6 Ways an Internship in New Zealand Will Benefit Your Career

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From snowboarding to sunbathing and everything in between, New Zealand is one of the most diverse countries in the world. With the some of the highest standards of living and some of the most beautiful scenery, it is not surprising that New Zealander’s have been rated the eighth happiest population in the world! If you want to work hard and play hard, then an internship in New Zealand might just be the thing for you. Aside from the benefits of the country itself, an internship can be hugely beneficial for your future career.

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If you are still unconvinced, here are six reasons why an internship in New Zealand is a great professional move:


Probably the most prominent purpose of an internship is to gain experience. The age-old question of, “How do I get experience if no-one is willing to hire me?” has one very simple answer: an internship! An internship in New Zealand will allow you not only to get your foot in the door of the professional world, but also diversifies your skill set from being just academic to professional as well. Only first-hand industry experience can truly refine your teamwork and organizational skills, as well as provide evidence not only that you have initiative and are responsible and reliable, but also that the skills you have acquired throughout your education can be translated into a working environment.

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Choosing the right career path can be a great challenge and come with tremendous pressure. One of the benefits of an internship in New Zealand is that it will allow you to have insight into the field you are interested in, without necessarily making any long term commitments. Also, since internships abroad are specifically directed at providing you with experience, they often cover the basics in many areas, allowing you to explore options within your field.

By completing an internship before entering the professional world, you are able to get a taste for the kind of things that will be asked of you and, therefore, give yourself the best chance at making the right career decisions in the future. Are there any benefits of internships abroad that could top that?!

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Doing an internship in New Zealand is the perfect way to combine work and travel! Not only will you be living in a brand new city, but moving to a new country is the best opportunity for exploration. New Zealand is ranked in the top five countries in the world in terms of quality of life, which is unsurprising considering in such a small space, it has everything from beautiful beaches and islands to mountains and glaciers to volcanoes and valleys. Even if traveling isn’t your kind of thing and you prefer just to stay in one place, what better country to do so than one where its people are renowned for their radiating positivity?

No matter where you decide to live or travel, there is no way you can leave an internship in New Zealand dissatisfied.


Everyone knows the phrase “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” A large part of career development comes from having good connections within your area – and what better place to have them than New Zealand! Doing an internship in New Zealand will introduce you to many other professionals in your field, not only for references but also potential career gains; one single contact may be the difference between a good job and your dream job!

Similarly, networking alone is a good skill to practice. All future jobs will involve some aspect of networking, so refining this skill abroad will give you an advantage over other candidates.

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With a degree, you are already in the top 6.7% of the population. However if you were applying for a job and it comes down to you and one other candidate, both with the same degree and qualifications, having an internship in New Zealand on your CV will definitely give you the edge. Being able to demonstrate professional work experience will give you a whole other level which many students do not have. So, having an internship on your CV will increase your desirability to potential employers and possibly raise your chances of employment.


It goes without saying that starting a new internship is daunting, let alone combining that with moving to a new country. Being able to do both would speak volumes about your personality and demonstrate what a confident individual you are. The ability to successfully integrate yourself into a new culture demonstrates your ability to be friendly and open minded, and also shows that you have high adaptability (another desirable quality for future employers).

Clearly, there are many career benefits of doing an internship, but also reasons why New Zealand is one of the best places to intern abroad. With New Zealand’s endless opportunities for both professional and life experience, what better place to broaden your horizons?

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