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Since the 1950s, The University of Kansas has promoted international exchange as a vital link in education. A national leader in providing low-cost, high-quality study abroad programs, the University of Kansas offers semester, academic year, summer, winter break and spring break programs in over 70 countries throughout the world. These vary in structure from exchanges and individually arranged programs to group programs led by KU faculty members.

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Law in Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey : Istanbul

The Istanbul Study Abroad Program is co-sponsored by the South Texas College of Law and the William Mitchell College of Law, and is conducted in cooperation with the University...

Music Therapy in Thailand

Thailand : Bangkok

The purpose of this program is to provide students immersion into another culture and examine various approaches and current trends in the field of music therapy from both...

Social Welfare, Culture, Language, and Religions in Korea

South Korea : Chuncheon

This program provides students an overview of Korea's rich culture, history, language, religious diversity, and contemporary social welfare and social services. Students

Language and Culture in Nicaragua

Nicaragua : Rural Areas

Our summer study abroad program on Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast is FLAS-approved and offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to obtain credit in Latin American...

Education Major: A Cross-Cultural Experience in Carpi, Italy

Italy : Capri

The program is field-based in classrooms during the mornings with individual and small-group assignments and projects for the participants to guide and facilitate. There

Language Institute in Holzkirchen, Germany

Germany : Holzkirchen

Develop your German Language with the Language Institute In Holzkirchen, Germany Program. Located about 20 miles south of Munich, Holzkirchen is a wonderful city to become...

Language and Culture in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina : Buenos Aires

In this program, our aim is for you obtain university credit in Spanish courses, improve language skills, and experience Argentinean culture firsthand by living with families...

Theatre in Greece

Greece : Katohi, Rural Areas

The program will offer participants an opportunity to learn the Greek culture and language in its native environment, right in the midst of the township of Katohi, a rural...

International Social Work: A Costa Rican Perspective

Costa Rica : San Jose

This 12-day program offers students the opportunity to gain an international perspective on social work through lectures, field trips to social service agencies, and presentations...

International Marketing and Media Communications in Argentina

Argentina : Buenos Aires

International Media/Marketing Communications in Argentina is a hands-on, culture-based examination of media outlets and marketing communications in Argentina, primarily based...

Marine Biology in Bonaire

The Caribbean : Rural Areas

During Winter Break 2012, a group of students will participate in a field trip to Bonaire, a tropical semi-desert island in the Netherlands Antilles off the northern coast...

Environmental Studies of Europe in Freiburg, Germany

Germany : Freiburg

The Environmental Studies of Europe summer program is designed to provide students with first-hand exposure to the environmental issues facing Europe, with a focus on the...

Art and Photography in Europe

-Multi-Country Locations : Germany, Italy

Design and Photography in Europe participants will gain an insight into contemporary art, design and architecture through the study of the culture and history of each program...

Costa Rica: Semester and Year Programs

Costa Rica : San Jose

The University of Kansas (KU) program in San Jose, Costa Rica offers students the opportunity to directly enroll in classes at the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) while providing...

Arabic Studies in Ifrane, Morocco

Morocco : Ifrane

From the Sahara desert oasis of Marrakesh to the teeming metropolis of Casablanca and the elegant royal cities of Rabat and Fez, Morocco has long been a major political,

Law in Limerick, Ireland

Ireland : Limerick

The Limerick Study Abroad Program is co-sponsored by the University of Nebraska College of Law. Open to all students who have completed the first-year curriculum at an

Ukrainian Language and Area Studies in L'viv

Ukraine : Lviv

The proud and beautiful medieval city of Lviv has been the Western Ukrainian capital of culture for three centuries. Founded in 1256 by Danylo Halytskiy, this city of 850,000...

German Language and Culture, Holzkirchen

Germany : Holzkirchen

Holzkirchen (pop. 15,000) is located in the pre-Alpine plain about 20 miles south of Munich. Commuter trains provide rapid transportation throughout the metropolitan area...

German Language and Culture, Eutin

Germany : Eutin

For over forty years students have studied German language, literature, and culture at the Summer Language Institute in Eutin while living with German families. Situated

Cambridge Pre- Law Institute

England : Cambridge

The University of Kansas History and Law faculty collaborate to bring you an enriching and insightful program focusing on the culture, history and politics of the English...

British Summer Institute in the Humanities

England : London, York

British Summer Institute The KU British Summer Institute in the Humanities provides a wonderful opportunity for its participants to combine study and travel in the context...

French Language and Culture in Paris

France : Paris

The Summer Language Institute in Paris provides an excellent opportunity for intermediate or advanced students of French to live and study in Paris, the vibrant capital of...

Italian Language and Culture in Florence

Italy : Florence

The Italian Summer Language Institute will be offered in Florence, Italy, for students who wish to study the Italian language at any level, from beginning to advanced. Students...

Health Care and Social Policies in Sweden

Sweden : Stockholm

Sweden's system of comprehensive and publicly-funded health care and social services, available to all residents, ranks among the most successful in the world. Sweden leads...

Language Institute in Zadar, Croatia

Croatia : Zadar

The University of Kansas Department of Slavic Languages and Literature and the Office of Study Abroad offer students the opportunity to spend the summer in Zadar, Croatia,...

Language, Literature, and Culture in Barcelona

Spain : Barcelona

The Summer Institute in Spain is designed for students with intermediate and advanced levels of Spanish proficiency. Courses are taught by University of Kansas faculty and...

The University of Kansas

United States : Kansas

The University of Kansas offers semester, academic year, summer, winter break and spring break programs in over 60 countries throughout the world. These vary in structure...

Business China - The China Connection: Strategies for Entry

China : Beijing, Shanghai

Located in Beijing and Shanghai, China, the University of Kansas School of Business Summer China program gives students that are in the MBA and MAcc programs a chance to

Social Welfare in Ireland

Ireland : Cork, Dublin and 1 other city , Galway Show less

Learn the cultural, economic and system perspectives of the Irish social welfare system through this Social Welfare program in Ireland. Participants will study and focus

Field Biology in Amazonian Peru

Peru : Lima

This program focuses on providing upper-level undergraduate and graduate students with an intensive introduction to tropical biology and field research, with a focus on insect...

Cuban Immersion Experience

Cuba : Havana

This study abroad program is for undergraduate and graduate Foreign Language Education students, undergraduate and graduate Spanish students, and other students interested...