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About The Florida State University International Programs

Year Founded: 1957

Florida State University has over 50 years of experience in international education and we are nationally recognized leaders in the field of study abroad programs. We offer over 40 diverse programs in 20 different locations around the world. Students can study with us during any semester of their academic career. In each host country, our program directors or leaders have forged solid academic affiliations while serving excellent learning facilities and living accommodations.

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FSU Int'l Programs - Broad Curriculum: Valencia, Spain

Spain : Valencia

The Broad Curriculum program in Valencia, Spain gives students the chance to obtain credits in general requirements and elective courses while experiencing Valencia, surrounding...

FSU International Programs: FYA Valencia

Spain : Valencia

The First Year Abroad program allows students to complete the first twelve months of their Florida State careers studying abroad with International Programs. Students can...

FSU Int'l Programs - Broad Curriculum: Florence, Italy

Italy : Florence

Florence provides students the possibility to see world class operas, concerts, art exhibits and festivals usually seen only in a larger city, all while holding on to its...

FSU Int'l Programs - Editing, Writing, Media in Spain

Spain : Valencia

Students participating in this Florida State University program become unofficial foreign correspondents for five weeks in Valencia, Spain's third largest city and one of...

FSU - Broad Curriculum: London, England

England : London

Ever imagined what it would be like to be in England, not as a tourist or a visitor, but as a resident? Someone who, through everyday interactions, becomes immersed in the...

FSU International Programs- Theatre Study for the BFA

England : London

The summer semester of theatre study in London is required for all Florida State University BFA Acting students and optional for Florida State University BFA/BM Music Theatre...

FSU International Programs- Music Exploration in London

England : London

This musical tour of London provides participants with the opportunity to attend concerts, operas, musicals, and to take tours specifically geared towards music majors. We...

FSU Int. Programs- Music & Art in Contemporary Society

England : London

Set in one of the world’s most exciting cities, London, the study abroad component of this dynamic e-series program, allows the students to fully explore the creative relationship...

FSU IP - Museum & National Heritage Sites in London

England : London

London museums and cultural sites hold the treasures of the world in art, natural history, science, medicine, and humanity. There are hundreds of museums and cultural sites...

FSU International Programs- International Protocol

England : London

This program provides students with hands-on experience to learn important travel protocol expected from citizens of the United States in the exciting major world capital...

FSU IP- International Merchandising & Product Development

England : London

This study program is an on-site exploration of international retail, merchandising and product development. For students pursuing a degree in Retail, Merchandising and Product...

FSU IP- Graduate Writing for Screen & Stage

England : London

International Programs offers this exclusive program as an integral part of the University’s MFA in Screenwriting program. This intensive study abroad experience allows...

FSU International Programs- Graduate Theatre (Asolo)

England : London

In this program, open to students of the School of Theatre’s graduate Florida State/ Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training, London’s exemplary theatrical resources provide...

FSU IP- Exploring Grief, Loss, and Trauma in British Culture

England : London

This program is designed to look at multicultural responses to grief, loss, and trauma. During the regular spring semester on the Florida State home campus, students attend...

FSU International Programs- Exploring Anthropology in London

England : London

Rich in cultural history, London and its vicinity are explored this week by Anthropology majors, minors, and any other students interested in culture, history, art, architecture,...

FSU International Programs- Education Practicum in London

England : London

This program will expand students’ conceptions on leadership development and reform through a global lens. Participants are enlightened about leadership expectations and...

FSU International Programs-Documentary Experience in Britain

England : London

Documentary film and video has experienced an explosion of new and exciting work in recent years. London is the birthplace of the documentary tradition, where John Grierson...

FSU International Programs- Choral & Instrument Education

England : London

In this program, the rich musical tradition of London brings to life the study of choral/ instrumental music and conducting for students and music educators alike. Students...

FSU International Programs- Insights of Higher Education

England : London

With more than 20 universities and 50 specialized post-secondary institutions, London is a vibrant city for higher education. The course offered for this Florida State University...

FSU international Programs- E-Series Spring Break

England : London

London is among the most dynamic cities in the world, where one can experience diverse culture, rich history, and renowned educational institutions. The Honors Seminar Spring...

FSU International Programs- International Accounting with EY

England : London

The Florida State University has partnered with professional services firm EY to provide a unique experience in London for students interested in gaining a global perspective...

FSU International Programs- Swahili Cultural Heritage

Tanzania : Zanzibar

The island of Zanzibar sits in the Indian Ocean off the country of Tanzania at the historical crossroads of African, Indian, and Islamic cultures resulting in a truly unique...

FSU International Programs- Making of Modern India

India : New Delhi

India is the world's largest democracy and one of the oldest civilizations. Like its national tree, the Banyan, India has multiple, intertwining roots and expansive branches....

FSU International Programs - Experiencing Germany

Germany : Dresden

This Florida State University international program is designed to acquaint participants with the literature, language, and performing arts of contemporary Germany. Based...

FSU International Programs - Internships Shanghai, China

China : Shanghai

The Florida State University offers internships in Shanghai, China, that provides students with the unique opportunity for real international work experience and immersion...

FSU International Programs - Internships Beijing, China

China : Beijing

The Florida State University internship program in Beijing offers students with the opportunity to gain international work experience and exposure to rich Chinese culture....

Florida State University (Social Work) - Prague

Czech Republic : Prague

The Florida State University Social Work and International Affairs program in Prague, Czech Republic, will engage majors and non-majors in experiences spanning restorative...

FSU International Programs - Dance in Paris, France

France : Paris

Paris is possibly the most exciting place for a student of dance to study both technique and dance history. The city is filled with history of collaborations between dance...

FSU International Programs - Theatre Academy London

England : London

There isn't a city in the world with a richer theatre tradition than London; nor a tradition so richly complemented by a vital contemporary theatre scene. Here one will find...

FSU Int'l Program - Communications Science & Disorders

England : London

Since 1971, the FSU London Program has offered students from across the nation a fine liberal arts curriculum in a historic seat of Western government, commerce and literature....

Florida State University International Programs - Paris

France : Paris

Historically, Paris has been a cosmopolitan center of the West, bringing artists together from around the globe to partake in an unprecedented cultural exchange. Students...

FSU International Programs - Psychology

England : London

Learn how the principles of Psychology apply in different cultures while living in London! This program allows students to experience British culture while offering two courses...

FSU International Programs - Archaeology in Tuscany

Italy : Tuscania

Cetamura is an archaeological site on a hilltop located in the Chianti Mountains of Tuscany, between Siena and Florence. Investigations at Cetamura have revealed an Etruscan...

FSU International Programs - International Relations, Turkey

Turkey : Istanbul

With its prime geographical position at the juncture of East and West, Istanbul has played a unique role in world events. The fourth-century Roman Emperor, Constantine, recognized...

FSU International Programs - Internships: Florence, Italy

Italy : Florence

This new program is designed to provide students with real work experience in Florence. The Florida State University first opened its doors in Florence in 1966, the year

FSU Program - Learning & Service Journey Into Amazonia: Peru

Peru : Iquitos

This program is designed for students who would like to experience life in the Amazon while working in service learning fieldwork. While taking a course about cultures of...

FSU International Programs - Internships: Valencia, Spain

Spain : Valencia

The Florida State University Valencia Program is rapidly becoming one of our most sought-after international programs. The city's European/Latin setting, two-millennium history,...

FSU International Programs - Internships: Panama City

Panama : Panama City

The Florida State University has been a strong and important presence in Panama City for over 50 years. Florida State Panama is, in fact, our oldest international program....

FSU International Programs - Internships: London, England

England : London

The Florida State University's long-established London Program has resulted in a unique offering of prestigious internships. A city among the world's most important cultural,...

FSU International Program - Communication in London: England

England : London

International study and immersion in another culture provide an inquiry-driven introduction to different perspectives, cultures and histories, as well as a valuable background...

FSU International Program - Global Sport Management: England

-Multi-Country Locations : -Multi-Country Locations, England

For students at all levels pursuing a degree in Sport Management or a related field, study abroad adds a significant dimension to ones career preparation. With courses covering...

FSU Int'l Programs - English Literature in London: England

England : London

Students majoring in English can study British literature at its source during the fall semester. This program offers upper-division English courses that allows them to progress...

FSU International Programs: FYA in Panama City, Panama


The First Year Abroad program allows students to complete the first twelve months of their Florida State careers studying abroad with International Programs. Students can...

FSU International Programs: FYA Florence

Italy : Florence

The First Year Abroad program allows students to complete the first twelve months of their Florida State careers studying abroad with International Programs. Students can...

FSU International Programs: FYA London, England

England : London

The First Year Abroad program allows students to complete the first twelve months of their Florida State careers studying abroad with International Programs. Students can...

FSU Int'l Programs - Exploring China

China : Tianjin

Chinese Language and Business This unique program provides the opportunity to study in the fall and/or spring semesters at Tianjin Foreign Studies University, a premier

FSU International Program - Intensive French in Paris

France : Paris

This exceptional opportunity for intensive study of the language and culture of France is offered in association with the Institut Catholique, one of Paris' most prestigious...

FSU - Oxford Law Program: Oxford, England

England : Oxford

Now in its 41st year, this is the oldest on-going program in Oxford that is sponsored by a U.S. law school. It provides a unique chance for students and practitioners to

FSU Int'l Programs - Hospitality: Leysin, Switzerland

Switzerland : Leysin

Since 1970, FSU has offered students the chance to discover a world of hotels, restaurants, foods, and wines in the heartland of the European hospitality industry. This 5-week...

FSU - Russian Language & Culture: Moscow, Russia

Russia : Moscow (Moskva)

Students in this program will be amazed by the diversity in Moscow. It is a contemporary international city with a strong connection to its history through collections of...

FSU - Spanish Immersion Experience: San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica : San Jose

For over 25 years, The Florida State University has provided students an incomparable educational experience in Costa Rica. Exotic beaches, volcanoes, lush rain forests,

Security & Cooperation in South Eastern Europe: Dubrovnik

Croatia : Dubrovnik

Coastal Dubrovnik, an ancient walled town on the Adriatic Sea, traces its founding to 18th century Romans. Today, with much of its medieval architecture remaining, and with...

FSU - Broad Curriculum: Panama City, Republic of Panama

Panama : Panama City

The FSU Panama is located in the prestigious City of Knowledge campus, a large educational and research complex that includes various international organizations, research...