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NYU in Athens Summer

NYU in Athens combines classroom study of Greece - language, history, and culture with extracurricular activities and excursions to introduce students to all aspects of Greek...

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NYU in Berlin Summer

NYU Summer in Berlin allows students experience a cosmopolitan city that holds a complex and crucial place in modern European history. One can encounter this past not just...

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NYU in Dublin Summer

NYU Summer in Dublin offers students the chance to live and study in a location that combines the modernity of a thriving European city with a rich heritage spanning more...

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NYU in Florence Summer

Students will be mesmerized as they experience the splendor of the Italian Renaissance as they are exposed to the cultural wealth of Florence. The city of Florence serves...

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NYU in London Summer

For over 3 decades, New York University in London has brought American undergraduates to Britain for Summer study. Having students from colleges throughout the United States...

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NYU Urban Design in London Summer

Architecture is by definition 3-dimensional and site specific, experiencing it first-hand is a must. Through this course, students learn about the history of Britain's abundant...

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NYU in Paris Summer

Created in 1969, NYU in Paris is part of the New York University Center for French Civilization and Culture. The NYU Center in Paris, a charming 19th-century town house on...

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Czech Republic

NYU in Prague Summer

NYU Summer in Prague gives students the chance to study History in the making; the city combines medieval, Renaissance, baroque, and modern influences. The Czech Republic...

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