Language Programs in Yucatan Peninsula

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6 Language Schools in Yucatan Peninsula


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SPI Study Abroad: Spanish Immersion & Volunteer Mexico

Querétaro is an enchanting colonial Mexican city where old world charm and history meet modern innovation. The city was the third most important city during Mexico’s colonial era, when Spain governed the country and remains to be a growing cultural and economic center. In 1996, the historic center was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and Querétaro has repeatedly been recognized as the c...


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Na'atik Language & Culture Institute: Study Abroad Yucatán

Na'atik Language and Cultural Institute offers Spanish and Maya language immersion courses in the heart of the stunning Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The school, located in the small, safe, colorful town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, aims to provide a true intercultural experience by showing international Spanish and Maya language students the real Zona Maya – it's not just ruins! The Study Abro...


OSEA Intensive Spanish Language Immersion (1-2 Week program)

Interested in joining our study abroad program at OSEA? Begin with a one or two-week Intensive Spanish Language Immersion to improve your skills from basic to advanced. You will take courses focused on increasing communicative proficiency. We provide individualized teaching, thanks to high teacher-student ratio, allowing us to tailor the curriculum to your needs. Enrollment per class is limited...


Spanish Standard Course

Lingua Academy offers an immersive and flexible program, individually designed to help students achieve their Spanish goals. The key to improvement in Spanish is to interact with native Spanish speakers. Mérida offers a safe and unique environment to do this. Mérida is the cultural capital of the Yucatan Peninsula, home to beautiful beaches, and host of world events. Groups of a maximum o...


Learn Spanish in Merida

Learn Spanish in Merida! The beautiful city of Merida is located in the northwestern part of the Yucatán Peninsula in southeastern Mexico. It was founded in 1542 by Francisco de Montejo and built on the Maya city of T’ho which had been a center of Mayan culture and activity for centuries. Nowadays Merida – also know as the ‘White City’ – is one of the most paceful and safest cities in Mexico...


Learn Spanish in Mexico with COINED International

The best way to really get to know a culture is to learn its language. Mexico, home to Aztec and Maya civilizations, is a fascinating mix of modern and traditional. The wide choice of courses that we offer reflects its stunning diversity. You can choose among the most beautiful cities of Mexico to learn Spanish: Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Merida MX, Oaxaca, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallart...