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A Guide to Teaching Abroad in Tanzania

Tanzania, the sixth most populous country in Africa, welcomes teachers from all over the world with open arms to help bring passion and determination to its underfunded education system. Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world and educators can make a huge impact on the lives of locals by teaching in all different subjects to all different age groups of people. Ready for a challenge that will open your eyes to a whole new world? Then teach abroad in Tanzania!


Tanzania is a country of moderate size located on the eastern coastline of Africa in the African Great Lakes region. It is a very diverse nation and is bordered by several other major African countries including Kenya, Mozambique, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Teaching placements in Tanzania are available all across the country, so make sure to cover all your bases when researching where to go!

With a population of over 4 million people, Dar es Salam is the economic and cultural center of the country, and so not surprisingly the most popular place where to teach abroad in Tanzania. Dar es Salam  is a thriving metropolis where you can immerse yourself fully in the urban life of East Africa. Music, food, art, museums – all are on display in Tanzania’s largest city.

Other potential locations where you can teach abroad in Tanzania include Arusha, Iringa, and Mafia Island (all of these destinations are significantly smaller than Dar es Salam). Many international educators also choose to pursue placements in Tanzanian rural areas, where you can gain an intimate experience of East African village life. Often these are the regions where education is most short-handed, so teaching here can be an incredible experience where you make a real difference.

Teaching Placements

Over half of the Tanzanian population is under the age of 15, meaning that the youth far outweigh those in the older generation available to teach them. As such, it is very easy for international educators to find placements within most fields they are interested in teaching. Math, Science, and English are the most popular subject areas by which to teach abroad in Tanzania.

Because the country is not performing well economically, most educators who teach abroad in Tanzania will be doing so on a volunteer basis. The Tanzanian Ministry of Education works closely with several volunteer organizations to help facilitate placement. There are also paid positions available at private schools and language academies, though these tend to demand greater qualification and/or experience. Most programs demand at least a high school diploma.

International educators are usually able to teach all ages depending on interest, ranging from preschool students to adult learners. Typical work weeks range from 15-25 hours in the classroom, though this varies by what type of school you are teaching at. Teach abroad programs in Tanzania can last anywhere from just a couple of weeks up until a couple of years and beyond.

Salaries & Costs

As mentioned previously, most teaching positions in Tanzania are unpaid. However many teach abroad programs will help compensate you by other means, such as covering some of the costs of food, housing, and transportation. Also because Tanzania is a very poor country, your general costs of living will not be very high.

Accommodation & Visas

Your accommodations in Tanzania will differ significantly depending on whether you are teaching abroad in an urban or rural setting. In either scenario do not always expect luxuries such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and running water to be readily available. Living conditions will be basic, and you will find this to be quite a valuable part of your overarching experience!

Tanzania has a fairly relaxed visa policy, and most often you will be able to apply for the appropriate documentation upon arrival in the country. For more information in the meantime about the visa you will need to teach abroad in Tanzania, you can check out our Embassy Directory.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Contribute Back – Tanzania is a poor country that faces many hurdles when it comes to education. If you are thinking about teaching abroad here, be reassured that you will be making a big impact by helping give locals the tools they need to raise up.

Open Your Eyes – Especially if you have never been to any part of the developing world, teaching abroad in Tanzania will be a groundbreaking experience to say the least.  You will learn a lot about how the world works.

Face the Challenge – Teaching abroad in such a drastically different environment as Tanzania may seem like quite a formidable proposition, but by doing so you will learn and grow tremendously. You will likely be a totally different person upon return!

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Tanzania Teaching & Beaches

Our Tanzania teaching project is located on the picturesque Mafia Island, a protected eco reserve in the Indian Ocean. Living on the vibrant Frontier beach camp, you will teach English to children at a local school, and can also earn your TEFL for free if you log enough hours. There is also the chance to take part in diving or wildlife conservation work during your stay.