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Year Founded: 1947

Founded in 1947, the School of Visual Arts (SVA) is an art and design school located in Manhattan, New York, and consistently ranks in the top art schools of the nation. With 11 undergraduate and 22 graduate programs, SVA offers classes in fields as diverse as fine arts, graphic design, photography, filmmaking, art criticism, and art education. A combination of world-renowned teachers and innovative community connections allow students to actively engage with their field of study, both inside and outside of the classroom. Furthermore, international programs are offered to give students inspirational experiences in new cultures, which is vital for expanding perspectives, mixing up creative energy, and seeing the world with new colors. Whether it’s millennia-old masterpieces in Italy or digital printing in Cuba, these programs are organized to stimulate the imagination and reinvigorate career options.

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Digital Photography in Havana, Cuba

Cuba : Havana

Throughout the 20th Century, Cuba held sway over the world's imagination first as the Paris of the Caribbean and then as a struggling yet proud revolutionary island. Now...

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Alaskan Wilderness Adventure: Travel Zine Design

United States : Alaska

Travel to Alaska on a wilderness adventure with the goal of designing the best travel zine. In this School of Visual Arts program, participants will visit the stunning glaciers...

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SVA San Francisco: Technology and the Future of Storytelling

United States : San Francisco

The School of Visual Arts offers a week-long study program on technology and the future of storytelling in San Francisco. The program offers students the opportunity to visit...

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Fashion Photography in Miami Beach

United States : Miami

The School of Visual Arts offers a fashion photography study abroad experience in Miami, Florida. With its exquisite light and surroundings, Miami is a photographer's dream...

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Independent Projects: Studio Intensive in Oaxaca, Mexico

Mexico : Oaxaca

Jumpstart a studio practice this summer by combining a visit to the enchanting city of Oaxaca, Mexico, with concentrated studio time to produce a project in a program from...

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Digital Illustration in Berlin

Germany : Berlin

This two-week program from the School of Visual Arts offers students the opportunity to combine a Digital Illustration class by award-winning freelance illustrators Rafa

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Writing in the Land of Enchantment, Taos, NM

United States : Taos

Immerse in a two-week intensive practice of writing and multimedia while soaking up the rich, diverse culture of Taos, New Mexico, and its surroundings. Set against the spectacular...

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Film and Animation - Behind-the-Scenes Series LA, USA

United States : Los Angeles

This unique program from the School of Visual Arts offers students the opportunity to visit film and animation studios in the Hollywood area and interact with some of today's...

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Printmaking in Havana Cuba

Cuba : Havana

Taller Experimental de Grafica, considered Cuba's premier printmaking studio, has been a vital center for printmaking in Havana since the 1960s. This intensive workshop from...

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Travel, Recharge and Create: Enroll for 2016 Arts Abroad

-Multi-Country Locations : Cuba, France and 4 other locations , Italy, Mexico, Spain, United States Show less

An important part of the creative process is taking the time for renewal, for experiencing new surroundings, and gaining new insights. For more than 30 years, the School

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Art History in Southern France

France : Aix-en-Provence

This two and a half week program from the School of Visual Arts will immerse participants in the grandeur of Provence through an on-site study that explores the Roman ruins,...

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Painting in Barcelona

Spain : Barcelona

Spend two weeks this summer in the beautiful city of Barcelona in Spain to concentrate on painting and have the opportunity to further develop skills or to explore new directions...

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Masters Workshop: Design History, Theory & Practice in Rome

Italy : Rome

Study graphic design and typography in the summer in Rome, birthplace of Western typographic tradition. The School of Visual Arts program, now on its fourth season, is a

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