accra is a place to get lost, have some fun, and enjoy a rich, deep culture rooted in the arts and musical performance.

Accommodation & Visas

Hotels are the most popular option for lodging for visitors in Accra, boasting cheap prices, modest accommodation, and excellent food. In general, finding a place to stay in Accra is not a difficult task. However, most volunteer programs in Accra place volunteers with host families and pre-arranged and verified hostels, to offer a more intimate and personalized experience.

You will need to obtain a visa in order to volunteer in Accra, however most programs will assist you in this process. Comparatively speaking, the visa process is much easier and simpler in Ghana than many of its neighboring African countries.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Adjustment Period. Volunteering abroad in Accra will take some getting used to, but once familiar and comfortable with the city and its layout, you will be able to take full advantage of everything this incredible cultural hub has to offer.

Central International Hub. As a business district, Accra is a melting pot of cultures from not just around the country, but internationally as well. The general population of Accra is made up of 55 percent Ghanaian citizens and 45 percent non-citizens, so you won’t be the only foreigner in Accra.

Consider the amazing opportunities to volunteer in Accra and don’t hesitate to apply, just get ready for experience you will never forget!

Read our comprehensive guide on volunteering abroad in Ghana.

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A Guide To
Volunteering Abroad in Accra


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