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CCIS: London--Kingston University

England : London

Those interested in exploring the culture of England will enjoy this CCIS program at Kingston University. Kingston is located in an ideal London location; far enough from...

CCIS: Guadalajara--Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara

Mexico : Guadalajara

The College Consortium for International Studies offers students the opportunity to study Spanish in Mexico at the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara. The university provides...

CCIS: Seville--International College of Seville

Spain : Seville (Sevilla)

Study abroad at the International College of Seville in Spain. Students can enrol in the fall or spring semester, and may take Spanish language courses at any level. Coursework...

CCIS: Ifrane--Al Akhawayn University

Morocco : Ifrane

The College Consortium for International Study offers students the opportunity to study in Ifrane, Morocco, at Al Akhawayn University. Studying at this Moroccan university...

CCIS: Christchurch--University of Canterbury

New Zealand : Christchurch

The College Consortium for International Studies offers students the opportunity to study in Christchurch, New Zealand, at the University of Canterbury. The university is...

CCIS: Wellington--Massey University

New Zealand : Wellington

Study abroad at Massey University in Wellington. You will be part of a program that focuses on the following broad areas: Creative Arts, Health & Well-being, Engineering

CCIS: London--Foundation for International Education

England : London

FIE's program in London gives students the opportunity to experience firsthand this complex society through interdisciplinary coursework as well as tailored academic internships,...

CCIS: Nice or Paris--IPAG School of Management

France : Nice

Gain an understanding of European business practices and French culture through an immersive program at the IPAG School of Management from CCIS. Students will spend 16 weeks...

CCIS: Auckland--Massey University

New Zealand : Auckland

The College Consortium for International Studies offers students the opportunity to study in Auckland, New Zealand, at Massey University. The university offers 70 majors

CCIS: Lima--Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola

Peru : Lima

Study abroad at Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola in Lima, Peru. Students can take part in a program offered for two semesters, and may take classes in English or Spanish....

CCIS: Cusco--Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola

Peru : Cusco

Study abroad at Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola in Cusco, Peru. Students can choose up to two courses for the summer term and five courses for the semester term. Classes...

CCIS: Windhoek--Polytechnic of Namibia

Namibia : Windhoek

Polytechnic of Namibia in Windhoek Course Offerings Courses are available in the following disciplines. The language of instruction for all courses is English. The School...

CCIS: Shanghai--Shanghai University

China : Shanghai

Interested in learning the Chinese language, from beginner to intermediate levels, and want a real cultural immersion course? CCIS - Summer in Shanghai offers just that.

CCIS: Lugano--Franklin University

Switzerland : Lugano

Study abroad at Franklin University in Switzerland. The University provides a full range of undergraduate courses taught in the English language. Courses taught in Italian,...

CCIS: Moscow--Grint Center for Education and Culture

Russia : Moscow (Moskva)

Take part in the Grint Center for Education and Culture at Moscow University for the Humanities program, which aims to engage students actively and personally with the Russian...

CCIS: Hamilton--University of Waikato

New Zealand : Hamilton

The College Consortium for International Studies offers students the chance to study in Hamilton, New Zealand, at the University of Waikato. The university is strong in sciences...

CCIS: Tokyo--KCP International Language Institute

Japan : Tokyo

If you've ever been interested in in learning more about the Japanese language and culture, The program at KCP International Language Institute is your chance to pursue your...

CCIS: Venice--Istituto Venezia

Italy : Venice

Learn about Venetian culture and improve your Italian language skills with a study experience at Istituto Venenzia. This institution is known for its strong language programs...

CCIS: Rome--American University of Rome

Italy : Roma (Rome)

Learn about Italy and discover all that it has to offer while studying in Rome with the American University of Rome (AUR). Students on this program are able gain credits

CCIS: Florence--Lorenzo de’ Medici

Italy : Florence

Students choose from two programs at Lorenzo de'Medici - The Art Institute of Florence: Super-Intensive Italian Language and Liberal Arts/Studio Art. Program participants...

CCIS: Chennai--National Management School

India : Chennai (Madras)

Through the semester-length program offered at NMS, students will be able to combine coursework in Indian culture and business, in addition to the international internship....

CCIS: Thessaloniki--American College of Thessaloniki

Greece : Thessaloniki (Salonika)

Participate in an international study experience with American College of Thessaloniki through CCIS. The ACT academic programs are excellent, with Greek and other international...


France : Annecy

Gain experience with the French language and culture while living in the beautiful French Alps and participating in a program with CCIS. Students will take courses at the...

CCIS: Aix-en-Provence--Marchutz School of Art

France : Aix-en-Provence

Study at the beautiful Marchutz School of Art just outside the city of Aix-en-Provence, located near the site where Cezanne worked and lived. Participants will experience...

CCIS: Aix-en-Provence--Institute for American Universities

France : Aix-en-Provence

Take courses at IAU France at The Aix Center and gain an immersive understanding of the French language and culture. All students will take at least two French courses, allowing...

CCIS: Lancashire--Edge Hill University

England : Lancashire, Ormskirk

Study abroad in England with CCIS study abroad program in Lancashire. Students will attend Edge Hill University and will be able to select from a wide range of courses including...

CCIS: Quito--Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Ecuador : Quito

Students who have achieved a solid foundation in Spanish will find that their Spanish skills will improve immensely on this excellent CCIS program in Quito. USFQ offers top...

CCIS: Copenhagen--Danish Institute for Study Abroad

Denmark : Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a little bit off the beaten track, which is exactly why it is so interesting. A cosmopolitan capital and university center of 1.5 million people, Copenhagen...

CCIS: San Jose--Universidad Veritas

Costa Rica : San Jose

Universidad Veritas is a private university in the capital city of San José that offers intensive Spanish language courses in small classes and provides social and cultural...

CCIS: Santa Ana--Centro Linguistico Conversa

Costa Rica : San Jose, Santa Ana

Interested in making amazing memories, new friendships, and partaking in a tailored program as well as an academic, cultural and personal challenge? The International Study...

CCIS: Salzburg--Salzburg College

Austria : Salzburg

Studying at Salzburg College lets students experience active learning by combing classroom and field work. Excursions, guest lectures, and interaction with local professionals...

CCIS: Queensland--Bond University

Australia : Gold Coast

Students can study abroad in the Gold Coast of Queensland at Bond University. The social campus offers a friendly environment with top of the line facilities. Students will...

CCIS: Chicoutimi--University of Quebec at Chicoutimi

Canada : Chicoutimi

The program at the Universite du Quebec a Chicoutimi offers French language study at all levels. This program is offered in seven, eight, and fifteen week sessions during...

CCIS: Sydney--Macquarie University

Australia : Sydney

Macquarie University is only 12 miles northwest of Sydney, and is ranked as one of the top 100 universities in the world. The quality is found in and out of the classroom...

CCIS: Newcastle--University of Newcastle

Australia : Newcastle

Students can spend a semester studying in New South Wales at the respected University of Newcastle. The campus is one of Australia's finest with over 300 acres of natural...

CCIS: Prague--University of New York in Prague

Czech Republic : Prague

Prague offers a rich cultural, historical, and architectural experience. The city is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for students and tourists. Many important...

CCIS: Guayaquil--Univ. Catolica de Santiago de Guayaquil

Ecuador : Guayaquil

This CCIS program in Guayaquil is ideal for students at all levels of Spanish who want their Spanish skills to improve in leaps and bounds. Participants will receive a lot...

CCIS: Galway--National University of Ireland, Galway

Ireland : Galway

Students may take advantage of the wide variety of courses offered at the University's Faculty of Arts, which includes the following disciplines: archaeology, Italian, classical...

CCIS: Limerick--University of Limerick

Ireland : Limerick

For a student seeking a full academic, social, and cultural immersion, studying abroad at the University of Limerick is an experience not to be missed. The university location...

CCIS: Maynooth--Maynooth University

Ireland : Maynooth

The academic focus of the program at Maynooth University is divided between required (core) courses and integrated courses. The core courses are designed to provide a comprehensive...

CCIS: Dundee--University of Dundee

Scotland : Dundee

Study abroad at the University of Dundee in Scotland. CCIS students take three classes and earn fifteen credits. They can choose courses from the following faculties: -...

CCIS: Stirling--University of Stirling

Scotland : Stirling

Study abroad at the University of Stirling in Scotland. Students benefit from a truly international institution, with 85 different nations represented in the campus and 14%...

CCIS: Buenos Aires--Universidad de Belgrano (semester)

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Belgrano is located in a quiet, safe, residential neighborhood only 30 minutes from downtown Buenos Aires. It offers academic excellence and unbeaten course options. The

CCIS: Heidelberg--Int'l House Heidelberg-Collegium Palatinum

Germany : Heidelberg

Become immersed in the German language and learn from native speakers who are trained to work with language learners. Students will take courses at IH Heidelberg Collegium...

CCIS: Buenos Aires--Universidad de Belgrano (summer)

Argentina : Buenos Aires

The Intensive Language program offers Spanish language courses from beginning to advanced levels. Students complete one level during each month-long session. Three one-month...

CCIS: Palmerston North--Massey University

New Zealand : Palmerston North

Massey University has earned a reputation for academic excellence and leadership in a variety of disciplines. It is the largest and premier institution for horticultural

CCIS: Tuscania--Lorenzo de’ Medici

Italy : Tuscania

For students seeking an immersive experience to study Italian language and culture, the setting of Lorenzo de Medici (LdM) in Tuscania is a perfect fit. Program participants...

CCIS: Heidelberg--UIW European Study Center

Germany : Heidelberg

The University of the Incarnate Word European Study Center is located in Heidelberg, one of Germany's most beautiful and beloved cities. Located on the slopes of densely...