20 Reasons to Find New Zealand Internships Before 2020

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New Zealand is THE perfect place for you to consider doing an internship this year. With a first class education system paired with an amazing culture, beautiful diverse landscapes, and awesome people, it is safe to say that anybody who decides to intern in New Zealand will have the time of their lives!

girl on rental van in new zealand
Wahoo! It's high-time you find internships in New Zealand

Need more convincing? Beyond setting yourself for some serious long-term career success and having tangible proof of some of the most desirable qualities amongst new hires in the modern workplace, here are 20 reasons why you should consider an internship in New Zealand in 2018-2019 (or at least before 2020!).

1. Friendliest Country on Earth

New Zealand is ranked among the world's friendliest countries. Not surprisingly since the Kiwi culture is based on friendships and trust. Kiwi’s are also known to be very accepting of all cultures. From a friendly wave or a hello in the street to the generous helping of smiles you will receive, you can be sure to like all Kiwis you meet during your internship in New Zealand.

2. Excellent Work Ethic & Reputation

New Zealand has an excellent work ethic and all round reputation. With a “can do” attitude, Kiwis have achieved much by way of innovation. New Zealand has a strong and vibrant economy, known for its vital and innovative businesses that are role models for organisations worldwide. As an export nation, New Zealand is home to some of the finest quality products in the world and prides itself in dairy, wine, tourism, and wool exports. In fact, as a population, New Zealanders are outnumbered 10/1 by sheep! The nation’s exports have created billion dollar industries on a national scale, ensuring a strong economy throughout the country. 

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With the chance of joining big companies, internships in New Zealand are perfect for commerce, law, and arts majors. Setting up base in any of New Zealand’s cities will ensure you get the experience needed to complete any internship requirements and ensure a strong resume for your future career endeavours.

3. One of the Most Beautiful Countries in the World

New Zealand has been ranked among the most beautiful countries in the world by many publications. From rugged west coast beaches to amazing alpine regions and everything in between, New Zealand has a lot to offer international interns. Simply look at some of the movies which have been made there, including The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and the Chronicles of Narnia, to enjoy the beauty of New Zealan’s different regions.

If it's good enough for Hobbits, it's good enough for me!

4. One of the Safest Countries in the World

The 2015 Global Peace Index, which compares 162 countries for the risk of personal violence, rates New Zealand as the world's fourth safest country, with Iceland, Denmark and Austria coming in the top three. Feeling safe in a host country is important when interning abroad, and you can be sure New Zealand will offer you this (and much, much more). Interns will be able to feel comfortable walking the streets alone at night and incidents of petty crimes are very rare.

5. Experience a Multicultural Society

Meet new people from all over the world, grow your international network, and expand your horizons, but most importantly, make lifelong friends. 

New Zealand has a dynamic multicultural society. Kiwis are friendly and pleasant, and will openly invite you into a warm and welcoming environment. International interns are highly respected in New Zealand, so you will no doubt feel very welcome throughout your internship placement. Additionally, your internship in New Zealand will help you mature and grow in your self confidence, both in and out of the workplace, as you are exposed the complex cultural characteristics.

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Make sure you take time to get out of your comfort zone and explore New Zealand’s multicultural food and diverse locations. With a high population of Indians and Asians, New Zealand has amazing cuisines to experience, especially throughout the city of Auckland. There will be a huge variety of festivals, markets, and restaurants to enjoy at your leisure if you choose to intern in Auckland, such as Diwali and Matariki, to name a few.

6. English Speakers

Even though New Zealand is a multicultural society, English is the main language spoken, so don’t worry about not being able to understand what is expected of you in your placement. However, it may take some time to adjust the accent and local lingo.

Learn about the indigenous Maori culture during New Zealand internships!

7. Adventure Capital of the World

New Zealand is known as the adventure capital of the world as it is an adrenaline junkie's paradise. There are not many activities you can’t do in New Zealand; whether you are thrill seeking, wanting to explore, or simply keen to relax, New Zealand offers everything.

Bungy jumping is arguably the most extreme activity available, and one that was actually developed in New Zealand. Tied to a big rubber cord, you can jump off a structure anywhere from 50 to 100 meters high and plunge down toward the ground or water before being recoiled back again to safety. Alternatively, for an adrenaline rush you can jump out of a plane at 15,000 feet before hurtling to the ground at 90 miles per hour. For a more laid back lifestyle, New Zealand offers many vineyards that you can visit or you can simply pop to one of the many gorgeous beaches. Lastly, you could organise a trip to go tramping (yes tramping, Kiwi lingo for hiking) through some beautiful tracks to explore the unique Kiwi flora and fauna. Speaking of...

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8. Beautiful Sceneries & Wildlife

While interning in New Zealand, you must take time to explore the beautiful scenery. You can’t miss the opportunity to play in New Zealand’s scenic backyard. The biggest city in the country, Auckland, is home to approximately 1.5 million people, sprawled across a narrow isthmus of land with three different harbours. Auckland is where most of New Zealand’s economy is based, as are the majority of interns. With 50 extinct volcanoes in Auckland alone, this city lays testament to the amazing forces of nature that have carved out the incredible scenery throughout New Zealand. With world class beaches in the north and spectacular mountainous regions in the south, Auckland leaves interns with plenty of chance to explore remarkable landscapes.

Wildlife in New Zealand is completely different to many other places. For example, as New Zealand has been an island nation separated from the rest of the world for many millions of years, evolution has led some birds to become flightless. With an overall lack of predators, birds in New Zealand have eventually found no use for flying. Since their food source remains on the ground, they’ll loss the need to use their wings overtime.

girl posing with backdrop in new zealand
Your free time is about to get a whole lot more epic

Interning in New Zealand will teach you more about wildlife than flightless birds though. As an island nation surrounded by ocean waters, New Zealand is home to many sea creatures both big and small. Dolphins and seals can be seen on a daily basis, whether through organized tours or just swimming around the coastline. Humpback, Sperm, and Killer Orca Whales can also be seen regularly in New Zealand, sometimes even from the land!

9. Rugby Nation

Rugby is New Zealand’s national sport. While interning in New Zealand you’ll surely learn the rules and get out and play alongside Kiwis no matter where you are placed. If you don’t know what rugby is, you’ll soon find out that it is a fun-filled sport involving an oval shaped ball that is run from one end of the field to the other in order to score tries (similar to touchdowns).

At an international level, the All Blacks are the top team in New Zealand and three time World Cup champions, including the most recent World Cup. In Auckland, Eden Park is the All Blacks fortress; all interns are highly recommended to get out and watch a game if interning in Auckland.

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10. Quality Education

New Zealand has an international reputation as a provider of quality education. With eight state funded universities, there are many options for a variety of career paths. With many being internationally accredited, it allows interns to have numerous study abroad options within their reach on top of internship placements. Not to mention, if interns decide to take on a full degree program in New Zealand, they’ll have global recognition for their degree.

kayaks in new zealand
Hope you packed your outdoor gear!

11. Safe Outdoor Adventures

With no snakes, crocodiles, or killer jellyfish you can be sure that trips into the wild areas of New Zealand will keep you safe from any nasties. Get ready for plenty of hiking, camping, and exploring!

12. Small Business Environment

New Zealand’s small business environment offers the perfect setting for learning. You won’t be just another number in a large corporation while interning in New Zealand; as an intern you will be treated as an employee, so you’ll be assigned meaningful tasks that make an actual difference to your host company.

New Zealand is a country of predominantly small businesses. In fact, over 95 percent of all firms have under 20 employees and about 85 percent employ five or less. This prevalence of smaller businesses is consistent across most industries and societal sectors. However, cities like Auckland and Wellington host large multinational companies too, if that’s what you are after.

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13. No Tipping Necessary

Tipping is not custom in New Zealand, so if you are going out for dinner, there is no reason to leave any tip at all! Tips either won’t be expected, or will be automatically added to your bill. This custom goes for taxi drivers too, although none of them will turn down a couple extra dollars, so if you offer it in thanks, they will welcome the extra income.

14. Enjoy a Comfortable Climate

The climate is temperate throughout most of New Zealand; although there are four distinct seasons, there are not extreme times of hot or cold like in most other countries. Average temperatures range from 10 degrees in the south to 16 in the north. With New Zealand’s hottest month in January, February brings summertime activities on the beach.

blue waters in new zealand
Not bad for a weekend trip, huh?

Any time of year is a pleasant time to explore New Zealand with its comfortable, mild climate. From the winterless north to the winter wonderland of Queenstown in the south, New Zealand offers a climate to please all tastes.

15. Experience Three Summers in a Row

As New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are opposite. When the north is accustomed to snow, cold temperatures, and dark dreary winter's nights, New Zealand is basking in the summer sun. When the winter blues have hit you at full speed, you can head to New Zealand and experience a Christmas BBQ on the beach, and finally get that tan you have been wanting all winter long. If you really want to optimize your timing, you can plan your internship in New Zealand so you can enjoy three summers in a row, one at home, one in New Zealand, and one at home again.

16. Consider Short Term New Zealand Internships 

You don't need to fetch coffee and alphabetize files (*kidding*) for a year to maximize the amount of growth and learning you can have during an internship abroad. Consider short-term internships in New Zealand, anywhere from one to three months, and you will still reap the benefits of an impactful experience (and a killer resume). 

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17. A Familiar — Yet Still Foreign — Work Culture

Business casual dress, business casual inter-office relationships. Swapping stories by the water cooler, passing memes to your desk-mates, decorating your cubicle with photos of loved ones. Yes, you might even find women in power skirts and men in ties in some of the stiffer work environments around New Zealand (to be honest, a lot of companies tend to be more laid back). 

And while all of this might seem pretty familiar or "what you expected" when you took the leap to interning at a company, it wont be quite what you think.

After all, Kiwis have a culture all their own — and that extends into the work place. So, while you won't have to make the same cultural leaps for, as say China, during office hours, you will still navigate and understand nuance in work place culture. 

18. Top Notch Wine

No matter where you are on the globe, a little nightcap after a long day of work can do the body (and the soul... and the mind... and the heart) some good. You're going to love sipping on New World Sauvignon blanc from the Otago wine region, or your red preference du jour, while interning in New Zealand. 

If it's a particularly stressful work day, your boss will probably be the one to pour it.

Winery at sunset
Wine not?

19. Summer Internships Without the Sweat

With the seasons swapped, you can wave "So long!" to baby powder between your thighs or the dreaded sports coat. Summer internships in New Zealand are incredibly popular, and do you the favor of extending pumpkin spice latte season by a couple of months. The climate in New Zealand between June-August ranges from 50-60 degrees — not bad for winter! 

Good news for ski bunnies — there's tons of fresh pow on the South Island.

20. Gain Real Work Experience

During your internship in New Zealand you’ll get to know what you really like and what you don’t. In an ever increasing, competitive marketplace, it is harder and harder to separate yourself from the rest, so get something on your CV that makes you truly stand out! An internship in New Zealand will help you get motivated and develop new skills and passions before you need to go and showcase your assets to future employers. It will also help you develop your cross-cultural and professional communication skills through business interactions with managers, co-workers, fellow interns, and clientele.

Next steps to finding internships in New Zealand

It can be hella stressful to figure out where you want to intern abroad in New Zealand. The sweet spot satisfies the trifecta: in a cool place, in the field of work you love, and for the availability you've got. Instead of throwing in the towel and interning again at your uncle's closet company, have faith! Your perfect internship is out there, and we at GoAbroad want to help you find it. Internship hack: follow these steps.

  1. Make a MyGoAbroad profile — trust us, this'll make the process a whole lot smoother
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  3. Filter your heart out! Narrow your results based on where you want to be & what you want to do
  4. Bookmark the programs that catch your eye and send out inquiries/requests for info to each one
  5. Stack 'em against each other from your MyGoAbroad dashboard to see which checks off ALL your boxes
  6. Pack your bags (leave space for souvenirs and Tim Tams) then board that trans-Pacific flight & go!

New Zealand internships are up for grabs!

Whether you are completing an internship in New Zealand for your university degree or just gaining practical experience in your field of interest, you will be able to use your internship experience to truly sharpen your professional identity. 

One thing is for certain, if you decide to do your internship in New Zealand in 2016, you can be sure that you will have an unforgettable experience whilst receiving great insight into how business is operated down under.

Take the leap and find an internship in New Zealand

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