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TU in China

China : Chengdu

Study at Sichuan University and immerse yourself in the culture and language of China. Sichuan University is home to 55,000 students including approximately 1,500 international...

TU in Italy

Italy : Florence, Roma (Rome) and 2 other cities , Tuscania, Venice Show less

The TU in Italy program offers summer, semester and academic year study abroad options in Italy at an affordable price. The program offers students from a variety of academic...

Corporate Communication in the UK

England : London

Study in the UK with Towson University in January 2014. This course provides an analysis of corporate communication strategies in the UK used in developing internal and external...

Spanish Language and Culture in Spain

Spain : Madrid

Immerse yourself in the language and culture of Spain with Towson University in summer 2014. Enhance your Spanish language skills in a total immersion environment. Students...

Crime and Punishment Cross Nationally, UK

England : London

Study in London with Towson University in January 2014. Explore the differences and similarities between the U.S. and English experience and response to crime. The course...

TU UK-Direct Program

-Multi-Country Locations : England, Scotland and 1 other location , Wales Show less

The TU UK-Direct Program offers summer, semester and academic year study abroad options in the United Kingdom at an affordable price. You will be directly enrolled as a visiting...

Myth, Ideology, and Symbolic Spaces in Greece

Greece : Athinai (Athens)

Study in Greece in Summer 2014 with Towson University. Program participants will examine how ancient Greek myth - as it appears in literature, art, and architecture - has...

TU in Argentina

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Study at the University of Palermo (UP) and immerse yourself in the culture and language of Argentina. UP is located in Buenos Aires - the most European of all Latin American...

TU in France

France : Aix-en-Provence

The TU in France program (administered by the Institute of American Universites - IAU) offers summer, semester and academic year study abroad options in France. IAU's three...

TU in Australia

Australia : Sunshine Coast

Immerse yourself in the Australian culture while studying at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. The University has about 7.500 students, including...

Environmental Education and Service Learning in the Tropics

Costa Rica : Chilamate de Sarapiqui

Study in Central America in June 2014 with TU Professor Sarah Haines. This program provides a unique opportunity for students to use nationally recognized environmental education...

Art and Culture of Rome: Ancient Beginnings and the Classical Legacy

Italy : Roma (Rome)

Earn credit while studying in Rome, Italy with Towson University in Summer 2014. Students will experience the art and architecture of the city of Rome from its earliest beginnings...

Exploring Cross-Cultural Education and Social Services

-Multi-Country Locations : Israel, United States

Travel to Israel in Minimester 2014 with Towson University professors Dr. Hana Bor and Dr. Karen Goldrich Eskow. Explore culture and service in Israel and compare that nation's...

A Comparison of the US and Argentina

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Study cross-cultural and industrial psychology in Minimester 2014 with Towson University. Participants will be introduced to Argentinian culture and society while exploring...

TU in Japan

Japan : Tokyo

The TU in Japan program is based at J .F. Oberlin University, a private co-educational institution located in the Tokyo suburb of Machida. The University has over 8,000 students,...

TU in Spain

Spain : Barcelona

The TU in Spain program (administered by IAU College) offers participants an immersive language and cultural experience in Barcelona - Spain's second largest city and one...


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