Teach Abroad in Colombia

16 Teach Abroad Programs in Colombia

Cultural Embrace

Teach in Colombia and make incomparable memories with Cultural Embrace by API. Individuals will help students develop a better comprehension and grasp of the English language. Partcipants will have the opportunity to explore the Colombian culture as they interact and work with locals, partake in cultural activities, and build life-long friendships.

Cultural Embrace by API
International TEFL Academy

Discover Colombia while gaining international teaching experience and professional training. The International TEFL Academy provides participants with the chance to become TEFL/TESOL certified in various locations around Colombia, such as Bogota, Cartago, and Medellin. Participants can delve into the local culture and cuisine, while expanding their professional network through courses and place...

Internships Colombia

Fill a teaching position in Colombia with the program offered by Internships Colombia. Qualified applicants will receive a one-month training and 80 hours of Spanish lessons. Teachers will work with a top government agency in the country.

Instituto de Idiomas-Universidad Del Norte

The Instituto de Idiomas-Universidad del Norte has full-time teaching positions open to prospective international teachers. Teachers can travel, live, and work in Barranquilla, Colombia for a minimum of 12 months. The university is seeking a highly competent individual with a degree in Linguistics, Education, Psychology, or another related field.

Instituto de Idiomas-Universidad Del Norte
Come and Teach in Beautiful Santa Marta, Colombia

Learn about Colombian culture firsthand while teaching abroad in Colombia. The Bureche School offers various teaching opportunities, such as placements as a Kindergarten and First Grade Teacher, Middle or High School Science Teacher, and eighth and ninth Grade English Teacher. Placements are located in the city of Santa Marta. All placements require participants to have a bachelor's degree, tea...

Get TEFL Certified and Teach English in Chile!

Indulge in Colombian culture while teaching English with BridgeTEFL in Bogota or Medellin. Teachers can earn incredibly valuable real-world experience through observation of professional language teachers and countless hours of practice teaching actual students. Interested participants must be native or near-native English speakers who are at least 20 years old.


WorldTeach offers a year-long teaching placement in five different cities in Colombia such as Bogota, Medellin, and Cali. This opportunity allows participants to work in a fulfilling program and gives them the chance to make a positive impact in the local community. To be eligible, teachers must hold a Bachelor's Degree, have good command of the English language, and be between the ages of 18 a...

Olits Language Institute

Teach English abroad in Colombia through Olits Language Institute. Immerse yourself in the culture by teaching basic level English and assisting the organization as well as cultural events implementation. Placement is in Bucaramanga and Cucuta for 3 to 6 months, and for those with experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Fundacion Educativa Personal Growth

Educate the young learners of Colombia through this teaching program offered by Fundacion Educativa Personal Growth in the city of Villavicencio. No prior teaching experience is required to be eligible. Positions can lasts for six months to a year.