About LIU Global

Year Founded: 1966

LIU Global offers the only program in the world that integrates a series of yearlong cultural immersions into a progressive, four-year bachelor's degree. Approaching its 50th historical anniversary, LIU Global (previously Friends World Program) has established itself as a leader in experiential education, providing students with a valuable international experience as well as a broad-based liberal arts education from one of the largest and most comprehensive private universities in the United States.

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Costa Rica Center - LIU Global

Costa Rica : Heredia

Semester and year-long, experiential programs in Spanish immersion, cultural and independent studies. The program includes homestays, internships, seminars, extensive field...

China Center - LIU Global

China : Hangzhou

LIU Global offers an experiential, year-long program in language, culture and independent study. The year includes field trips, seminars, workshops and field study that introduces...

India Center - LIU Global

India : Bangalore

Semester and year-long, experiential programs in language, culture and independent study. The program includes seminars, internships, extensive field trips to Northern India...

Comparative Religion & Culture Program - LIU Global

-Multi-Country Locations : India, Taiwan and 2 other locations , Thailand, Turkey Show less

This one-of-a-kind experience combines careful theoretical study with extensive exposure to religious and cultural life during two separate, but linkable, semester-length...

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Global Studies with LIU Global

-Multi-Country Locations : -Multi-Country Locations, Australia and 8 other locations , China, Costa Rica, India, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United States Show less

With four centers and two programs around the world and a student body and faculty drawn from more than twice that many countries, LIU Global is uniquely international. Although...

Australia Program - LIU Global

Australia : Byron Bay

This program is based in the town of Byron Bay, which is two hours South of Brisbane and about 500 miles North of Sydney. This inviting area offers students the chance to...