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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Dubrovnik

Postcard-perfect Dubrovnik, famous for its charmingly rustic Old Town, oozes history and culture from every (somehow perfect) crack and crevice. You’ll have to remind yourself daily that you’re not — in fact — living a fairytale. Though you might come for the history, culture, and almost-too-good-to-be-true photo ops, you’ll stay for the adventures offered by Dubrovnik’s stunning coastline. Dotted with islands, and watched over by dramatic mountain ranges, adventure opportunities are plenty (you’ll want to cram inasmuch as you can between classes). Study in Dubrovnik — but beware, your pants might get charmed right off.

Student Life in Dubrovnik

The city of Dubrovnik is divided into a number of different regions, the most famous being the Old Town, a great place to stroll picturesque cobbled streets (tip — pairs well with gelato). The fun definitely doesn’t end there though, as you can head out to Lapad or one of the many other islands that line the shore for a bit of a beach break. The coastline itself is best experienced by kayak, and adventurous college students might also like to head into the mountains that form the city’s backdrop, as well. 

There is certainly no excuse to ever feel bored in Dubrovnik, as the diversity of activities on offer is huge. In fact, you might have more difficulty finding time to fit in everything on your bucket list around your class schedule. 

Most study abroad programs include accommodation in shared student housing or homestays. Living with fellow students is a great way to socialize, whilst homestays add an extra level to the cultural immersion available, so consider the options carefully when selecting a program. As for food, you won’t struggle to find delicious Croatian dishes or other European cuisine around town. Prices are higher in the popular areas, so be sure to venture further afield to find the best value and make your Kuna go further!

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Dubrovnik is a city that will completely enchant you in daydreams of medieval Europe. If you’re a college kid with a knack for exploring, easy day trips to Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina can be made from the city. Not only is this a fantastic opportunity to get a couple of extra stamps in your passport, but also a great way to better understand the politics and geography of the Balkan region (as if you needed an excuse!).

Hearing the stories of the former-Yugoslavia and learning more about Croatia’s current struggles within the international refugee crisis will add more depth to your experience abroad. After all, life isn’t just about the sparkling Dalmatian Coast (and a sparkling wine to match). When you study abroad in Dubrovnik, seek to understand the good AND the bad about modern life in Croatia.

Get a workout as you climb around and make Dubrovnik your academic (and physical) playground. Dubrovnik is the perfect travel spot, and studying abroad in the city will only enhance the experiences gained. It’s tough to find a location that ticks so many academic and adventure boxes on your bucket list in one adorably picturesque city!

If you wish to find out more about studying abroad in Croatia, check out our guide here!

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A Guide To
Studying Abroad in Dubrovnik


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