Six Reasons You’ll Regret NOT Studying Abroad

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Looking back on university days, many adults wrapped up in their careers and families regret not taking the chance when they had it. Studying abroad can be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and to not look into the possibility is to turn down a priceless experience. Expand your experiences and your perspective on the world, and choose to study abroad. Don’t look back years from now with festering regret.

The Pyramids in Egypt
The Pyramids in Egypt. Photo by Donna Perry

1. Freedom of Young Adulthood

When else in life will you be able to drop everything and live in a foreign country for a few weeks, months, or even a year? When else will you be able to explore a new country with students your own age from all over the world? Young adulthood is a time of limited responsibilities, so take advantage of the opportunity to explore, AND receive university credit doing it. When you have kids, a full time job, house will NOT be able to escape for six weeks let alone six months to explore the world.

2. Affordability of Packaged Programs

As a first experience abroad, study abroad is ideal for budgeting. With pre-departure preparation materials, in-country orientation, cultural classes (with credits!), guided excursions, and accommodation reservation all included, you will have no worries about your day to day expenses. Yes, it may be more than a regular semester of school at home, but the things you'll gain will be insurmountably more valuable than the extra money you'll spend.

Insider Tip: If you create your own independent study or research project in a country that has lower living costs than at home, you can actually save money in the end!

3. A Break from Regular Coursework

How many times a year are you sitting in a classroom or office wishing you could be somewhere else? This is your chance! Getting a break from the walls of a classroom can revive your energy and passion for learning. Combine your study abroad program with a backpacking trip or a short beach vacation, trek through South America or Europe after your program completes, or relax on a beach in Latin America or Southeast Asia for week before heading home.

4. Listening to Other’s Accounts

You will get annoyed listening to friends boasting about their experiences abroad, distributing their amazing photos across social media, and reliving memorable moments before your eyes. So join them don't envy them!

5. Missing Out on Bonding

You will not only miss out on a once in a lifetime experience, you will miss out on all the special moments with friends, classmates, and other students from around the world. When your friends come home closer than ever, with stories and memories you can only dream of, you may find yourself feeling left out. Once again, join them! 

Study abroad students

6. Open New Doors to Your Future

Studying abroad can boost your resume, by showing adaptability and openness. You might even network with someone from an international company, form an important relationship with a foreign professor, or find a city you can’t live without, and end up living and working abroad after you complete your degree. Expanding your education abroad can help you realize your ideal career, shape your goals, and revitalize your dreams!

Study abroad could truly change your life, so throw aside your insecurities and fears and you'll surely find yourself without regrets!