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Year Founded: 2002

Galen University is the only tertiary institution in Belize licensed to give US college credits to students participating in our semester-long and summer intensive programs. Adhering to the principles of sustainable development, we deliver timely and relevant programs that challenge and inspire our students to make meaningful contributions to the development of their societies.

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Professional MBA Program in Belize

Belize : San Ignacio

Galen University's new Professional Master's of Business Administration (PMBA) program is breaking old barriers for the delivery of graduate education in Belize. This program...

Study Management and Administration at Galen University

Belize : San Ignacio

The Management and Administration degree is designed to prepare students for careers in both government sector and private sector positions. The degree work includes a variety...

Study International Business at Galen University

Belize : San Ignacio

A degree in International Business will equip a student with knowledge of global markets. They will be able to identify other countries' needs, and will be exposed to the...

Study Economics at Galen University

Belize : San Ignacio

A degree in Economics will familiarize a student with the powerful mechanism of markets in the regional as well as the global context. The student will also be able to critically...

Study Accounting at Galen University

Belize : San Ignacio

Accounting is often referred to as the language of business. Virtually every business operation in the world is required to maintain accounting records to report on its

Environmental Science at Galen University

Belize : San Ignacio

Environmental Science is a multidisciplinary field. It incorporates and applies knowledge from the biological, physical and social sciences in order to develop a broad scientific...

Study Archaeology at Galen University

Belize : San Ignacio

Archaeology is the study of the origins and development of human culture. This study is conducted through the recovery, documentation and analysis of material remains and...

Study Anthropolgy at Galen University

Belize : San Ignacio

Anthropology is the world's most comprehensive academic discipline. It considers virtually everything that has to do with past, present, and future human beings almost anywhere...

Land-Ocean Interface Summer Program

Belize : Cayo, San Ignacio

Galen University's Land-Ocean Interface Program features two courses. The first two weeks will be devoted to the comprehensive study of terrestrial ecosystems in Belize.

Forensic Anthropology Summer Program

Belize : San Ignacio

Study Forensic Anthropology or Osteoarchaeology through this summer program at Galen University in Belize. Learn about skeletal decomposition, how to study skeletal remains,...

Animal Science - Pre-Veterinary Summer Program

Belize : San Ignacio

The Animal Science - Pre-Veterinary Program features two courses: Wild Life and Exploring Animal Health and Diseases. Wild Life This course is ideal for Zoology, Animal...

Protected Areas Practicum - Summer Program

Belize : San Ignacio

The Protected Areas Practicum is uniquely focused on Management Strategies in Protected Area. Contemporary protected areas emerged in the 19th century with the establishment...