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About The Learning Traveller

Year Founded: 2003

The Learning Traveller offers a wide range of full-immersion language study programs in some of the most interesting and beautiful locations worldwide. Our priority languages are French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Russian. Our programs focus on summer and gap year. Depending on language level, start dates are every Sunday. Accommodation options are homestay or student residence. All schools offer rich and diverse cultural activities and excursions. We aim to provide an unparalleled counseling service before, during, and after an individual or group's language study experience.

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Summer Teen Residence Program in Beijing, China

China : Beijing

Discover the cultural heart of China and spend the summer season in Beijing, where this high-quality language program is complemented by the opportunity to explore China's...

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Summer Teen Program in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Mexico : Playa del Carmen

Set sail for a Caribbean environment and enhance Spanish-language skills with the Teen Residence Program in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. This program allows students to immerse...

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Summer Mature Teen Program in Berlin, Germany (16+)

Germany : Berlin

Don't just dream of seeing Germany one day. With the summer Mature Teen Residence/Homestay Program in Berlin, students are given the opportunity to take part in intensive...

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Summer Teen Program in Barcelona, Spain

Spain : Barcelona

The school is located downtown Barcelona, close to all main attractions and sights. There are many shops, restaurants and cafes nearby. The school is also within walking

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Summer Teen Program in Montpellier, France

France : Montpellier

Gain exposure to French culture while taking part in French language lessons with the Teen Residence Program in Montpellier, France. Throughout the course of a summer, teen...

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Summer Teen Homestay Program in Paris, France

France : Paris

Discover what life is like in France with the Paris Homestay Program, where students between the ages of 14 and 17 will experience French immersion at its best! The school...

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Summer Teen Program in Quebec City, Canada

Canada : Quebec City

Head to Quebec City to spend a summer being culturally immersed in a dynamic, French-speaking environment! The Quebec City Teen Homestay Program is ideal for students seeking...

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Summer Teen Homestay Program in Malaga, Spain

Spain : Malaga

With the opportunity to call home to Malaga, located on the Mediterranean coast in the heart of the Andalucian region, the Summer Teen Homestay Program in Malaga is more

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Summer Teen Program in Montreal, Canada

Canada : Montreal

This French summer camp for teens in Montreal combines small and effective group French courses with an exciting adventure through Canadian culture and lifestyle. The language...

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Summer Teen Residence Program in Paris, France

France : Paris

Fall in love with the sights, sounds, and culture of Paris as you enhance your skills with the French language. The Paris Teen Residence Program is open to 13 to 17 year

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Summer Teen Homestay Program in San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica : San Jose

Experience firsthand Central American culture while being immersed in the Spanish language of San Jose, Costa Rica. This is an opportunity for students who have limited travel...

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Summer Teen program in Nice, France

France : Nice

Head to the south-east coast of France for a summer and discover the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea while gaining an ehanced understanding of the French language and culture....

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Summer Teen Camp in Frankfurt, Germany

Germany : Frankfurt

From the festivals to the architecture, and everything in between, Frankfurt is a city of contrasts and variety. Spend a summer with the Teen Residence/Homestay Program in...

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Summer Teen Residence Program in Rome, Italy

Italy : Rome

Want to spend the summer soaking up Roman culture and history? The Teen Residence Program in Rome is open to 14 - 17 year olds, who have the chance to receive language immersion...

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