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GoEco - Volunteer Abroad in Seychelles

GoEco invites you to volunteer in the islands of Seychelles with projects that let you assist in government and local efforts to preserve the environment and wildlife. Participants can have an adventure scuba diving with whale sharks. They can also learn about sea turtles, coral reefs, and other marine life while collecting essential data for the marine conservation initiatives.


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Conservation Boot Camp

Immerse in one of the world's greatest conservation success stories, Cousin Island Special Reserve in Seychelles. This is where Nature Seychelles, an award-winning organization, will hold its Conservation Boot Camp, a unique and exclusive program. After orientation, volunteers will dive straight into work and will take part in the island's conservation activities (monitoring, tagging, and ce...


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Seychelles Island Conservation Volunteer Programme

This programme offers a rare opportunity to work with a well-renowned conservation organisation in the Seychelles, which has been central to the further protection and survival of rare wildlife species. Depending on the time of year, you can take part in wildlife conservation efforts such as Hawksbill turtle management, monitoring and ringing of large seabird and land bird populations, as ...