Colegio Universitario Antonio Rendic

Avenida Universidad de Antofagasta 02700 Antofagasta, , 1271157 Chile


About Colegio Universitario Antonio Rendic

Year Founded: 1997

Antonio Rendic School is a private school and it was founded in 1997. It has excellent facilities and it is located in a privileged place of Antofagasta, Chile (South America), in the south part of the city and in front of the Pacific Ocean. Its name, Antonio Rendic, is in honor of a well-known Croatian philanthropist, who was a humanist and supportive doctor and lived in Antofagasta. Most of our community members practice Catholicism. Our Educational Project prioritizes the social-cognitive curriculum, with an emphasis on value encouragement education and capacities and specific abilities development. The Twelfth graders have as main expectation the admission into the formal further education.

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Teach in Chile at Antonio Rendic School

Chile : Antofagasta

We want to incorporate qualified elementary teachers into our bilingual program. Our school year runs from the end of February through the end of December (which provides...

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