Chinese Language Programs in Shenzhen

18 Chinese Language Schools in Shenzhen


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Learn Chinese in China with GAC

Go Abroad China’s unique Chinese Language Programs are designed to immerse participants in Mandarin Chinese through class instruction, after-class tutoring, language exchange with native Mandarin Chinese speakers, and wonderful electives, tours, networking events, parties, etc. GAC Chinese immersion program at China’s top universities, small group program and One On One tutoring program of...


HSK Test Preparation Course: Start Anytime

Hanbridge Mandarin School's one-on-one teaching style is the fastest way to help you pass the test. Eight hours of intensive Mandarin lessons with effective teaching methods per day will help you learn Chinese and master the HSK test as quickly as possible. All the teachers in the HSK research team are carefully selected and have rich experience in helping students with the HSK preparation. You...


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Learning Chinese through Living with a Chinese Host Family

Sign up for this award-winning cultural exchange program offered by LoPair! Hailed the 2017 IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award Winner, it gives you lifetime experiences in one of the world’s most beautiful countries. We provide a 3-12 month placement in a major city in China. You will live with a well-selected Chinese or expat family, becoming a real family member. In return for your room and bo...


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Mandarin House Online Chinese Lessons

Learning Chinese? No matter your level - beginner, intermediate, or advanced, Mandarin House offers online language courses so you can learn right in the comfort of your home! Our courses, based on a decade of teaching experience, are specially designed to enhance all-around Chinese ability. These combine elements of language, culture, and local lifestyle. We break individual programs into sess...


Learn Chinese in China - Internships China

Through our partnership with some of China’s leading language schools, Internships China is offering you an exciting once in a lifetime opportunity to learn Chinese in Beijing, Shanghai or other cities. This intensive Chinese course is a full package, offering a total culture and language immersion experience! If learning Mandarin is a task you wish to conquer, Internships China offers a uni...


Chinese Immersion Program in Various Cities in China!

New Concept Mandarin provides Chinese language instruction to both individuals and corporations, as well as Mandarin learning and Chinese cultural orientation consulting services to businesses, governments, and schools. We help you develop the Mandarin skills you want, at your pace, on your schedule. You may take our course through the internet, CD-ROM, or with our professional teachers. Yo...