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Postgraduate Diploma Program in Hotel Management

Switzerland : Montreux

The Postgraduate Diploma program (PGD) is designed for candidates who have already completed a Bachelors Degree in any discipline or who have at least 3 years work experience...

BBA Degree in Hospitality Management

Switzerland : Montreux

After successful completion of the HIM Swiss Higher Diploma program, students can progress into the American BBA Degree in Hospitality Management. The BBA top-up Degree is...

Swiss Higher Diploma in International Hotel Management

Switzerland : Montreux

Successful graduates of the Diploma program can continue their studies to receive the Higher Diploma, which focuses on executive management in the hotel industry. Learning...

Swiss Diploma in Hotel Operations Management

Switzerland : Montreux

The Swiss Diploma in Hotel Operations Management develops hospitality and management skills. Hospitality skills are taught in a traditional yet dynamic Swiss manner providing...