Teach English in a Homestay in Argentina for 1-3 Months
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Teach English in a Homestay in Argentina for 1-3 Months

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9/ 10

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Full immersion experience

My main objective with this trip was to immerse myself in Spanish in order to better my language skills and I've definitely achieved that goal. But I've gained much more than just language skills from this trip. I've learned a bit about teaching, I've learned about Argentinian culture and I've built valuable relationships. I'll definitely cherish the memories I've made and I'm certain I will return to see my host family and explore more of Argentina! Thank you to Greenheart Travel for all work you put into making this trip as smooth sailing as it was for me. The preparation and regular communication really helped to reassure me prior to my departure. I had no issues during my two months in Argentina but I know that if anything would have come up you would have been there to help and I appreciate that very much! It's hard for me to pinpoint THE single best memory I have because I experienced quite a few things. The family was more than generous and made me feel like I was one of them. They took me along with them to family diners, live music concerts and we even went to Buenos Aires for a day to see Cirque du Soleil!