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UGA Costa Rica Campus Study Abroad

Costa Rica : Monteverde

UGA Costa Rica offers 19 study abroad programs in many disciplines, including interdisciplinary spring and fall semester programs with a minimum of 12 hours and a maximum...

Spring Semester in Costa Rica

Costa Rica : Monteverde, San Jose

The Spring Semester program offers students a chance to fulfill up to 18 credit hours of their core curriculum requirements while studying in Costa Rica for a semester. The...

Art and Culture in Latin America Maymester!

Costa Rica : Monteverde, San Jose

Students will experience and reflect upon the nature and culture of Costa Rica through study, direct observation and interaction with its people, natural and built environment,...

GORP Outdoor Adventure Maymester!

Costa Rica : Manuel Antonio, Monteverde and 2 other cities , Puntarenas, San Jose Show less

Nowhere in the world is it easier to be "at one with nature" than in Costa Rica. Exploring the misty cloud forests, volcanic mountain ranges and tropical rain forests will...

Latin American Literature and Creative Writing Maymester!

Costa Rica : Monteverde, San Jose

This unique program will focus on selected topics in Latin American Literature, emphasizing fantasy and magical realism in the Latin American narrative of the 20th Century....

Tropical Ecology Maymester!

Costa Rica : Monteverde, San Jose

The Costa Rica Ecology Program is an interdisciplinary tropical field course involving study of tropical environments, their natural history and their people. The approach...

International Perspectives on Interracial Communication

Costa Rica : Monteverde, San Jose

During this program, students will explore multiple regions of Costa Rica on group excursions. Activities included on the excursions are an integral part of course material...

Insect and Bird Natural History

Costa Rica : Monteverde, San Jose

The intention of this course is for students to obtain a meaningful experience relevant to their program of study in such a way as to enhance their global awareness of environmental...

Conservation Medicine and Conservation Biology

Costa Rica : Alajuela, Guanacaste and 2 other cities , Monteverde, San Jose Show less

Conservation medicine is an emerging field that is concerned with the interface between human health, animal health (both wild and domestic) and ecosystem health. It is a...

Summer International Studies

Costa Rica : Monteverde, San Jose

The International Studies program is ideal for students interested in Latin America and studying international affairs, international business, social aspects of international...

Language and Culture Service Learning

Costa Rica : Monteverde

This program offers undergraduates, graduates, and in-service teachers the opportunity to gain professional experience in an educational setting in Central America. Students...

Nature and Environmental Design

Costa Rica : Monteverde

This program combines travel and design exploration in Costa Rica through the eyes of a landscape architect. The focus of the course is on environmental design and landscape...

Tropical Ecology Fall Semester

Costa Rica : Monteverde, San Jose

This is an amazing program, with many of the top faculty from UGA's School of Ecology teaching. The program is geared toward being out in the field and learning by hands-on...

Franklin Residential College Spring Break

Costa Rica : Monteverde

Our 6th Franklin Residential College seminar on the culture and ecology of Costa Rica counts for 3 credits from the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute (LACSI)....

College of Environment and Design Fall Semester - Landscape Architecture

Costa Rica : Monteverde, San Jose

The Fall Landscape Architecture Program in Costa Rica is designed to provide a hands-on, field studio experience where participants will engage design opportunities at the...

Comparative Biodiversity & Conservation Law

Costa Rica : Guanacaste, Monteverde and 1 other city , San Jose Show less

The uniqueness and size of Costa Rica's biodiversity and natural resources, plus the conservation and biodiversity protections instituted by the Costa Rican government in...


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