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A Guide to Teaching Abroad in Cordoba

Cordoba is a place made for learning and teaching in almost every setting. Home to the National University of Cordoba, the oldest university in the country, and the second university to be incorporated in Latin America, Cordoba is nicknamed “La Docta” by locals, meaning “The Learned City”. Located in the center of Argentina, Cordoba is the capital of the Cordoba Province and nestled in the foothills of the Sierras Chicas on the Suquia River. Overflowing with historical sites, many dating to the 17th Century, Cordoba is the perfect place to “take your class outside.” You may even find yourself learning outside the classroom too!

Teaching Jobs in Cordoba

Cordoba is home to six universities and several post secondary colleges, making the culture one of learning, mostly in the sciences and technology. While the city may feel like a “college town,” with National University of Córdoba, National Technical University, Catholic University of Cordoba, Aeronautic University Institute, Universidad Siglo 21, and Universidad Blas Pascal all located here, the best opportunity to teach in Cordoba comes in the form English teaching jobs.

Private Language Academies. Nearly everyone in Cordoba is eager to learn or practice English, so becoming part of a language academy will give you the stability and assurance of always having students and a steady salary. Private language academies are closer to “traditional” English teaching jobs, so a degree is not always required, making them more accessible to a larger number of aspiring English teachers. Not to mention English teachings job in Cordoba are easiest to find at these institutions, especially in February or March when the school year is about to begin.

Private Tutoring & Homestays. After a few months living and teaching in Cordoba, and a few local contacts, many people are able to secure private one-on-one tutoring jobs. These require a greater knowledge of the city, as you may be asked to travel to a student’s home to conduct lessons. Many families even look for live-in English tutors to teach their children for several hours a day to increase their English conversational skills. This can serve as a great additional income and place to stay for anyone that is new to teaching in Cordoba.

Life in Cordoba

Due to the wealth of local universities, Cordoba is a city made up primarily of young people. As a rule, Cordoba is more socially relaxed than the U.S.; though work days last the same number of hours, rules of punctuality and general social rules tend to be more loosely followed. An awesome public transit system makes getting around easy and affordable for international teachers. A large part of Argentinian culture revolves around festivals, with Carnival, Friends Day, and Spring Day being the largest. Like many college towns, the social scene is alive and well in Cordoba. Most nights start at 10 p.m. with a previa and move to dance clubs around 2 a.m. International teachers may want to stick to going out on the weekends though as nights can easily turn into mornings, and everyone knows teaching on minimal hours of sleep is no fun! Whew!

Salary & Costs

Cordoba is a “break even” city, meaning teaching jobs will require you to work a steady 25 to 30 hours per week, which will cover rent, bills, and living expenses, but not too much else. While some teaching placement providers will help you arrange accommodation, this is not necessarily common in Cordoba. However, choosing to teach abroad in Cordoba will give you a financial leg up over larger cities, like Buenos Aires, due its slightly lower cost of living.

A typical salary translates to about $15 per hour, which will be provided in Argentinian pesos, and teachers find they can live on about 1200 to 1500 pesos a month in Cordoba. The cost of a meal at an average restaurant will cost between 50 and 80 pesos, a coffee is 10 to 15 pesos, and a beer will be 15 to 20 pesos.

Accommodation & Visas

Visa policies differ from school to school. Some teachers will need a work visa while others will be able to stay in Argentina on a tourist visa. When entry tourist visas run out, many teachers take a short ferry ride to Uruguay or other nearby countries so they can simply renew at the border. However, it is best that teachers move forward with the workers visa if they plan to teach in Cordoba for an extended period, as tourist visa renewal is only possible in 90-day increments.

Accommodations for international teachers in Cordoba vary from au pair style homestays to affordable, basic apartments located throughout the city. Many teachers choose to find short term housing arrangements so they can live together and save money.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Location, location, location. Cordoba is smack dab in the middle of the country, making it an ideal starting place for travel and exploration. It also has the added perk of being a safe distance from crowded Buenos Aires, which is a city one third of the population calls home. With this balance of accessibility and space, Cordoba is an ideal destination for teachers looking for an immersive experience teaching abroad in Argentina.

Saludar Cordoba. The culture in Cordoba is relaxed and accepting as long you properly saludar, meaning kiss the right cheek of every new person you meet. However, this relaxed atmosphere can lead to frustrations for new teachers looking to make contacts and establish themselves in the city. Finding the perfect English teaching job in Cordoba at a language academy or an ideal live-in situation may take some time and significant effort; if you stick it out, good things will come from your hard work.

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