European University at St. Petersburg

3 Gagaringskaya St St. Petersburg, 191187 Russia

About European University at St. Petersburg

Year Founded: 1994

The European University at St. Petersburg is a top research school in social sciences and the only international university in Russia. At the university, students from different countries study Russian and Eurasian history, culture, politics, as well as energy politics. EUSP stands for high quality of research and education. The university is accredited by the Russian Federation. It is also the only university in Russia approved by the US Department of Education for federal student financial aid.

Discover Programs

USSR: Undergraduate Study Semester in Russia

Russia : St. Petersburg

Previously known as RSSA (Russian Studies Semester Abroad), this module is once again available to undergraduates. It offers classes in Russian history, politics, energy...

MA in Russian Cultural History and Arts

Russia : St. Petersburg

MARCA: MA in Russian Cultural History and Arts - Professional academic training plus diverse personal experience in Russian cultural life - All instruction in English...

RUSSIA & BEYOND Summer School in Russian Studies

Russia : St. Petersburg

During two weeks of July students from various countries will study Russian language, history, culture, and politics. The R&B International Summer School offered by EUSP

International MA in Russian and Eurasian Studies in Russia

Russia : St. Petersburg

IMARES is the oldest of the three international MA programs currently offered by the European University in Saint Petersburg, and has been available to students since 1998....

MA in Energy Politics in Eurasia

Russia : St. Petersburg

Energy resources in Siberia, Central Asia, the Caspian Basin, and other regions of Eurasia shapes the world politics, security and international relations in the 21st century....