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About Travellers Worldwide

Year Founded: 1995

Travellers Worldwide is a leading international provider of Voluntary Placements and Work Experience Internships overseas.
We help you find an experience of a lifetime that is both fulfilling and rewarding. You'll build skills, make lifelong friends and contribute to less fortunate communities. Choose from over 250 voluntary placements in Conservation, Teaching or Care, Work Experience Internships and Study Abroad Courses in 20 different countries.

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Animal Care Program in a Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Australia : Perth

Volunteer with us and join varied and fascinating Wildlife Rehabilitation Project that helps all types of animals throughout the whole of Perth. You'll work at the Rehabilitation...

Monkey and Primate Rescue and Rehabilitation in Argentina

Argentina : Cordoba

Amazing opportunity to rehabilitate and release injured and abandoned Howler Monkeys back into the wild! You'll work in a Rehabilitation Centre run by a local NGO that...

Care for Rescued Wild Horses in Florida, Near Orlando

United States : Orlando

This is a project with a HUGE heart. The Centre was founded over 12 years ago to address the fate of mustangs that are taken from the wild. After these mustangs are captured,...

Care for Children in Creches in Stunning Rio de Janeiro

Brazil : Rio de Janeiro

Work with 1-5 year olds in Rio creches, who could really use your time, energy and affection. A very deserving placement! These children are from wonderful spirit and are...

Conservation: Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release

Ecuador : Puyo

Help this Quechua family-run Centre to rescue, rehabilitate and, where possible, release wild animals in the fight again trafficking, abuse and hunting of wild species. You'll...

Law Internship in 'Corporate Law' in Argentina

Argentina : Buenos Aires

You'll intern at a Law practice based in Buenos Aires that specialises in all areas relating to Corporation Business and Law. This internship will enable you to get involved...

Sports Internship in a High School in Perth

Australia : Perth

Intern in the Sports Department of mainstream High Schools in Perth, working with the Head of Department and the PE Teachers. You'll combine coaching with sports administration,...

Teach Disadvantaged Children in Errachidia, Morocco

Morocco : Errachidia

Imagine teaching children in a stunning country like Morocco, with it's Arabic culture that is totally different to what you're used to - you'll help the children and they'll...

Galapagos Conservation, Reforestation & Community

Ecuador : Galapagos Islands

ABOUT THE PROJECT: The project is run by Giovanni, who, although native to the island, spent many years in the States and married an American lady. With a PhD in Biology,...

Fantastic Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation Project in KwaZulu-Natal

South Africa : KwaZulu-Natal

Help to care for, rehabilitate and release injured and abandoned Vervet Monkeys back into the wild to live a free and natural life. You'll work with a Non-Profit Organisation...

Teach Deserving Children near Angkor Wat in Siem Reap

Cambodia : Siem Reap

Teach at an NGO school situated within walking distance of Cambodia's most exceptional national treasure, ANGKOR WAT! Angkor Wat is "one of the most beautiful and fascinating...

Social Work and Counseling Work Experience Internship

South Africa : Knynsa

A fantastic project focusing on providing counseling services to any person in need of support due to emotional problems from various factors such as a traumatic experience. The...

Fantastic Spanish Courses in Beautiful Mendoza

Argentina : Mendoza

Study Spanish at this international language school in the foothills of the Andes! Mendoza and its surrounding countryside is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. This beautiful...

Marketing Work Experience in Beautiful Mendoza

Argentina : Mendoza

Help an international language school recruit new students on this professional marketing work experience internship placement! You'll work as part of a friendly local team...

Professional Law Work Experience Internship in Beautiful Mendoza

Argentina : Mendoza

Learn how a law firm in Argentina works. Be part of a friendly qualified staff and get involved in specific local cases. You'll work as part of a team and independently on...

Photography Courses in Stunning Buenos Aires

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Study photography in the delightful BUENOS AIRES with an experienced private tutor who will tailor your lessons to your individual needs. Classes include practical teaching,...

Superb Salsa Courses in Buenos Aires!

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Salsa music is a synthesis of European and African musical influences that was born in Cuba. The European part is the melodies and harmonies (from the Andalucia region of...

Spanish Language Courses in Fantastic Buenos Aires

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Watch your Spanish improve in leaps and bounds while you live locally and absorb the flavour of the country. You can study Spanish on a structured course at the University...

Fantastic Polo Sports Experience in Argentina.

Argentina : Buenos Aires

A unique opportunity to learn how to play Polo and work with polo horses in an elite and exclusive Club located on a picturesque ranch just outside Buenos Aires. You'll work...

Fantastic Tango Courses in Beautiful Buenos Aires!

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Learn to Dance in Buenos Aires, the elegant capital city of Argentina and home of the flamboyant Tango! During your placement you will have lessons with a private tango teacher,...

Veterinary Medicine Work Experience Internship in Beautiful Buenos Aires

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Our Veterinary Internship is located in the heart of Buenos Aires and is perfect for a passionate animal lover looking to to gain experience working with all types of animals....

Excellent Radio Work Experience Internship in Argentina

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Excellent Radio Internships in Stunning Argentina. You'll gain excellent Radio Journalism experience on a programme that takes a political focus, with an analysis of financial...

Law Work Experience Internship in Argentina

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Latin America, the Andes, the Iguacu Falls ... Argentina is at once majestic and flamboyant! Gain excellent legal work experience in a law practice in Buenos Aires. The practice...

Coach a Wide Range of Sports in Beautiful Madurai, India

India : Madurai

Children in India are passionate about sport; everywhere you go you will see them on the streets playing games, sometimes with imaginative makeshift equipment! Although resources...

Rewarding Care for Children in a Creche in Knysna

South Africa : Knynsa

Help care for children at a creche in Knysna. On this project you will play a vital role in helping to prepare the children for primary school. Through fun activities and...

Coach Sports to Underprivileged Children in Knysna

South Africa : Knynsa

Coach football and other sports to local children in underprivileged schools. Double your experience by combining this sports project with teaching in the schools for an

Care for Children and Orphans in a Youth Care Centre in Knysna

South Africa : Knynsa

Help care for babies and children of all ages in the DB Care Centre. The children are from disadvantaged and broken homes, some are orphans and many have been abused or have...

Social Work and Care Project with Street Kids in Knysna

South Africa : Knynsa

Your work on this project combines many aspects that all help to provide a caring environment where guidance and assessment is offered to children living on the streets and...

PR Work Experience Internships in KwaZulu-Natal

South Africa : Kwa-Zulu Natal

This opportunity to gain Public Relations and Marketing work experience is truly unique because you'll work with an Animal Rehabilitation Centre ... so your PR assistance...

Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation and Care in Pietermaritzburg

South Africa : Pietermaritzburg

This unique project gives you the opportunity to work hands on with Vervet monkeys aged from a few hours until five months old! The project is based in a care centre it...

Care for Animals at a Wildlife Sanctuary in Beautiful Port Elizabeth

South Africa : Port Elizabeth

This project is a very caring sanctuary set in a small private game reserve in the Eastern Cape. It is a very popular and worthwhile placement where your work and help is...

Fantastic Project Teaching at a Deaf School in Cape Town

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

Help children with hearing difficulties. Work in a school in Cape Town that caters for partially and fully deaf children. You'll work with children from 3 to 13 years old,...

Walk with Lions: The Lion Rehabilitation and Release Project in Livingstone

Zambia : Livingstone

It is heartbreaking, but the number of lions in Africa is decreasing at an alarming rate. Current patterns indicate that within a very short time there will be no lions left...

Teach Deserving, Underprivileged Children in Livingstone

Zambia : Livingstone

Zambia encompasses everything magnificent about Africa - wildlife, birds, safaris, lakes, rivers, culture and adventure sports! Teaching takes place in Livingstone town,

Inspiring Meditation Courses in a Buddhist Retreat in Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka : Gampaha

Relax and be inspired at a Sri Lankan Buddhist meditation retreat. You can't visit Sri Lanka without absorbing the gentle philosophy of Buddhism, which is prevalent in...

Hands-on Law Work Experience Internships in the Resort of Negombo

Sri Lanka : Negombo

Participating in a Work Experience Internship is a unique way to observe experts in your field and learn how they work in SRI LANKA. You'll have the opportunity to attend...

Coach Soccer to Disadvantaged Children in Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka : Rural Areas

Coach soccer in Sri Lanka from 2 weeks to 6 months. Sri Lanka is an exotic island, famous for its 1,600 kilometres of unspoilt, golden beaches and diverse climate zones.

PR, Marketing and Events Work Experience in Beijing

China : Beijing

Work on the events & marketing team for a magazine on Chinese Culture. This fascinating and unusual work experience placement enables you to take a peek behind the scenes...

Mandarin Language Courses at Yantai University

China : Yantai

The best way to learn a language is to live, eat and breathe it.. Take part in a course at cosmopolitan Yantai University and learn Mandarin Chinese, the language spoken

Southern African Triangle - 3 projects, 3 destinations!

-Multi-Country Locations : Africa Region

3 COUNTRIES, 3 CENTRES, 6 WEEKS ... Three separate 2-week volunteering projects in three of our project locations. This compact Southern African Experience is designed...

Physiotherapy Internship in India

India : Madurai

A one if its kind internship opportunity to work closely with children of varying disabilities on our physiotherapy project in India. This is a great way to observe experts...

Fantastic Spanish Courses in Quito

Ecuador : Quito

Como se dice en Espanol??? There is no better way to learn a language than to live it, eat it, breathe it and speak it in a Spanish-speaking community!! Learn Spanish on

Care for Children at a Children's Hospital in Quito

Ecuador : Quito

Children from all over Ecuador end up in this public hospital with a range of short and long term medical conditions. You'll help to keep them cheerful and optimistic during...

Rewarding Street Kids Project in Beautiful Quito

Ecuador : Quito

You'll work with a recently formed NGO that was founded by two psychologists, who desperately want to help children, youth and adults living on the streets of Quito. The

Journalism Work Experience Internship in Accra, Ghana

Ghana : Accra

A unique opportunity to be part of a local newspaper in Ghana. For people who have a passion for journalism this is definitely the internship to give you great experience....

Fantastic Care Project with Elephants in Thailand!

Thailand : Surin

Volunteer and change the fate of elephants in Thailand! You'll work hands-on with elephants, giving them lots of care, and also be helping to improve the living conditions...

Cheetah and Predator Conservation in Northern South Africa

South Africa : Limpopo

Help conserve Cheetahs and other predators in their natural environment. You'll live on a Game Reserve in South Africa, in a fantastic bush camp where you get up close and...

Rewarding Care for Orphans Project in South India

India : Madurai

If you love taking care of small babies and youngster, then this project is perfect for you! Your volunteer work at the orphanage in the temple town of Madurai is very

Teach Disadvantaged Children in Beautiful Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador : Quito

Teach children in stunning Ecuador! The government school we work with has about 200 pupils aged from 5 to 14 years old. The children come from many different economic backgrounds...

Professional Law Internship in Perth

Australia : Perth

Intern with us and gain experience in how law is practised in Perth, Australia. If you have finished your Law degree and want to gain valuable work experience whilst learning...

Conservation Combination: Wildlife Projects in Two Centres!

Australia : Bunbury, Perth

Get the most out of your conservation experience by working in two different wildlife centres in two different locations in Western Australia: Perth and Bunbury. - Varied...

Enhance your Resume Journalism Work Experience Internship in Perth!

Australia : Perth

Gain worthwhile internship experience working in am ever changing, professional environment with a suburban newspaper in Perth, Western Australia. If you have just finished...

Fantastic Community Radio Work Experience Internship in Perth, Australia!

Australia : Perth

Gain worthwhile internship experience on a community radio station that broadcasts primarily to the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, with a focus on the Cities...

Contribute to World Conservation Projects

-Multi-Country Locations : Australia, Malaysia and 7 other locations , Mauritius, Peru, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Zambia, Zimbabwe Show less

Conservation projects are exciting, beneficial, fun, worthwhile.. and so much more! Help to rehabilitate abused or orphaned animals in sanctuaries, or assist in saving threatened...

Work Experience Internships Abroad with Travellers!

-Multi-Country Locations : -Multi-Country Locations, Argentina and 7 other locations , Australia, China, Ghana, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa Show less

In a competitive world of graduates lining up for the top jobs, spending 1-6 months working at a top institute in a developing country would make you stand out from the rest!...

Language and Cultural Courses - Something Different!

-Multi-Country Locations : Argentina, Australia and 9 other locations , Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, Sri Lanka Show less

These are our "Off The Wall" projects that focuses on language and culture - the out of ordinary, the different and the crazy! These projects are uncommon, exciting,

Maintenance/Handyman Project in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

South Africa : Kwa-Zulu Natal

If you have any maintenance / handyman / DIY skills, this volunteer project in South Africa would love to have you! You'll assist an Animal Rehabilitation Centre that desperately...

Whales, Dolphins and Other Marine Animals Research Project

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

Sharks, Whales, Penguins, Seals, Dolphins.. this is an extraordinary and exciting project in a beautiful location, surrounded by white beaches and blue ocean. And two hours...

Coach Sports Combined With Teaching in Schools in Perth

Australia : Perth

Volunteer/Intern to make a difference by helping refugee children in Perth. This is a unique sports project where you can coach a wide range of sports to refugee children...

Zululand Wildlife and Game Reserves Conservation Expedition

South Africa : Knysna, ZuluLand

The Zululand Professional Wildlife Conservation Expedition is completely unique, involving you in some of the most exciting, endangered and priority species conservation

Help Care for Disabled and Abused Children and Women in Malaysia

Malaysia : Kota Kinabalu

This volunteer project in Malaysia truly makes a difference in both the lives of the women and children who are at the center as well the volunteers who help out. If you

Unique Orang-Utan Projects in Malaysia.. Baby Orang-Utans!!

Malaysia : Sandakan

Volunteer in the flamboyance of Malaysia is breathtaking - this is a country where the sun shines, the sea is crystal clear and there are endless coconut, banana and palm...

Rewarding Chance to Care for Needy Animals at Malaysian Wildlife Park!

Malaysia : Rural

Volunteer/Intern to get up close and personal with Borneo's native wildlife and threatened species on this unique 4 week project. You'll work with a huge variety of animals...

Teach Design Technology to Students in South Africa

South Africa : Knynsa

Do you have an interest in design technology and the desire to share your knowledge and interest of this subject with others? Maybe you need to gain some practical experience...

Give Help and Hope at the Street Kids Project in South Africa!

South Africa : Knynsa, Rural Areas

"WE HAVE HOPE!" This volunteer project is based in a township on the outskirts of Knysna, in the Cape Province. Your participation in this project means that the children...

Unique Community Development and Conservation Project

Peru : Cusco, Rural Areas

BIENVENIDO! On this multi-activity volunteer project you'll benefit from the training components and actively assist in the environmental monitoring study at multiple locations...

Coach a Range of Sports Across Livingstone

Zambia : Livingstone

Volunteer with us and help 'Sports for all' in Livingstone and give children an opportunity to learn football, netball and basketball, rugby and cricket. You could help run...

Exciting Medical Internship in Poor Local Clinic in Livingstone

Zambia : Livingstone

Work in a small rural clinic and its attached orphanage where you'll gain first hand experience and give needed help to locals and hospital staff. Highly Rewarding! At...

Highly Rewarding and Challenging Work Teaching Orphans in Livingstone

Zambia : Livingstone

The school we work with also accommodates permanent male orphans. It is very poor and needs as much support from volunteers as possible. You may be asked to teach anything...

Amazing Hands-on Work with Lions in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe : Gweru, Victoria Falls

This is the only project in the world where you can take lions for a walk through a Game Reserve - a unique and unbelievable experience! You will assist in helping this...

Coach Cricket in Beautiful Buenos Aires and Boost Your Resume!


This is an amazing volunteer opportunity to coach cricket, and boost your resume and meet talented and eager children who want to learn the sport of cricket and show you

Play and Coach Tennis to Refugee Children in Auckland

New Zealand : Auckland

You'll coach juniors at a club, then train with and possibly play for one of the senior teams. You'll also coach sports to refugee children in a school - a diverse and very...

Play and Coach Rugby Refugee to Children in Auckland

New Zealand : Auckland

Coach, Train and Play Rugby Union at a club in Auckland and help out coaching sports to children from Maori and many diverse backgrounds in a school. New Zealand is one of...

Coach Gymnastics and Train Local Club and School in Auckland

New Zealand : Auckland

Volunteer/intern work with children of all ages and excellent coaches in top local club and volunteer your skills in local school with underprivileged children, some refugees. Gymnastics...

Coach and Play Baseball in Club and Local School in Auckland

New Zealand : Auckland

Volunteer/Intern in Aukland and have a chance to coach at the same time play baseball. This sport, not normally associated with New Zealand, is up and coming and attracting...

Coach Hockey in a Sports Club and Deprived Local Children

New Zealand : Auckland

When you volunteer/intern, you'll coach the junior teams at the club, then train with and possibly play for one of the senior teams and during the day help in local school....

Coach Children Cricket in Local School and Club in Auckland

New Zealand : Auckland

When you volunteer/intern with us in Aukland, you'll coach the junior teams at the club, then train with and possibly play for a senior team during your evening, and during...

Coach Top Club Athletes and Deprived Children in Auckland

New Zealand : Auckland

Volunteer/Intern with us and have the opportunity to coach and possibly compete in Athletics. You'll coach junior athletes at a top athletics club in Auckland where you may...

Worthwhile Teaching Underprivileged and Refugee Children in Auckland

New Zealand : Auckland

Want to do something really worthwhile? Volunteer/Intern Teach at a school in Aukland, New Zealand where the children are from underprivileged countries and communities such...

Unusual Cricket Management Internship in Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand : Auckland

Volunteer/Intern with us and experience all aspects of cricket in New Zealand (Cricket management, coaching and playing for a team). The NZCPA look after the current and

Inspiring Care Project Working With Children With Cerebral Palsy in Auckland

New Zealand : Auckland

As a volunteer/intern, you'll help looking after, caring for and teaching children with Cerebral Palsy in beautiful New Zealand. This is a challenging yet totally rewarding...

Interesting Placement to Teach Music to Underprivileged Children in Auckland:New Zealand

New Zealand : Auckland

Teach music (guitar, piano, choir, keyborad) to underprivileged children from countries such as Somalia, Ethiopia and the South Pacific Islands. You will work closely

Rewarding and Challenging Internship in Physiotherapy With Disabled Children

New Zealand : Auckland

You'll intern in a unit that has a large number of children with physical disabilities such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and mobility problems. You'll work alongside...

Unique Program to Intern at Community Newspaper in Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand : Auckland

Gain valuable experience at a fast paced community newspaper in Auckland where you'll undertake a variety of intern / volunteer roles such as editing, reporting, production...

Dive Into Our Scuba Diving Work Experience Project Off the Malaysia Coast!

Malaysia : Rural

Intern/Volunteer just off the coast of northern Borneo lies the tiny island of Pulau Tiga. The location of TV's "Survivor" Game Show, it's one of three islands that make

Exciting and Worthwhile Teaching Project in Gorgeous Malaysia!

Malaysia : Kota Kinabalu, Rural

The flamboyance of Malaysia is breathtaking - this is a country where the sun shines, the sea is crystal clear and there are endless coconut, banana and palm trees! Teaching...

Animal Conservation In A Wildlife Park In Bunbury

Australia : Bunbury - 2.5 hours south of Perth, Perth

Work in a Wildlife Park that has over 60 varieties of Australian native birds and marsupials, located in the beautiful town of Bunbury, just south of Perth. Popular activities...

Multi-Marine Project: Whales, Sharks and Dolphins in South Africa

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

Sharks, Whales, Penguins, Seals, Dolphins.. this is an extraordinary and exciting intern project in a beautiful location, surrounded by white beaches and blue ocean. And

Teach Underprivileged Children in Cape Town

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

You'll volunteer in a school in Cape Town that has numerous children from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and poorer parts of the community. Your help and support are...

Care For Disabled and Children With Special Needs In Cape Town

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

Volunteer in Cape Town, South with children with autism, special needs, or physical or mental impairment who need your help, or with deprived children who will benefit tremendously...

Volunteer with Dolphins in Western Australia

Australia : Bunbury, Perth

Volunteer and get up close and personal with Dolphins on a paradise Beach in Western Australia! This fascinating and very worthwhile project gives you high levels of personal...

Teach Drama in Knysna with Travellers Worldwide

South Africa

Volunteer with Travellers Worldwide in South Africa where the children are dying to sing, dance, and learn drama!! Hugely rewarding projects in both Knysna and Cape Town

Rewarding English Teaching Project at Poor Knysna Township Schools

South Africa : Rural Areas

Drastically deprived but excited and eager South Africa township children love to see volunteers lending a helping hand in their classrooms. Assist local teachers in daily...

Share Love and Attention at Busy Children's Hospital in Cape Town w/ Travellers Worldwide!

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

Desperate and ill children in Cape Town, South Africa are in need of you love and attention at the children's hospital. The Matron of the children's hospital says, "the kids...

Care for Animals in Lovely Vet Clinic in South Africa with Travellers Worldwide!

South Africa

Incredible chance to intern in small charity-based veterinary clinic in Cape Town, South Africa. Enjoy the chance to learn about veterinary work in all aspects! Lovely staff...

Unbelievable Chance To See and Help Great White Sharks with Travellers Worldwide!

South Africa

Swim with the sharks in South Africa! This incredible, unique volunteer project will allow you an up close and personal opportunity to view the Great White Shark in its

Care for young children at an Indian Orphanage.

India : Madurai

Hands-on, rewarding orphanage volunteer project in Madurai, India will allow you to assist with day to day care of these wonderful children, from small babies to children...

Teach English, Music, Sports and More in Mudurai, India!


Volunteer and teach a variety of subjects to poor children in India. Teach English, IT, Arts and Crafts, Drama, French, German, Maths and Sports. You can choose the age range,...

Medical Work Experience Internship in India


Our Medical Internship is based in the town of Madurai in India, where we work with many different hospitals and clinics which have a variety of departments. Where you're...

Care for Children with Learning & Physical Disabilities


Volunteer help children with mental, physical or emotional disabilities that are in need of much love and attention. This unique and much needed project is based in the bustling...

Dentistry Internship in Madurai, India


Excellent resume-boosting internship in the heart of Madurai at a state-of-the-art dental practice. This is an unbelievable opportunity to gain valuable experience in your...

Soccer Enthusiasts Needed to Coach Children in India

India : Madurai

This rewarding and inspiring coaching volunteer project in India makes a true difference in the lives of the energetic children of the local sports clubs. Disadvantaged students...

Coach Football to Children in Sri Lanka & Throw a School's Football Tournament!

Sri Lanka : Rural Areas

Rewarding volunteer work coaching football to underprivileged children at different schools in the local community of Ja-Ela, Sri Lanka. These children play on dusty pitches...

Conservation Work Saving Elephants and Other Wildlife in a Rural Village in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka : Kegalla, Rural Areas

Track leopards, do a night watch from a tree house for Elephants, collect data and much more. The activities on this volunteer project are immense and you could be involved...

An Elephant Experience Project in the Famous Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka : Pinnawela

Walk with, bathe and observe these amazing animals. The Elephant Orphanage is a sanctuary for rescued, injured or abused elephants and attracts visitors from all over the...

Fantastic Care Projects in Beautiful Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka : Colombo Central, Rural Areas

The children in Sri Lanka have the biggest smiles and the cutest brown eyes& they will melt your heart the moment you meet them! We work with a local NGO that has numerous...

Poor Ghanaian Children Gain Life Skills Through Coaching Cricket Project with Travellers Worldwide!

Ghana : Accra

Underprivileged, appreciative and active children are waiting for you to share your time, energy and cricket knowledge with them! This fun volunteer project will allow you...

Media-Lover's Dream Internship at Ghana TV Production Studio with Travellers Worldwide!


The TV station where you will be doing your internship/volunteer at is the first Media Prima's broadcasting station outside Malaysia. The firm is arguably Ghanas foremost...

Versatile, Fast-Paced, and Rewarding Medical Internship in Ghana with Travellers Worldwide!


Volunteer at an active healthcare environment where you'll be involved in the day-to-day running of hospitals and clinics, observing or directly assisting the doctors and...

Volunteer at Energetic, Much-Loved Summer Camp for Needy Ghanian Children

Ghana : Accra

Help provide a safe, fun, and creative environment for poor Ghanaian children during their school vacation at a fantastic, much-loved summer camp! Organize and assist with...

Creative Web Design Internship in Ghana with Travellers Worldwide!

Ghana : Accra

Challenging and high-powered internship in professional, award-winning web design/development firm in Ghana. This is an internship where your IT skills are put to heavy use...

Energetic Ghanaian Children Love to Play Cricket and Soccer with Travellers Worldwide!

Ghana : Accra

Volunteer coaching football/soccer in multiple schools in Accra, Ghana affects the well-being of many children as it provides a safe after-school activity that boosts confidence...

Teach Variety of Subjects to Needy Children in Ghana with Travellers Worldwide!

Ghana : Accra

Valuable and effective opportunity to teach a variety of subjects to local children in Ghanaian schools. Teach English, music, art, drama, IT subjects, and more with no qualifications!...

Dynamic Radio Journalism Internship in Ghana with Travellers Worldwide!

Ghana : Accra

Want to be the voice, or behind the scenes, of a prominent news and entertainment radio station in the heart of Ghana's capital? Work at a versatile radio broadcasting and...

Teach Delightful Children in Beijing or Yangzhou

China : Beijing, Yangzhou

You will work at one or several schools or language centres in Beijing or Yangzhou (your choice of location). Usually, you will have one main school, where you will work

Very Rewarding Care and Rehabilitation of Wildlife in Culture-Filled KZN, South Africa

South Africa : Kwa-Zulu Natal

You'll work in a wildlife hospital that attends to the injured and orphaned wild animals and birds, and it's the only centre of its kind in KwaZulu-Natal. As a charity organisation...

Teach and/or Learn Traditional Latin Dance in Vibrant Rio

Brazil : Rio de Janeiro

If you find joy in dance, join us in Rio and share your passion with kids from local shanty towns. The centre is open to any type of dance from Ballet, Street Dance, Belly...

Professional Portuguese Course in Brazil - Group or Private Lessons Available - Travellers

Brazil : Rio de Janeiro

A better or easier way to learn a language is to live, eat and breathe it.. and there is no better place to study than in vibrant, beautiful Brazil! Intensive, semi-intensive...

Coach Sports to Underprivileged Children in Buzzing Brazil

Brazil : Rio de Janeiro

Brazil is a passionate country besotted with sport. The enthusiasm of the kids is very infectious in this land of eternal summer, and you're likely to learn as much as you...

Rewarding and Challenging Teaching to Children and Adults

Brazil : Rio de Janeiro

Teach Conversational English in this hot tropical paradise to deserving children and adults who REALLY need your help! A stimulating yet laid-back travel experience suitable...

Tailormade Professional Photography Course in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil : Rio de Janeiro

Are you looking for a practical course that can be tailored to your needs and experience? Capture the flavor of the beautifully enigmatic city of Rio de Janeiro with your...

Creche Projects - Work with and Care for Underprivileged Children in Brazil

Brazil : Rio de Janeiro

Do you fancy teaching little ones who could really use your time, energy and affection? In Iguacu Falls and within inner city areas of Rio de Janeiro, there are many 3-6

TV / Media Internships Available in Australia with Travellers Worldwide

Australia : Perth

Are you fascinated in a career in television? Try your hand at a volunteer/intern television production, editing or scriptwriting. Television is an exciting medium to work...

Teach Refugee Children Down Under in Perth

Australia : Perth

You will volunteer at an English Centre by helping refugee children from war-torn countries who have come through the United Nations Refugee Programme adapt to their new

The Latin American Triangle - 2 Countries, 3 Cities, 6 weeks!

-Multi-Country Locations : Argentina, Brazil

Three separate 2-week volunteer projects in three stunning cities. Teach English to children, Care in orphanages, learn Tango, Spanish, Samba, Surfing, Capoeira. The choice...

Teaching children in Argentina

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Want to volunteer teaching in different locations, helping underprivileged and orphaned children, whilst living in and exploring the spectacular city of Buenos Aires? Here's...

Teach Underprivileged Children in India.

India : Madurai

Do you love children and want to make a real impact in their lives? Then volunteer and teach English, Music, Drama, Sports to the children of Madurai India. PROJECT OVERVIEW:...

Teach Underprivileged and Warm Children in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka : Rural Areas

Projects in two stunning locations on this exotic island with its 1,000 miles of unspoilt golden beaches! Volunteer teaching poor children in urban Ja-Ela in schools and

Rewarding Teaching Projects with Underprivileged Children in South Africa

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad), Plettenberg Bay

Volunteer your time to help underprivileged children in 2 stunning yet different locations, in schools, orphanages and care centers. Teach English, Sports, Music, Drama,

Rewarding and Challenging Work with Orphaned Pre-School Children in Ghana

Ghana : Accra

As a volunteer, you'll be helping in various of tasks - such as playtime, feeding, basic teaching, helping youngster from a mixture of social backgrounds, aged between 1


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