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Embark on an intellectually-challenging study abroad program offered by Semester at Sea, the nation's leading shipboard program for study abroad. Participants circumnavigate the globe each fall and spring semester, and explore a specific world region each summer. A state-of-the-art passenger ship, the MV World Odyssey, serves as our floating campus. Colorado State University is the academic ...


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Experience an educational adventure like no other with Sea|mester Study Abroad at Sea in multiple locations. Some of the programs students may choose from are Marine Biology, Introduction to Oceanography, Speech Communication, and so much more. The entire voyage usually lasts for 20 to 90 days.


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Spend the summer traveling to London, Amsterdam, Paris, Lucerne, Venice, Florence and Rome, the historic art and architectural centers of Europe. You’ll earn 3 credits taking “European Art and Architecture” through Richmond, the American International University in London. Live in hotels and student residences, with breakfast included daily. A Travel Manager accompanies the group throughout ...

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Voyager Europe, offered by Voyager Study Abroad, is a unique study abroad program. Our students experience an intimate real-world learning experience that immerses them in the art, history and culture of some European countries. In summer 2017, we visit five countries – Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, and Germany as well as important European cities including Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, F...


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Travel to multiple countries while on a study abroad program with CGE. Students get to develop their proficiency in Spanish, gain a cross cultural experience, and obtain a deeper understanding of the countries. The program lets students visit coffee cooperatives, volcanoes, tropical lakes, and more.


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Travel extensively in Asia, Europe, and even more through Eastern Michigan University's study abroad program opportunities. Conducted during the summer, programs normally last from 35 to 80 days. At each destination, students learn more about the local culture, politics, and history. Participants gain college credits upon completion of the program.


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Sign up for the ultimate study abroad program around the world! (R)evolve gives you the chance to explore nine different countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hungary, Morocco, Spain, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia!) without taking a break from your studies. It’s like a gap year, but without the “gap”. We will take you, along with other students, across the globe all while studying online at...


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IES Abroad offers 120+ programs in more than 35 locations worldwide for undergraduate students. We're a little obsessed with study abroad, and not at all ashamed to admit it. We are a highly-charged force of study abroad enthusiasts. Every day we have the privilege of witnessing how study abroad changes our students' lives. That's the reason we do what we do: to provide once-in-a-lifetime educ...

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Boston University Study Abroad offers programs that have multi-country locations. The International Conflict Resolution program takes place in two locations: The first location of the program is in Geneva, Switzerland, and the second half is in London, England. The summer study abroad program is available to American students.


This fall and summer semester, American participants can engage in a study abroad program with Syracuse University. They can gain academic credits in a multi-country location program. Courses offered includes Communications, Medicine, and Social Sciences.


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Study in various locations across the globe with the Institute for Global Studies. Participants from all over the world can develop new knowledge and skills in a short period of time. Study abroad programs includes Zoology & Wildlife Sciences, Photography, and Fine Arts. Global Studies program are available every summer, fall, and spring semester.


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Pacific Discovery offers inspiring educational travel programs to the most amazing places on earth. Our summer, semester and gap year programs combine cultural immersion, volunteer projects in conservation and community development, sustainable adventure travel, personal and leadership development, and tons of fun. Join us on a life-changing adventure!


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A few spots still available for this summer. Apply today! Study throughout Europe with Forum-Nexus Study Abroad. Participants from across the globe may choose from various academic courses including Business, International Relations, and Social Work, which provide course credits that can be transferred to their degree-seeking universities. Students from all over the world can confidently join F...

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Multi Country Study Abroad

In generations past, study abroad followed a specific formula. The original international academic programs were designed by faculty with lofty academic goals. “Junior year in Paris” was the epitome of old-school study abroad; it required a few years of prerequisites and a bank full of money, and you were on your way. 

Today, the options for study abroad have expanded far beyond the City of Lights. 

Now, instead of universities telling students where, when, and why to go, study abroad is driven by the students and by program providers who want to make their customers happy! Even faculty today are motivated by student evaluations, and their study programs have gotten more innovative and creative. 

New needs of the market have driven what types of programs are being created. Many students want to travel to multiple places, they want experiential learning for their resume, they want adventure, they want to volunteer and feel good about it, and they want some fun as well. Here are a few particularly killer study abroad programs that do most or all of that.

Unique Locations

AUIP- Antarctica. Journey to the fragile continent in this unique opportunity to study in the coldest, windiest, and most remote of places on Earth. The American Universities International Programs is one of the few organizations that offer study abroad programs in Antarctica, the only remaining wilderness frontier in the world. You can’t get more off-the-beaten-track than this!

Marine Biology in the Bahamas- Brockport SUNY. The Bahamas is the perfect place to study marine biology. Its waters off of the country’s islands, islets and cays — all 3,000 of them! — are the habitat of incredibly diverse marine wildlife. Of course, the fact that it’s a vacation paradise doesn’t hurt either. The College at Brockport of the State University of New York offers field studies in marine biology and geology.

Himalayan Forests- Bhutan- SFS. Explore Bhutan in the summer through The School for Field Studies, and bask in the grandeur of the Himalaya and its watersheds. The program offers students the experience of a lifetime trekking through biodiverse lush valleys full of plants and wildlife. Bhutan is pretty close to Shangri La! It issues a limited number of visas every year and is among world travelers’ ultimate destinations.  

Semester in Fiji- Global Links. Fiji is a tropical paradise, so naturally, study abroad would be hot here! GlobaLinks offers quality academic programs around the world. The University of South Pacific provides the perfect backdrop for studying the course of your choice while enjoying the surf, sand, and sea.

Unique Fields

Film and Media Bollywood Internship India Study Abroad Center. Experiential learning is at the core of India Study Abroad Center’s Film and Media Bollywood Internship program. Mumbai presents the perfect backdrop for exploring the world of cinema, from observing movie shoots to meeting with Bollywood stars and other film professionals.

Summer in Morocco – ISA. Spend the summer studying the Arabic language and culture in Morocco, at the Moulay Ismail University through International Studies Abroad. Morocco is not only the westernmost country in continental Africa, but also the westernmost Islamic country in the world.

Leap Year- Study, Treks, and Internships India & Latin America. Join other students in a trek through India or Latin America in LeapNow’s Study, Treks, and Internships in India and Latin America. This unique experience focuses on language immersion, social work, contemplative retreats, and short-term internships.

Wildlife Film School- Beyond Borders Film School. Stake out wildlife at Plettenberg Bay in South Africa, and gather enough material to make your own nature documentary through Beyond Borders Film School. Before you go out in the field, though, you will learn the basics of production, and pre- and post-production, in a cutting-edge classroom setting with the guidance of professional wildlife filmmakers.

Unique Learning Approach

Semester at Sea. Study aboard a converted cruise ship complete with plenty of amenities. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a party cruise, though — a solid academic program is combined with off-ship excursions in several countries. As you might imagine, an ocean trip around the world also attracts plenty of amazing professors!

UpWithPeople. Inspiring audiences through music is the focus of Up with People’s Global Education Program, which focuses on building communication and leadership skills in its performers. If you want to bridge cultural gaps and lay down the foundation for world peace, participating in Up with People’s musical performances offer the perfect experience.

EMU Cultural History Tours. Not just another multi-country, multi-city program, EMU is the granddaddy of them all. Eastern Michigan University brings students across Europe on a 71-day cultural history tour, from the winding city streets of London to historic alleys of Istanbul. Experienced faculty are with you every step of the way through 32 cities in 10 countries, including England, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Greece and Turkey.

SeaMester. SeaMester conducts its unique brand of education on two-masted sailing vessels. The ship itself is a vehicle for your education where you are part of the class and the crew! This is a combination of classes in the field, along with intense, energetic, hands-on education like no other. 

Unique European Options

British American Drama Academy Programs. Study acting and theater in the western hemispheres’ center of the craft! Since its founding in 1984, the British American Drama Academy has been teaching classical theater with distinguished English actors and directors through its undergraduate London Theatre Program and Shakespeare Program.

Semester in Europe — 12 Countries One Semester! Only a handful of study abroad programs offer the chance to study in 12 countries and 25 cities in a single semester. Global Learning Semesters has one such program: Semester in Europe. Stroll down the streets of Athens, Paris and Prague; learn about business and art in Florence, Venice and Rome; and take home a piece of history from other cities that have helped shape the Western world.

Business in the Arts- Fringe Festival ASA. The business side of the arts is often neglected. Not anymore, thanks to Academic Studies Abroad. The program, Business in the Arts and Edinburgh Festival Fringe, aims to give students access to the business and planning that goes into major productions. The Fringe Festival is one of the wildest, strangest, coolest and most eclectic festivals in the world. Add it to your list!

MBA and Work in London- Mountbatten. If you are on the final leg of your studies in business, the Mountbatten Institute’s Live, Work and Study in London program might be ideal for you. Where else can you find a study abroad program that guides a participant through an MBA while working in the finance, accounting, or human resources department of a London company?

These are a handful of the amazing study abroad experiences available. If you know any other cool ones worth mentioning, tell us about them!

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