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Studying Abroad in Nicaragua

Located in one of the most ecologically diverse regions in the world, Nicaragua serves study abroad students with a plate full of natural variety. Lush forests, world-famous lakes, and volcanic landscapes all make studying in Nicaragua a naturally wonderful experience. Sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the plentiful beaches here make it a prime location for getting your feet wet in pristine tropical waters. If you’re looking to become fluent in Spanish or learn more about politics and economics in a developing country, you’ll want to study abroad in Nicaragua. 

Where to Study in Nicaragua

Known as the “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes,” Nicaragua gives students the opportunity to study abroad amidst ridiculously splendid sceneries. Here are our picks for the best places to study abroad in Nicaragua.

Granada. You’ll find this economic and political hub of Nicaragua in the western area. Here you can explore the cathedrals, parks, and plazas. In areas nearby, make a splash at the beaches at the Peninsula de Ases and walk along trails at Vocán Mombacho. With restaurants that have raving reviews, you could taste some local cuisines as you stroll along the roads and snap pictures of colonial architecture.

León. Located in western Nicaragua, León’s stunning Spanish colonial churches rival that of its sister cities from the Church of la Recolección to the El Calvario church. The Momotombo volcano, Cerro Negro volcano, San Jacinto Swarms, and Poneloya beach will keep your eyes busy with delight when you see these geological features. You’ll never tire of its art collections, exciting nightlife, and fine eateries while you’re studying here either.

Managua. The capital city of Nicaragua is situated on the southwestern shore of Lake Managua in the western region. Being the largest city as well, you’ll find the majority of study abroad programs here. Tour the Museum of Acahualinca that holds ancient footprints engraved in volcanic ash, celebrate with the locals at its Carnaval festival, and satisfy your sweet tooth with cajeta de leche (sweet condensed milk with nuts and sugared coconut).

Costs of Studying in Nicaragua

Nicaragua can be quite affordable for Westerners in terms of cost of living and in comparison to prices in most of North America and Europe — deacachimba (awesome)! Meals definitely won’t break the bank here, as they’re usually between $3 to $5.

Most study abroad Nicaragua programs will cover the cost of tuition, housing, meals, support, in-country transportation, and excursions as well. You’ll likely need to spend a good chunk of change for airfare. Several organizations are longing to award students scholarships.

Student Housing in Nicaragua

What types of housing are available for students in Nicaragua? No matter where you rest at night, you’ll want to keep exploring Nicaragua during the day. Housing availability depends on your program and placement, and can range from group living, apartments/flats, and dorms on campus. In most cases, you’ll have several options.

Additionally, many programs offer homestay accommodation for program participants, exemplifying their experience of Nicaraguan culture. Your new home away from home (casa away from casa?) will offer you the comfort of living with a host family while immersing yourself in the local cuisines and Spanish language.

Student Visas for Nicaragua

For students visiting less than 90 days, you won’t need a visa to enter the country if you have a valid passport for at least six months from date of arrival in hand. You’ll need to purchase a tourist card when you arrive for $10 though. If you’re staying for longer, you can apply for a temporary resident visa, which lasts up to a year. The requirements can change, so be sure to check with your program coordinator and GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Nicaraguans are known for their big smiles and warm hospitality. Whether you’re in a local café or trekking through the wetlands, you’ll meet strangers who are happy to share their culture with you.

While you’ll enjoy the activities and sights, Nicaragua has faced environmental challenges, such as landslides and droughts. The growing tourism and development is also underway, so be a buena persona and take care to treat the country with respect while you’re here.

From bouncing along through hidden areas on a 4WD vehicle to diving in underwater caves, you’ll love getting off-the-beaten track while studying in Nicaragua.

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Venture to Nicaragua and participate in a study abroad program developed by the Center for Global Education at Augsburg College. This multi-country program lets participants end their trip in Nicaragua, where students gain more knowledge on Social Change in the region. Participants spend six whole weeks in the city of Managua, choosing from various subject areas of study, including Political Sc...


Jump start the year by enrolling with the Council on International Education Exchange's Social Justice and Development program in Managua, Nicaragua. The program provides Spanish language courses and a wide array of academic interests through matriculation at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua. International students are welcome to apply and explore the country's rich culture with C...


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ICADS offers a semester-long academic Field Program in Nicaragua. They provide students with research expertise and analytic tools that will help participants learn to make substantial contributions to current projects on Sustainable Development.


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Broadreach offers experiential summer adventures for middle school, high school and college students, including scuba, sailing, multi-sport, marine biology, language immersion and community service programs that span the globe. Over the years, we've taken thousands of teenagers to some of the world's most incredible destinations -- the islands of the Caribbean, Australia, Fiji, the Solomon Isla...


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Study Spanish, social change, and politically charged discourse and literature of Nicaragua and Cuba on this semester program from SIT Study Abroad. Students are immersed in Spanish language in advanced seminars focused on reading and writing and engage with a wide range of historians, advocates, and youth in conversations about social movements.


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Journey to Nicaragua, the land of lakes and volcanoes, with Where There Be Dragons on a summer study trip. The program places emphasis on community based service-learning, homestay education, and language instruction. While living in the colonial city of Esteli, students will learn from community activists, farmers, and non-government organizations about social justice and sustainability, issue...


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Use your talent as a filmmaker to research, write, shoot and edit a short documentary video about a changemaker whose work is worthy of worldwide attention. Your compelling video can make the difference for future donations, grants, volunteers and inspiring others around the globe. An Actuality Media crew is made up of four positions Producer, Director, Cinematographer and Editor. Each outre...


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The Center for Ecological Living and Learning (CELL) offers academic programs in Nicaragua with a focus on the subject of Sustainability through Community. They feature semester programs that combine rigorous coursework, service-learning activities, and field-learning experiences.


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Undergraduates students can broaden their educational and career development through academic studies abroad with Gilman International Scholarship Programs and Boren Awards. This program provides American students the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua and live for at least six months.