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IAU - January Term Traveling Seminars

Experience a highly enriching study abroad program, J-term Traveling Seminars, which take place every January. Offered by IAU, these have varied duration and location. Its academic component comprises a series of seminars led by renowned European experts, academic faculty, and political and literary personalities. You will attend daily meetings and lectures with our respected scholars, as well ...


January Term with ASA - International Business

Go places in this January Term study abroad program, which is open to students interested in gaining academic and cultural experiences in different countries. The International Business traveling seminar takes you to three culturally rich countries: France, Morocco, and Spain. Become exposed to broad facets of international business while exploring countries at different stages of economic d...


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Off the Beaten Path Research & Internships w/ Local NGO

Have a research project idea and looking for a local partner? Want to study Arabic or Tamazight independently? Hoping to intern with a Moroccan organization? Dar Si Hmad's premier project uses cutting-edge technology to harvest potable water from fog on the edge of the Sahara Desert, which is then piped to rural Amazigh communities previously without access to a reliable water source. D...