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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Goa

Goa has all the feels of eastern and western culture combined. Having been a Portuguese providence for 450 years, Goa’s traditions are a fascinating fusion of both Indian and western European cultural styles. As a prospective student, you might have heard that Goa is known for its long stretch of lovely beaches, famous architecture, and religious sites (and you weren’t wrong!). Yes, the beaches are amazing, the history unique, the food fantastic. The best part? You can experience it all while you study in Goa!

What you need to know more about studying abroad in Goa, India

Did you know that India has 23 officially recognized languages?! Lucky for you, Hindu and English are the main languages used by India’s government, and English is used in the majority of college courses. Phew. So, if you are a native English speaker, the only trouble you should run into is familiarizing yourself with the accent! In Goa, you will also have the opportunity to become familiar with the Konkani language, a minority language native to the south-western coast of India.

Popular subjects to study. Students have a wide range of subjects available to them in Goa, but some stand out. History and sociology courses are a great way to learn more about Indian culture and put your study abroad experience into a historical context. Sustainable Development is another popular subject for students looking to gain perspective on how India plans to meet demand and accommodate its fast growing population (while still remaining environmentally friendly). Coming in with the top GDP among all Indian states, Goa is also an ideal place to study business.

Short term and summer programs vs. long term programs. A variety of program lengths can be found when you study in Goa, but just remember that summers can get hot and humid! Of course, Goa’s climate averages between 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit all year long (Yikes, you might want to bring lots of suntan lotion!). Year-long or semester programs are perfect for students looking to truly immerse themselves in India’s culture. However, if you are short on time, short-term programs, from two weeks to a few months, are also a great way to experience Goa.

Attending universities vs. other program types. With a large population comes many educational options, so there are many direct enrollment options to choose from in India. Third party programs are also available and can offer peace of mind and instant community for students who may not want to travel alone. If your home university doesn’t offer a program in India, consider scouting for programs run by other American institutions looking to fill their program spots. You’re bound to find your ideal program for study in Goa in no time!

Life in Goa for International Students

Goa is an Indian state and is commonly characterized by its northern and southern regions. Southern Goa is known for attracting travelers looking for a calmer, less crowded atmosphere. Take, for example, Palolem beach, one of Goa’s most picturesque beaches with dolphins, food shacks, clear water, and white sand. Or Chandor, a small village in southern Goa, that takes you back in time to when the Portuguese ruled. Many of Chandor’s grand mansions still stand and can be toured today to learn more about the Portuguese influence in Goa.

Northern Goa attracts those looking for a faster pace with crowded beaches, an upbeat nightlife, and many markets. Study abroad students in Goa love to adventure over to Anjuna for their weekly flea market, which draws tourists from around the world. Overlooking Sinquerim Beach and the Arabian sea, Fort Aguada is another well-preserved 17th century reminder of the Portuguese rule. For nature-loving students, Dudhsagar Falls is a magnificent four-tiered waterfall located on the Mandovi River. No matter your interests, you will find Goa to be a place with loads to explore!

GoAbroad Insider Tips for study abroad students in Goa, India

Culture shock is often a concern for students living abroad. Yet, due to Goa’s long history of European influence, students may find adjusting to Goa to be a bit easier than elsewhere in India. Students can experience local festivals of Shigmo, Diwali, or Samvatsar while also participating in Christmas and Easter. They can immerse themselves in Hindu traditions or attend Christian churches. They can chow down on some curry or grab some hearty Portuguese cuisine. So don’t be afraid to embrace the amalgamation that is study abroad in Goa, India! 

If you are not as concerned about culture shock (and even if you are, but you

Even if beaches aren’t your go-to spot, we are confident that you will still fall for Goa’s historic charm, one of a kind culture, and numerous educational opportunities. Studying abroad in Goa always provides students with a chance to grow personally and academically. Let’s Goa!

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