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Westcoast Connection | Greece Summer 2018

Incredible scenery, ancient ruins, crystal blue waters and one unforgettable experience! You are sure to fall in love with Greece this summer on a Westcoast Connection Global Adventure. In a land that has been touched by many empires, you will find ancient ruins, classical sculptures, and archaeological treasures at every turn. Discover the home of the first Olympic games in 776 B.C. Go strai...


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TFT for Older Teens: Greece Island Hopping

Travel like a local as you island hop through some of Greece's most beautiful destinations on this program made specifically for older teens! Discover ancient history and experience Greek culture first-hand on this adventure of a lifetime! Step right into a postcard as you explore the best of Greece and its islands with TFT! Greece is home to stunning beaches, white-washed houses, charming ...


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Wine & Gastronomy Educational Programs

Visit Greece & learn in depth on the stages of wine production through our Experience programs. Our aim is to create experience programs around the wonderful world of wine & gastronomy. Our Programs are: Viticultural Work * If your study Oenology (the art of winemaking), if you are an winemaker enthusiast or just want an extraordinary life changing experience, then this program is tai...