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A Guide to Learning Spanish in Guatemala

Do you dream of becoming fluent in Spanish? How about traveling the world? What if you could combine those dreams, enhancing your Spanish in the morning, kayaking one of the world’s most beautiful lakes in the afternoon, and perfecting your guacamole at night? There’s no better way to master a language than through in-country language study, and no better place to bring those bilingual dreams to life than Guatemala. With a variety of Spanish language programs spanning from the shores of Lake Atitlan to bustling Antigua, Guatemala is the perfect home-away-from-home to bring your Spanish skills to the next level.


One of the best ways to learn a new language, or solidify one you began in high school, is through in-country intensive language programs. Guatemala’s unique and varied landscape makes it an ideal place to learn Spanish abroad. No matter how you learn best, whether one-on-one in a quiet classroom in the countryside, conversing with classmates at the nearest cafe, or wandering busy markets to find the best produce while chatting up the locals, Spanish language programs in Guatemala will have you covered.

Looking for a lakeside oasis? Check out Panajachel on Lake Atitlan, which will provide a relaxing setting for your studies. Charmingly situated on Atitlan’s shores, “Pana” provides the perfect escape from the real world, where you can perfect your Spanish while expanding your horizons. You can also check out the vibrant local market to find the most astounding array of colorful goodies for your friends back home. Then, be sure to take advantage of all the lake has to offer including parasailing, canoeing, hiking, and horseback riding.

More into bustling crowds, late night salsa dancing, and practicing your enhanced vocabulary with friends you meet out on the town? Quetzaltenango or Antigua, two of the country’s larger cities, may be more your speed. Antigua, in particular, provides a bustling nightlife situated right next to some of the country’s best restaurants. There’s also a local coffee farm so you can bring home the freshest brews to help keep you awake during those late night study sessions.

No matter the environment you seek, Guatemala has a locale and program for you.

Spanish Language Programs in Guatemala

While there are a number of ways to approach learning Spanish in Guatemala, small-group classes, private lessons, and one-on-one instruction are by far the most common options. All of these types of language courses provide students with the ability to dive deeply into the Spanish language while communicating directly with a native speaker.

If you’d prefer individually customized lessons, private language instruction comes with its own unique set of challenges, first and foremost being the language barrier itself. If you choose private Spanish language lessons, chances are you’re probably not fluent in Spanish quite yet. However, your instructor may likewise not be fluent in your native language, meaning you may be communicating strictly in broken “Spanglish” until you are able to maintain a firm grasp on your Spanish.

While there might be initial challenges, individualized lessons will allow you to learn Spanish in Guatemala at your own pace, which is usually much more quickly than you would in larger classes. Additionally, private language classes oftentimes more deeply emphasize conversational language skills. Combined, these advantages will most likely afford you the opportunity to shorten your stay in-country if you are pressed for time.

Group language courses will allow you to connect with and learn from not only your instructor, but also other Spanish language learners in a small group setting. Many times you'll find yourself in classes with individuals from all over the world, with Spanish as your only language in common. This unique experience opens a new door to intercultural exchange, where you can simultaneously increase your Spanish language skills while learning about the unique culture of Guatemala, as well as the cultures of your classmates, all through your shared knowledge of Spanish. 

How long you decide to spend learning Spanish in Guatemala will depend on your skill-level at the start and what you hope to gain out of your program. Looking for a refresher course to help you feel comfortable on your next vacation? A couple of hours over the course of a week or two is probably more than sufficient. Hoping to put “fluent Spanish-speaker” on your resume? Depending on your initial level of expertise, you’re probably looking at a month long time investment. 

While learning Spanish in Guatemala, participating in a homestay is by far the best way to put your language skills to use, and also have the chance to seamlessly integrate in the local community. Want to learn how to backstrap weave from an indigenous Mayan or cook the best handmade tortillas from the oldest village abuela? Now you can. Living with locals will provide you with many additional language learning opportunities, whether in your shared home, farmers markets, and hikes around your new city; all of these places will simultaneously act as your classroom as your host introduces you to the "Chapin" (Guatemalan) way of life.

Spanish Subtleties & Nuances in Guatemala

When flexing your Spanish muscles in Guatemala, it’s good to be aware of the subtle differences you may encounter during your everyday interactions. The Spanish spoken in Guatemala can differ slightly from the Spanish you learned in high school. Guatemalan Spanish is fairly similar to “standard” Spanish, with one exception: Guatemalans love their abbreviations. From “porfa” for “please” to “mucha” (as in “muchachos”) for “everyone” and “va” for “isn’t that right?”, Guatemaltecos love to make their point and fast!

There are a few words used in Guatemala that often catch newcomers off-guard. "Coche" may mean "car" in many Spanish-speaking countries, yet in parts of Guatelinda, it translates to "pig." Similarly, while most students are taught “perro” means dog, in Guatemala man’s best friend is called the “chucho.”

Heading to a school or youth development program to volunteer? Spending time with “young people,” that’s “patojos” or “chavos” in Guatemalan, is a great use of your time and will strengthen your language skills while you support the local community.

Hopefully, because of your awareness of cultural differences, you won't catch anyone calling you "mala onda." While it literally translates to "bad wave," it's a sentiment that means "uncool," as in "totally uncool that you ate the last of my guacamole." Instead, hopefully you'll get a lot of use out of its opposite "buena onda," or good wave," which expresses agreeableness or happiness about a person or situation, as in, "That was really buena onda of you to make me some guacamole after someone ate all of mine!" 

Pay careful attention and after a few short weeks of learning Spanish in Guatemala, you too might be able to speak proper Chapin!

Benefits & Challenges

While there are many advantages to learning Spanish in picturesque Guatemala, language students may also face challenges. Guatemala is still a developing country, and as such, students may not have access to the same comforts as they do at home. Along the same lines, while many Spanish language programs take place in Guatemala’s larger cities, that doesn’t always mean there is an abundance of tourists. Learning Spanish in Guatemala can potentially leave students feeling isolated and alone in some respects. 

That being said, homestays are a great way to assist you in connecting with locals and helping with potential homesickness. Use this lack of tourists to your advantage, devoting yourself to connecting more with the locals and truly investing your time in learning Spanish in Guatemala. And don’t forget, if you’re feeling the need to shake off those small town vibes, Guatemala is a small, easily navigable country with plenty to do. Cure your need for adventure by shopping local markets, hiking nearby volcanoes, or exploring Mayan temples.

Spanish language programs in Guatemala allow students to immerse themselves in the local culture as they gain a deeper understanding of Spanish. If you’re seeking a unique destination to perfect your Spanish language skills, one filled with hidden gems (read: cathedrals, cafes, and even whole small towns) around every corner, beautiful colonial architecture spanning both its large and small cities, and one of the most colorfully- and traditionally-rich indigenous populations, look no further than the beautiful and vibrant streets of Guatemala.

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