IPSL Program Opportunities


Study Abroad + Service Learning in Hanoi, Vietnam

Spend a semester in Hanoi through an IPSL program that combines study abroad and service-learning. Program participants study Vietnamese language, culture, society, and several...

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-Multi-Country Locations

Study Abroad + Volunteer Service: Cambodia and Thailand

The countries of S.E. Asia are as different as they are similar and IPSL students have a unique opportunity to live, study and serve in TWO important SE Asian countries,

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Study Abroad + Service Learning in Arusha, Tanzania

Students will have the opportunity to get a rich, traditional Tanzanian experience by living in beautiful Arusha - a traditional and less populated city very close to many...

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Study Abroad + Service: Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki is a 2,300 year old city still playing a vital and active role as an integral international trading city for much of Southern Europe. It has been called Greece’s...

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Study Abroad + Volunteer Service: Cusco, Peru

High in the Andes, Cusco is the ideal location for anyone interested in the geology, geography, history, cultures, languages and foods of South America. Cusco is perfect

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Study Abroad + Volunteer Service: Guayaquil, Ecuador

Ecuador spans the equator on the northwest coast of South America. With its cultural diversity and wide range of environments—the Galapagos Islands, the coastal areas of...

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IPSL's J-Term Program in Guatemala: One Health

Join a program that offers an opportunity for students to study and experience the intersection between environmental health, human health, and animal health while traversing...

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Study Abroad + Service Learning Dublin, Ireland

Join a program in Ireland that will have you studying at St. Patrick's University or Dublin City University, living in Dublin, working with community-based agencies and groups,...

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Study Abroad + Service Learning Cordoba, Argentina

Get the exclusive opportunity to study, learn Spanish, and serve in Cordoba, a cultural and historic centre located in the heart of Argentina. A lively university city, Cordoba...

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Study Abroad + Volunteer Service: Segovia, Spain

Re-Think Study Abroad! Cultural Immersion through volunteering. The city of Segovia and its Aqueduct are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Within the environment of the old city,...

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Study Abroad + Volunteer Service: Siena, Italy

The IPSL program in Siena, Italy is ideal for students interested in Italian language and culture, art history, European studies, intercultural communication, and experiencing...

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Study Abroad + Volunteer Service: Montpellier, France

The IPSL program in Montpellier, France is ideal for anyone interested in French and Arabic language and culture, contemporary European studies, art history, Euro-Mediterranean...

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Study Abroad + Volunteer Service: Chiang Mai, Thailand

IPSL students in Chiang Mai can study Thai, gender and sexuality, human rights, and other courses focused on social justice and refugee issues. Spend a fall or spring semester...

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Study Abroad + Service Learning Galapagos Islands & Quito

Take part in a combined study abroad and service learning program in the Galapagos Islands and Quito. You will be able to choose from three tracks of study that focus either...

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