Year Founded: 2005

ELEBAIRES offers courses that are organized with different durations, frequencies, and schedules during the week. Courses are offered in three different and progressive levels from Beginner to Advanced according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. All courses are designed to let students reach proficiency in both language and culture. At the end of the course, students are able to communicate in real-life situations according to their level of learning. Our way of teaching is direct, active learning using language structures, vocabulary, and idiomatic expressions in the context of areas most useful for attaining fluency as quickly as possible. We guarantee a fast and fun way of learning Spanish in Argentina.

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ELEBAIRES: Internships in Beautiful Buenos Aires!

Argentina : Buenos Aires

The Elebaires Internship Program is the perfect way to complement your Spanish course and gain real professional experience. It is a great way to perfect your language ability...

ELEBAIRES: DELE Preparation Classes in Buenos Aires!

Argentina : Buenos Aires

ELEBAIRES offers international exam preparation for all levels, including both private and group lessons. These courses provide excellent preparation for those considering...

ELEBAIRES: TEFL Certification and EnglishTeaching Internship

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Earn a TEFL certification, teach English, and learn Spanish through the internship placement offered by ELEBAIRES. The program includes the following: - 8-week English...

ELEBAIRES: Earn College Credits and Study Spanish!

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Elebaires Spanish School provides college study abroad programs in Argentina. The mission is to create opportunities for personal growth and global understanding through

ELEBAIRES: Learn Medical Spanish in Buenos Aires

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Elebaires is located in the heart of Buenos Aires, the lively capital of Argentina. Here they can provide you with many opportunities to discover the country along with its...

ELEBAIRES: Learn Business Spanish in Buenos Aires

Argentina : Buenos Aires

A business degree with fluent Spanish will give you an edge in the Business job market. Participate in a unique study abroad experience in Buenos Aires with ELEBAIRES. The...

ELEBAIRES: Study Spanish and Travel Around Argentina!

-Multi-Country Locations : Argentina, Uruguay

Visit amazing Latin American sites, including Salta in the Clouds, Puerto Madryn Marine Nature, Mendoza Highlands and Adventure, Glaciar Perito Moreno, and Iguazu Falls.

ELEBAIRES: Volunteer Programs in Buenos Aires!

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Elebaires offers you a large variety of personalized volunteering programs to break global and cultural barriers by participating in a social service. They provide you...

ELEBAIRES: A Semester Abroad in Buenos Aires!!

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Compliment your college education by studying a semester abroad in Buenos Aires! Elebaires Semester Program offers a full course load up to 5 classes or 15 credits for...

ELEBAIRES: Spanish Courses in Beautiful Buenos Aires!

Argentina : Buenos Aires

ELEBAIRES offers a wide variety of Spanish courses and provides specialized Spanish language courses for students of all ages. Their courses are designed for students from...

ELEBAIRES: High School Exchange Program

Argentina : Buenos Aires

ELEBAIRES is offering immersion programs for international high school students. Their immersion learning-style program is designed to benefit students from the very first...

ELEBAIRES: Any Wine Drinkers Out There?

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Learn Spanish with Elebaires and partake in wine workshops while discovering and learning about the culture of Argentina. Elebaires is located in the heart of Buenos Aires,...

ELEBAIRES: Learn Spanish With Your Entire Family!


Learn Spanish while having a family vacation in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The ELEBAIRES Spanish school is situated in the heart of Buenos Aires. They are committed to offering...

ELEBAIRES: Study Abroad Program in Argentina

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Elebaires offers Intensive Spanish immersion programs of various lengths. They provide private and group lessons throughout the year. Students will work with professional...

ELEBAIRES: Online Spanish Classes!

Argentina : Buenos Aires

ELEBAIRES offers a variety of options for Spanish language studies. They teach Spanish throughout the year. Upon arrival at the institute, participants will take a very simple...

ELEBAIRES: Spanish Classes in Your Home or Office


ELEBAIRES is made up of a team of university-educated academics that have oriented their careers towards teaching the native Spanish language. Their belief is that it is

ELEBAIRES: Argentine Spanish Immersion

Argentina : Buenos Aires

ELEBAIRES offers Intensive Spanish immersion programs of varying lengths, including both private and group lessons year-round. Program Overview and Services: * Intensive...

ELEBAIRES: Learn Spanish and Tango in Argentina!


For all you dancers (or non-dancers) out there... Come to Buenos Aires and learn Spanish, as well as the passionate dancing styles of the Tango! Elebaires is a language...

ELEBAIRES: Medical Internships in Buenos Aires

Argentina : Buenos Aires

In the ELEBAIRES Spanish and Health 5-week Program, health professionals, faculty, and medical students can develop their Spanish comprehension and communication skills in...

ELEBAIRES: Get TEFL Certified in Beautiful Buenos Aires!

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Take a TEFL course in Argentina. ELEBAIRES, in partnership with one of the leading providers of TEFL Courses worldwide, is offering a TEFL Certification program in the beautiful...


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