7 Most Popular Jobs Abroad for Americans Post-2016 Election

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A few months later and the United States (and most of the world) is still reeling in shock from the unpredicted victory of President-Elect Donald Trump. Rather than wallowing in self-pity or standing by as hundreds of people protest in opposition or speak out to express their perspective, many disappointed citizens have started looking to move elsewhere—or have at least started seriously considering the idea of working abroad.

plane flying over the skies
American citizens, post 2016-election, are looking to find paid jobs abroad.

GoAbroad.com, a leading travel website that connects individuals with numerous ways to live abroad for more long-term experiences than a vacation can afford, saw incredible spikes in traffic immediately following the release of the election results. 

So, according to our data, here are the most popular jobs abroad for Americans, from job type (like teaching) to destination (like Australia!).

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GoAbroad traffic data after the election of President Trump

Post-Election, many U.S. citizens are quickly looking at overseas jobs for Americans. In fact, the day after the election, GoAbroad.com reached it’s highest number of visitors to our site in a single day, EVER. We were, and still are, blown away! Check out some of these other impressive stats:

  • 96% increase in visitors from the U.S.
  • 69% increase in total visitors compared to an average Wednesday
  • An average of three people visiting GoAbroad.com EVERY MINUTE!

We know the recent events in the U.S. might have many of us still in shock, but there is good news! More and more people are seeing the value of going abroad. Whether the motivation is escapism or a spurred desire to better understand the lives of others, this data is a clear indication that, while some might argue that respect and kindness are on the backburner, travel is going nowhere.

passport with many stamps
All things considered, having a passport full of stamps isn’t a bad outcome.

7 most desired jobs abroad for Americans

We the people have spoken! Below are the major pages on GoAbroad that saw a huge jump in U.S. visitors this past week (AKA the most appealing destinations for Americans to find jobs abroad).

1. Teaching Jobs Overseas for Americans

Young girl studying with teacher
Not only can you get paid to teach English abroad, you can get rich doing it!

With a Trump presidency on the horizon, some of our visitors started heavily searching for international teaching jobs for Americans. You know what this means: truly understanding non-finite verb complements seems less scary than a potential cabinet full of climate-change deniers. Visitors to our Teach Abroad directory increased by almost 200 percent this week.

Most popular pages with teaching jobs for Americans:

2. Jobs for Americans in Mexico

Photo of Cholula, Mexico
A major perk of working abroad is getting the inside scoop on local attractions, like this one that shares a name with your favorite hot sauce – Cholula

If you don’t want to taco ‘bout the election anymore, Mexico is an attractive destination to find work abroad for Americans. Jobs in Mexico range from resort employment to tourism to conservation efforts. Our GoAbroad traffic report saw a nearly 600 percent increase in individuals considering jobs for Americans in Mexico – who’s protecting who from whom, anyway?

Most popular pages about jobs in Mexico:

3. Jobs for Americans in Costa Rica

Group of friends after swimming in the ocean
Instead of unwinding after a long work day with Netflix and wine, consider a dip off the Costa Rica coast.

Between the sun, the surf, and the jungle paradise (complete with toucans – you know, like the kind from your cereal box, but REAL), it’s no surprise that tico time is enticing to the concerned American. Jobs in Costa Rica for English speakers are easy to come by, and the 495 percent increase in traffic to our directory indicates you’re not alone in your interest!

Most popular pages about jobs in Costa Rica:

4. Nursing Jobs Abroad for Americans

Two old ladies wearing hijabs
The need for nurses internationally stretches far and wide, to all corners and all peoples.

We don’t blame some nurses for wanting to hightail it abroad instead of living in a country where only Bob Kelso would be respected for his ability to save lives. With the Affordable Care Act potentially out the window, nursing jobs could become much more difficult and nurses know it – searches for nursing jobs abroad jumped over 400 percent among our American visitors.

Most popular pages related to nursing jobs abroad:

5. Jobs for Americans in England

Girl drinking tea while doing work on a laptop
Consider becoming a digital nomad or a freelancer abroad – the WIFI connections are strong in England!

Jolly ol’ England is calling—to the tune of a more than 350 percent jump in traffic from U.S. citizens looking for jobs in the United Kingdom. If you’re wondering how to work abroad in England, just know that it takes more than the ability to stomach strong tea and or feign a passable British accent. Jobs in England range from becoming an au pair and pulling lagers at the pub to more professional gigs like engineering jobs.

Most popular pages about jobs in England:

6. Jobs for Americans in Ireland

Apiarist hard at work.
Think of your move abroad an opportunity to explore new career paths or short-term interests, like beekeeping!

Don’t feel sheepish about leaving the country to find work abroad for Americans in Ireland! Once you clock out for the day, you can find your own Buttercup (or Westley) to explore this beautiful, verdant slice-of-north-Atlantic-paradise with. Whether you tap into the buzzing tech scene or kick it old school on a farm, spending the next four years on the Emerald Isle isn’t a bad gig—and the increase in visitors by over 400 percent illustrates that your fellow countrymen agree.

Most popular pages about working in Ireland:

7. Jobs for Americans in Canada

Older woman whispering to young girl
Opportunities abound to work with children internationally; consider employment in a Canadian school, daycare, or as an au pair!

The Great White North is a long-time tempting relocation option for distressed U.S. citizens on both ends of the political scheme. With free-flowing maple syrup and an attractive Prime Minister – not to mention a variety of well-paying jobs for Americans—even Ron Swanson might consider moving here during the Trump presidency. Did we mention the bump in visitors to our jobs in Canada page was just shy of 1000 percent?

Most popular pages related to jobs in Canada:

8. Jobs for Americans in Australia

Sydney, Australia lit up at night
If you’ve always dreamed of working in a big city, now’s your chance!

Pack your khaki for a koala-ty work experience in the Land Down Under. Whether you have your sights set on the Red Center or the city-spotted eastern seaboard, jobs for Americans in Australia are easy to find (especially if you’re under 30). Hop to it though—550 percent more folks than usual are looking for jobs in the wonderful land of Oz, too!

Most popular pages about jobs in Australia:

America: Are you ready to work abroad?

If the decision to live abroad and work full-time feels daunting (or a little scary), picture your first morning in one of these top countries to work abroad. You’re a little dazed, maybe even a little jet lagged. But, your giant smile is unlike one you’ve ever had before. You’re ready to face the challenges ahead, rock the life of an expat, and – most importantly – get to work on campaigning for your next ideal candidate.

For those readers truly considering relocating, here’s to 2020 and to you getting some international work experience under your belt!

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