11 Amazing Countries for Marketing Internships Abroad

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If you count leads instead of sheep before drifting off into sweet dreams of CRMs, cookies, and drip campaigns, then you’ve probably already applied for a few marketing internships abroad. At the very least, you’ve dreamt about it. If all of this is gibberish to you, maybe you’re still asleep, or maybe this is the perfect call to action for you to start your search for international marketing internships.

International internships are not only becoming more popular, but with today’s global economy and ever-increasing connectivity, they are also becoming more and more important in the job-market hustle. Marketing, in particular, is a field in which knowing your audience and having cultural awareness is especially vital for success. Luckily, there are countless international marketing internships available to those who know where to look (Hint: GoAbroad!).

close up of globe on Mexico/Central America
Spin the globe, close your eyes, and point. You might be surprised where you’ll find killer Marketing internships abroad.

We know time is money and you want to turn this hot lead into a new conversion ASAP, so to assist with your search for global marketing internships, we’ve compiled a list of the top 11 countries for marketing interns to consider around the world, because 10 just isn’t enough.

Latin America

Marketing interns who want to live purely and simply, build lasting relationships, experience pristine outdoors and ancient cultures, and improve their Spanish (or Portuguese) language skills on any level are sure to find the challenges and fulfillment they seek through marketing internships in both Central and South America.

1. Argentina

Argentina has a strong, influential economy (and the third largest) among the Americas, with lots of open land for adventures during down time. Marketing interns in Argentina may find themselves working anywhere within a full spectrum of organizations, ranging from NGOs to major international corporations. Regardless of your field, there are many reasons you should consider interning in Argentina.

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2. Ecuador 

Ecuador is still developing economically, which will give marketing interns the opportunity to really get involved on the ground floor. With a large number of marketing internships in developing organizations, interns will need to show plenty of initiative when stepping into their role. There’s no room for “the meek will inherit the Earth” during marketing internships in Ecuador.

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3. Mexico

Mexico is ideal for interns looking to improve their Spanish and build a strong network, because Its economy only continues to grow stronger as the country plays a larger role on the world stage. Marketing interns who choose placements in México should be ready to look their best among Mexican business professionals, especially in major cities. It certainly doesn’t hurt that there’s plenty to explore outside the office, including beaches, ruins, and tasty food.

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sunrise hike in Nicaragua
When you’re not knee deep in CRMs, wander the beautiful landscapes of south and central America.


Trendy aspiring marketing interns interested in modern affairs will enjoy the mix of cultures that make up Europe. While Europe in general provides a relatively easy adjustment for English-speakers, those looking to pick up a foreign language or get access to a niche marketing field will likewise be able to pick accordingly from the close-knit, yet distinct, countries of the European Union. Here are the top places for marketing internships in Europe.

4. England

England is prestigious, academic, and international. You’ll want a cute pair of Oxfords and a brolly (umbrella) to combat the almost daily rain if you choose a marketing internship here. For marketing interns lacking foreign language skills (and the desire to learn them), this native English-speaking country will be a better fit than many of the other multi-lingual European destinations.

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5. France

France values a strong work ethic, and in return, believes in equally strong employee benefits and a stable work-life balance. Therefore, marketing interns in France will enjoy a one to two hour lunch break, but they will be expected to put in a good amount of work during office hours. You’ll want to speak French un petit peu and respect company hierarchies if you choose France for your international marketing internship.

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6. Spain

Marketing internships in Spain top nearly every conceivable list of great destinations for marketing internships in Europe. Marketing interns looking for real Spanish flare will find no better place than the charming, passionate, and fast-paced nation of Spain for marketing internships abroad. The relaxed vibe and mid-afternoon siestas won’t be hard to adjust to, but don’t be fooled! After work happy hours will start late and end early in the morning, so get ready to work hard and play hard as a marketing intern in Spain.

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Eiffel tower lit by city streets at dusk
After a day of drip campaigns, enjoy an aperitif and a stroll through the winding streets of Paris, France.


Ambitious marketing interns will find plenty of marketing internship programs to help them reach lofty career goals throughout Asia. Home to a range of cultures, languages, and stages of economic development, interns won’t fail to find a fitting marketing internship to broaden their perspective and teach them widely applicable skillsets.

7. China

China creates a complex atmosphere for international marketing internships, as one of the world’s oldest civilizations and simultaneously one of the most influential countries in the modern world. Building a network as a marketing intern in China (and picking up some Mandarin along the way) will most definitely impress future employers. It also doesn’t hurt that China’s economy is the second-largest worldwide and is a major player in the WTO.

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8. India

India, likewise, has ancient roots, so between Bollywood and the vast array of curries, a marketing internship in India is sure to be a unique experience. Though India continues to see impressive economic growth, it still faces a number of socioeconomic challenges. As a marketing intern in India you will likely be working with nonprofits and NGOs to promote economic development that can help the local community thrive.

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9. Thailand

Thailand’s friendly locals (it’s not called “the Land of Smiles” for nothing), thick jungles, and status as a perfect home-base to explore the rest of Southeast Asia, are just a few of the reasons marketing interns often choose this budget-friendly Asian country. Pick up a little Thai (we’re not just talking noodles) and get ready to work hard and learn a lot.

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Bangkok, Thailand cityscape
Learn the ropes at your international marketing internship while you hunt for the best Thai curry in Bangkok.


If a sink or swim mentality isn’t your thing, but you want to nonetheless maintain ties to the largely influential economy of Asia, consider mixing business with pleasure while interning on one of the islands of Oceania. Laid-back, water-loving marketing interns will thrive while living and working in the tropics alongside sun-tanned and smiling Aussies or Kiwis, while obtaining resume-boosting experience of course.

10. Australia

Australia is where you’ll live the dream and learn to surf while enjoying a stereotypical international marketing internship. While the accent may prove challenging, marketing interns with limited foreign language skills and fear of spiders will fare just fine in this sunny English-speaking destination.

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11. New Zealand

New Zealand’s postcard perfect landscape and general lack of bugs are just a few of the appealing factors marketing interns won't take for granted. A smaller population means fewer available marketing internships, so actually landing an internship in New Zealand will be a competitive process. You’ll need to really make an impression on your application to ensure your sweet-as internship placement.

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How to choose the best country for international marketing internships

Eleven countries is still a lot to choose from for marketing internships overseas, you say. So, now what? No worries! We’re not one to leave you hanging; we’ve also included some bonus tips for further evaluating marketing internship programs to find the one that is most relevant to your own ambitions.

Cape Reinga, New Zealand landscape and coastline
Spend your weekdays chasing down leads and your weekends chasing down waves during your marketing internship in New Zealand.

Utilize the resources available to you:

  • Read reviews of marketing internship programs to determine quality and credibility

Gauge your best personal fit based on: 

  • Lifestyle - Do you prefer sunny surf over mountain peaks? Bustling city over rural roads?
  • Personality - Are you laid back and relationship-oriented like most Latinas or do you feel more comfortable sticking to the business-like behavior typical of Asia?
  • Language ability - Can you speak the local tongue sufficiently or not? Do you want to learn it?
  • Career goals - Where (geographically) do you want to build a network? Is there a specific company or niche market that warrants one location or marketing internship more relevant to your long-term career direction?
  • Financial status - Can you afford the cost of living for the complete program duration?
  • Programs available - Does any particular marketing internship program jump out at you or allow you to check all your personal wish-list boxes?

Be brave:

Moving abroad for international marketing internships is no small task. Give yourself a little patience and a lot of self-love as you figure out, tumble, and navigate the process. If you need a little more guidance, our Online Advising team is always happy to pitch in with our two cents!

Go get ‘em!

Now you know where to look and you know what you need; you have the resources and ability to find and select your own marketing internship abroad. All that’s left to do is go after it and put your best foot forward!

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