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Year Founded: AEA was established in 1956.

Antioch University, founded by Horace Mann in 1852, was formerly known as Antioch College as an Ohio nonprofit corporation. Mann envisioned an institution that would encourage students to pursue their goals and interests without competing for grades alone. In 1978, Ohio Board of Regents changed Antioch College to Antioch University, as it became a university system and started to offer programs and degree courses in various fields. Two major programs that AU offers are a Ph.D in Leadership and Change and the Antioch Education Abroad programs. Antioch Education Abroad (AEA) engages students from over 130 universities nationwide and abroad in international field-based studies, cross-cultural immersions, internships, and apprenticeships throughout communities in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe. These global opportunities help students develop global competency through hands-on experiences.

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Antioch - Brazilian Ecosystems: The Protection and Management of Biodiversity

Brazil : Curitiba, Manaus and 1 other city , Rural Areas Show less

For over 15 years, the Brazilian Ecosystems program of Antioch University has involved students and participants in field studies in a variety of biomes in Brazil. This hands-on,...

Antioch Education Abroad - Arts and Culture in West Africa

Guinea : Kankan

The Arts and Culture in West Africa program is an ideal opportunity for students to expand their creative faculties in the visual and performing arts in an enriching cross-cultural...

Antioch in Germany

Germany : Tubingen

Semester or Full-Year Academic Program Antioch in Germany is a language and cultural immersion program offered fall, spring or full-year (see approx. dates here), and

Antioch - Comparative Women's and Gender Studies in Europe

-Multi-Country Locations : -Multi-Country Locations, Czech Republic and 4 other locations , Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey Show less

Since 1984, Comparative Women's and Gender Studies in Europe offers a unique opportunity for students to earn 16 semester credits while engaging in rigorous theoretical and...

Antioch - Buddhist Studies in Bodh Gaya, India

India : Bodh Gaya

Since 1979, students have lived in a Burmese Vihar (monastery) while earning 16 semester credits. Students engage rigorously in a comparative approach to both the theory

Antioch - Japan and Its Buddhist Traditions

Japan : Kyoto

Japan and Its Buddhist Traditions introduces students to Japanese society and culture through the lens of Buddhism with its more than 1,500 year history in Japan. Acting

Foundations of Sustainable Living in Findhorn, Scotland

Scotland : Findhorn, Findhorn/Morayshire

In this collaboration between Findhorn Foundation College and AEA, students are immersed in sustainable community studies at Findhorn, a learning center, eco-settlement,

Globalization and Community Responses in Argentina

Argentina : Bariloche

Study Spanish Language and critical issues in Latin American and Global Studies in Bariloche - Patagonia. On this spring semester study abroad program (early March - late...

Community Development in Cameroon

Cameroon : Buea

In this program, students/participants study the successes and challenges of community development projects in Cameroon. The core of the program is a Community Development...

B.A. in Liberal Studies: 2 Semesters Abroad; 3 Quarters in Seattle (Antioch University)

-Multi-Country Locations : -Multi-Country Locations, Brazil and 11 other locations , Cameroon, China, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Japan, Mali, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, United States Show less

Earn a degree in B.A. in Liberal Studies at the Antioch University and obtain valuable practical and global experience! The Antioch Education Abroad offers B.A. in Liberal...

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