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4-month psychology internship

I highly, highly recommend Adelante! They secure an intern placement for you after interviewing you over the phone, thoroughly go over all the details prior to arriving in Madrid, and make sure that you are having a good time over there. I often receive emails from the staff who are always checking in to see how you are doing-- usually I do not respond until a week later or so because I am just too busy enjoying my life in Madrid! Also, I recommend living in an apartment.. it's quite big and the location is right in the city center!
I was a psychology intern for a very famous psychiatrist who has his own private clinic. The internship exceeded beyond my expectations! I got to observe sessions, and even had the opportunity to directly interact with patients. Sometimes I am actually left alone with them in a private room! I even got to grade assessments and look over the patients' documented stories... I have been learning so much during my time there, it's incredible. This is a fantastic opportunity for those who are thinking about going into clinical psychology, specifically the practice side. The only downside is that you will be waiting around (sometimes for hours), because for certain cases the doctor and patient would prefer to be by themselves. Also, you will be listening to Spanish all day, which can be frustrating at first, but your listening improves so much over time. I know mine has!
For those who are hesitant about interning in Spain because of the language barrier, I say just go for it! But you should be dedicated and truly disciplined about learning the language. Personally, I did not have prior Spanish knowledge (besides learning by myself for a month with Rosetta Stone!) before arriving in Madrid. The 2-week classes at the Spanish school definitely helped, and was such a wonderful experience.
As for my social life/leisure time, I have been going to Meet-Ups, mainly to the language exchange ones to practice my Spanish (I recommend checking if you don't know about it already) and traveling around on the weekends (mainly around Spain, but also to other countries!).
Overall, the price for what I paid for this amazing experience was so worth it! Go with Adelante because of their insanely affordable price for what you get, the supportive staff, and the awesome opportunities!