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Greek Islands - 10 Days

Somewhere between SCUBA diving in Naxos, kayaking around Santorini and touring Athens you’ll fall in love with Greece. Sure, you’ll see the famous monuments and major city highlights but get psyched to be immersed into the real vibe of this country. Don’t be surprised when the warmth of the people you meet makes you want to stay in this paradise forever. This amazing experience begins by joi...


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Wine & Gastronomy Educational Programs

Visit Greece & learn in depth on the stages of wine production through our Experience programs. Our aim is to create experience programs around the wonderful world of wine & gastronomy. Our Programs are: Viticultural Work * If your study Oenology (the art of winemaking), if you are an winemaker enthusiast or just want an extraordinary life changing experience, then this program is tai...


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Ancient World Odyssey: Study Classics and English in Greece

Take an odyssey into the ancient world with the MEI International Academy. Get the chance to listen to epic stories of gladiatorial combat as you set foot on the sands of the Colosseum, walk the cobblestoned streets of the ancient capital of Constantine, and study on the steps of the Parthenon. The Ancient World Odyssey program lets you travel back in time using interactive and cutting-edge te...