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Year Founded: 2010

Plumeria International is a non-government, independent, and non-denominational organization. It is also a volunteer organization. The organization was founded to address development in communities in east Africa. As an organization working with communities, our main concerns are health and sanitation, education, environmental awareness, and poverty eradication. We have developed different programs for volunteers who can come in and join us as interns, backpackers, professionals in their areas of study, educational tourists for institutions, project developers, and healthcare professionals. We offer cultural exposure to participants who come to Tanzania, where we educate them through placement in host families who are trained and have knowledge and respect for other people's culture.

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Give Hope to the Children of Home of Hope

Kenya : Malindi

Home of Hope Children's centre is an orphanage that takes care of both orphans, destitute and vulnerable children. There was a breed of different characters/and not so clean...

Pre- Medical Internship Program

Tanzania : Dar Es Salaam, Moshi and 2 other cities , Rural Areas, Tanga Show less

Plumeria International welcomes volunteers from varying degrees of experience to apply for this unique medical experience in Dar Es Salaam. Participants will get to see and...

Environment Volunteer Program GEDE Forest

Kenya : Lamu, Malindi and 2 other cities , Mombasa, Rural Show less

The volunteer program at Gede Forest is conducted for people interested in environmental issues. The program is mainly for general interest tourists visiting Kenya who want...

Rural Teaching Program Tanzania

Tanzania : Dar Es Salaam, Kilimanjaro and 3 other cities , Moshi, Rural Areas, Tanga Show less

This volunteer program targets on teaching at primary and high schools in rural villages of Moshi and Tanga, Tanzania. Teachers have the opportunity to help improve the learning...

Volunteer Program at Gede Heath Center

Kenya : Malindi, Rural

The Health Center is located on the upper part of northern coastal region where curative services are offered to the community. It is headed by a clinical officer who oversees...

Volunteer Teaching Program at Hope Nursery School

Kenya : Mombasa, Rural

Teach children from Nursery to Kindergarten 3 with Plumeria International at Hope Nursery School, which is based in Kaloleni, Kenya. The school has a total of 45 students....

Volunteer Program At Moshi Primary School

Tanzania : Dar Es Salaam, Kilimanjaro and 2 other cities , Moshi, Rural Areas Show less

Teach students from 1st Grade to 7th Grade with Plumeria International in the city of Moshi, Tanzania. Currently with 16 classrooms, the school has 17 trained teachers with...

Teaching Program at Kilema Primary School

Tanzania : Dar Es Salaam, Moshi and 1 other city , Rural Areas Show less

Plumeria International is offering a teach abroad program in the Kilimanjaro region in Moshi District. Participants are assigned to the Kilema Primary Scool, which was established...

Medical Volunteer Program At St. Joseph Hospital

Tanzania : Dar Es Salaam, Moshi and 1 other city , Rural Areas Show less

St. Joseph hospital is a fully fledged hospital with a multitude of duties and responsibilities. Volunteers will probably be very busy most of the time. The experiences you...

Discover Tanzania Program

Tanzania : Arusha, Dar Es Salaam and 7 other cities , Kilimanjaro, Moshi, Rural Areas, Serengeti, Shinyanga, Tanga, Zanzibar Show less

Explore Tanzania through an adventure travel program with Plumeria International in Kenya. With different tours to choose from, participants have the opportunity to join

Rural Teaching Volunteer Program In Coastal of Kenya

Kenya : Malindi, Mombasa and 1 other city , Rural Show less

Travel to Kenya with Plumeria International to carry out volunteering work in coastal villages. Volunteers help improve learning conditions in Kenyan community based primary...

Join Church Mission Program At Kinagoni Baptist Church

Kenya : Malindi, Mombasa and 1 other city , Rural Show less

In 1990 the Kinagoni Baptist Church was founded in Kinagoni Sub. This program started by Plumeria International in collaborations with Kinagoni Baptist Church. There are

Medical Internship Program

Kenya : Malindi, Mombasa and 2 other cities , Nairobi, Rural Show less

Plumeria International offers a medical internship program in Kenya. The program is open to medicine and pre-medicine students who want to pursue a career in the medical

Nursing Internship Program

Kenya : Malindi, Mombasa and 1 other city , Rural Show less

Plumeria International offers a nursing internship program in Kenya. Participants get hands-on experience in handling the patients. They work alongside a supervisor. Interns...

Teaching Program At Walea Baptist Nursery School

Kenya : Malindi, Mombasa and 1 other city , Rural Show less

The Plumeria International teaching program at Walea Baptist Nursery Schools provides volunteers with an opportunity to experience rural Kenya and the type of education available...

Volunteer Program at Sunza Environment Conservation Porject

Kenya : Mombasa

Volunteer to help protect and conserve the Sunza Environment of Kenya. Established by the local youth of Mombasa, this project is designed to conserve the environment through...

Volunteer Program at Shifoga Youth Project

Kenya : Mombasa

The Shimba Hills Forest Guides Association (SHIFOGA) was established in August 2004 by a group of local youths, all of whom had been involved in earlier community initiatives....

Volunteer Program at GEDE Special School

Kenya : Malindi

Volunteer in a school for handicapped children in Gede. Volunteers will have the opportunity to help hearing impaired and physically challenged children. Started on 26th

Volunteer Program at Kwale Home for the Mentally Handicapped

Kenya : Mombasa

Volunteer to help children in Kwale! The program is designed to provide support to children with special needs in Kwale town located in the Southern Coast of Mombasa. The...

Volunteer Program at Msambweni District Hospital

Kenya : Mombasa

Gain hands-on experience in handling patients in the hospital of Msambweni district. Volunteers will be exposed in learning basic procedures such as wound dressing and many...

Volunteer Internship Program at Mariakani District Hospital

Kenya : Malindi, Mombasa and 1 other city , Rural Show less

Mariakani District Hospital is located along the main highway between Nairobi and Mombasa. Type: District Hospital Location: Mariakani town Number of beds: 72 Services...

Volunteer Program at Plumeria Sponsorship Program

Kenya : Mombasa

Plumeria Sponsorship Program (PSP) is a program that was started by Plumeria International members to address poverty, particularly the lack of education. The PSP sponsorship...

Sponsor a needy child through Plumeria Sponsorship Program

Kenya : Mombasa

Plumeria Sponsorship Program (PSP) is a program that was started by Plumeria International members to address poverty, particularly the lack of education. PSP sponsorship...

Volunteer Program at J.F. Hope Center

Kenya : Mombasa

J.F. Hope Center is a non-profit Christian daycare that takes care of the poor, orphans, HIV positive and vulnerable children with different religious background. The

Volunteer Program at Touch Africa Children Education Project

Kenya : Mombasa

TACEP (Touch Africa Children Education Project) was established in September 2008 after Eastwind Community Church members participated in a community project in Kaloleni

Volunteer Internship at Kwale District Hospital

Kenya : Mombasa

This internship is based at the Kwale District Hospital - located along the Kinango road. This is a destitute facility that caters to a poor community. You will get a good...

Volunteer Program at Lea Mwana Children Center

Kenya : Mombasa

The Lea Mwana Children Center focuses on harnessing community resources and developing a strong center and educational facility which promotes a meaningful life to children....

Volunteer at Malindi District Hospital in Kenya

Kenya : Mombasa

Malindi town, capital of the Malindi District of Kenya, is about 120 kilometers north of Mombasa and 600 kilometers from Nairobi. Since the elevation of Malindi to a district,...

Teaching at Mwembetendere School for the Dissabled

Kenya : Mombasa

While volunteering at the Mwembetendere School for the Disabled in Mombasa, India, through Plumeria International, participants in this program will have the chance to visit...

Volunteer at St. Lukes Mission Hospital

Kenya : Mombasa

This volunteering program at a hospital in Mombasa, Kenya, from Plumeria International is well organized. Schools or colleges send participants to the program with a letter...