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KIIS Denmark Summer Program

The KIIS Study Abroad program in Denmark offers great opportunities for cultural and hands-on learning experiences. Students will discover Viking-era reconstructions, home and work places of historically significant Danes, picturesque fishing villages, and an abundance of castles, manor houses, and churches. Students will experience Denmark, from the big city excitement of Copenhagen to Tivoli ...


VIA Summer School

The Swimming Teacher Education is a summer course that teaches you how to plan and teach water activities for children. You will learn key points about safety in and on the water, including first aid. You will also experience kayaking, adding an exciting touch to the program. The program has the following modules: - Teaching schoolchildren swimming, including the completion of the swimming i...


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AU Summer University - study abroad in Denmark

In 2011, Aarhus University in Denmark launched an extended summer university program. AU Summer University consists of a portfolio of courses taught in English at bachelors and masters levels within the fields of Humanities, Theology, Social Sciences, Health Sciences, Natural Sciences, Agriculture Sciences, Business, and Educational Sciences. The program takes place on campus in the architectur...