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Contribute to sea turtle conservation in Cape Verde. Help protect these placid creatures that have been gracing the shores of the islands for 150 million years. The recent decades have seen the mothers fall victim to poachers, making the conservation project crucial to the sea turtles' survival.


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Do you want to make a lasting impact to the environment? Sign up for a volunteer program aimed at the preservation of Loggerhead turtles in Sal Island. During hatching season, you will be responsible for monitoring nests at the beach and in the hatchery. You will also participate in various activities under the guidance of coordinators. These include morning patrols at the main nesting beach, o...


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Cabo Verde Natura 2000 is a non profit organization (NGO) focused on biodiversity conservation, endangered species protection and suitable development. Its activity is aimed mainly to marine fauna (sea turtles, seabirds and marine mammals). Since 1998, Cabo Verde Natura 2000 organizes international camps, from June to October, where the following tasks are performed on a daily basis: - Da...