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Coming to India as an artist can be a great way to further develop your artistic abilities. Art, whether displayed trough paintings or performed as music or theatre, has always been a great way of expressing one’s culture and way of thinking. Though being specifically linked to one’s culture, other people from different cultures often share the same meaning and experience. In India you will...


We offer retreats for yoga, meditation and sacred dance course in India. Marco Bendoni, the director of this workshop, will focus on rebalancing energy and repairing problems within our bodies while we go in search of the sacred. We will practice sacred dances, meditation and dervish yoga coming from India and Tibet as well as other places around Europe. The goal is to focus on stimulating a...


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Boost your career with customized SWOB’s corporate educational programs in India, world’s largest growing economy. A piece of experience in the emerging market can contribute considerably to your resume, and doing it with the professionals who work actively to make your experience both professionally and culturally rich can make the experience even more enriching and rewarding. SWOB has pa...