University of Tartu

Ulikooli 18 ,Tartu, , 50090 Estonia

About University of Tartu

Year Founded: 1632

The University of Tartu is Estonia's leading center for research and training. Founded in 1632, the university is the biggest, oldest, and most prestigious educational institution in Estonia and ranks among the top three percent of the world's best. It is located in the modern and dynamic Estonia which is the most successful post-Soviet country, homeland of innovative technologies such e-government and Skype with free Wi-Fi covering the whole country. Most of UT is located in Tartu, the second biggest town in Estonia, however its colleges are also located in Pärnu, Viljandi, and Narva.

Discover Programs

Robotics and Computer Engineering - Master of Science

Estonia : Tartu

The University of Tartu in Estonia offers a two-year master's program that trains highly qualified roboticists, computer engineers, and space engineers. The Robotics and

Computer Science - Master of Science

Estonia : Tartu

The International Master’s Programme in Computer Science prepares students for becoming leading specialists in public and private organisations and for further studies

Information Technology Law - Master of Arts

Estonia : Tartu

The IT Law Programme offers a 1-year MA in IT Law at the University of Tartu, Estonia. Designed for lawyers interested in pursuing careers in the field of information

Excellence in Analytical Chemistry - EACH

Estonia : Tartu

This international Erasmus Mundus two-year joint master degree programme, EACH – Excellence in Analytical CHemistry, educates specialists in analytical chemistry well qualified...

Democracy and Governance - Master of Arts

Estonia : Tartu

Is democracy conquering the world as the single most accepted model for political and social development? Or, on the contrary, is democracy being overwhelmed by globalization,...

International Relations and Regional Studies - MA

Estonia : Tartu

The IRRS MA programme at the University of Tartu combines comprehensive study of international relations as an academic discipline and political practice with in-depth understanding...

Quantitative Economics - Master of Arts in Social Sciences

Estonia : Tartu

Quantitative Economics is a 2-year Master’s programme entirely taught in English language and absolutely free of charge. It prepares students in contemporary economic...

Philosophy - Master of Arts in Humanities

Estonia : Tartu

Philosophy is a unique 2-year Master’s programme entirely taught in English language! It aims to provide students with skills and knowledge of the research methods


Estonia : Tartu

6-year programme in Medicine is conducted entirely in English language and is designed to teach students the core competencies that are required in order to become highly...

Sound Engineering Arts - MA

Estonia : Viljandi

• 2-year Master’s programme providing students with know-how in the field of sound engineering at an internationally recognized level.Sound engineering stands for the...

Business Administration - Bachelor of Arts in Social Science

Estonia : Tartu

* 3-year English taught Bachelor's programme preparing students for successful entry to international or local labor market and further studies in business and economics; *...

Wellness and Spa Services Design and Management

Estonia : Parnu

Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management is a unique 2-year Master’s programme that aims to provide students with the necessary theoretical knowledge, professional...

Semiotics - Master of Arts in Humanities

Estonia : Tartu

The 2-year Master's programme in Semiotics provides interdisciplinary background and gives a theoretical base for application of semiotic ideas to a wide variety of disciplines...

Software Engineering - Master of Science

Estonia : Tallinn, Tartu

Software Engineering is a 2-year Master’s programme, which is taught entirely in English language and is absolutely free of charge! It aims at providing students with advanced...

European Union-Russia Studies - MA in Social Sciences

Estonia : Tartu

- Unique multidisciplinary 2-year Master’s programme: combines international relations, political science, economics, law, history and cultural studies of the European

Applied Measurement Science - Master of Science in Engineering

Estonia : Tartu

Applied Measurement Science is 2 year English taught Master’s programme providing thorough knowledge and skills in the areas of laboratory and technological measurements,...

Financial Mathematics - Master of Science

Estonia : Tartu

Financial Mathematics is a 1-year Master's programme that prepares specialists for financial sector, banking and insurance industries in quantitative methods of risk assessment...

Baltic Sea Region Studies-Master of Arts in Social Sciences

Estonia : Tartu

Baltic Sea Region Studies is a 2-year English taught Master's programme that provides an opportunity to obtain an interdisciplinary Master's degree in Baltic Sea Region issues...