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A Guide to Degrees Abroad in New Zealand

Too often brushed over as a smaller neighbor of the Australian continent, New Zealand is an incredibly beautiful country with a distinct culture of its own. One of the last countries on earth to be settled by humans, New Zealand offers adventure-loving international students a diverse and sparsely populated landscape to explore in complement to their studies. Whatever your academic interests are, earning your degree abroad in New Zealand will prove to be the journey of a lifetime!


New Zealand encompasses a long, narrow island chain in the southwestern Pacific which is constituted primarily by the north island (Te Ika a-Maui) and south island (Te Waipounamu). There are only around 4.5 million people living in New Zealand, and because it was for so long uninhabited by humans the country has managed to maintain a unique biodiversity of plant and animal life.

As you would expect, most cities where you can earn your degree abroad in New Zealand are fairly small. Auckland is the country’s largest city by a significant margin, home to roughly one-third of the country’s population. The University of Auckland – the country’s most highly touted academic institution – is rooted in this highly modern metropolis. Auckland is also considered to be the third most livable city in the whole world.

Apart from Auckland, other major cities where you can earn your degree abroad in New Zealand include Hamilton, Christchurch, and the capital city of Wellington. All of these destinations are much smaller, but can offer a very enriching environment to earn your degree abroad in New Zealand nonetheless. There are a large diversity of degree programs in New Zealand located all across the country, so take your time researching as many options as possible!

Academics & Degrees

While highly regarded on the global stage, New Zealand’s higher education system is also very small – there are only eight national universities, all of which are internationally ranked. Among these the most highly rated are the University of Auckland, University of Otago, University of Canterbury, and Victoria University of Wellington. There are also a bevy of other specialist schools and smaller private schools where you can earn your degree in New Zealand too.

Degree abroad program providers can help you gain entrance to local universities in New Zealand both at the graduate and undergraduate level. Among some of the most popular degrees abroad in New Zealand that international students tend to pursue are Business, Hospitality, Environmental Science, and Communications. If you enroll in a full degree program at a local university, you will get choice from the entire course catalogue of tackling any degree abroad in New Zealand you wish!

Since the seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere, New Zealand’s semester system is different than that of most other countries in the world. The academic year usually runs from March through November, with summer break landing during the holiday season. If this throws off your academic calendar, why not use the additional time to travel as much of the region as possible?

Scholarships & Costs

New Zealand is a moderately expensive country to live in, though significantly less so than neighboring Australia. Tuition fees vary based on what college you attend and the degree abroad in New Zealand that you are pursuing. For information about what financial aid opportunities are available in New Zealand, check out our Scholarship Directory.

Accommodation & Visas

Most students earning a degree abroad in New Zealand choose to live in dormitories, at least at the outset of their program. The option always exists to move off campus and find an apartment with roommates later on, but dormitories are a great way to immediately enter into student life and meet peers from all over the world. Homestays are also an option for some shorter programs.

You will need to apply for a student visa in order to earn your degree abroad in New Zealand as well. Generally this process requires producing proof of admittance into a local university, proof of sufficient funds, and other related documents. For more information regarding New Zealand’s visa policy towards your home nation, you can check out our Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Loving Nature. New Zealand is one of the most popular adventure travel destinations in the world because of its immense natural beauty. Whenever university life proves stressful, it’s almost too easy to get away and decompress for the weekend amidst this breathtaking landscape.

High Quality Education. New Zealand has one of the most highly regarded education systems in the world, consistently placing in the top 10 of science, reading, and mathematics in international rankings. The culture of academic excellence extends well into its university system.

Global Connections - Earning your degree abroad in New Zealand is a great opportunity to network and set yourself up for future success in the global arena. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a job and become a Kiwi yourself!

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A Guide To
Degrees Abroad in New Zealand


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