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Studying Abroad in India

India is a world within itself, a country with a larger population (1.3 billion people) than any other single continent on earth outside of Asia. Sheltered by the great Himalayas to the north, the Indian subcontinent has a long and complex history that spans back to the earliest civilizations of humankind. Today a deeply spiritual country bent on overcoming the modern challenges of development and globalization, there is no better place to shake your worldview to its core than while you study abroad in India.


Home to over 50 cities with a population of 1 million people or more, you will have no shortage of flourishing destinations laid out before you when deciding where to study abroad in India. You could spend a lifetime exploring the Indian subcontinent and still not see everything you want to see, so let’s start here by narrowing down your options to just the most popular destinations.

New Delhi is the country’s capital city and home to many of its most highly ranked universities, so naturally this is the first choice for many of where to study abroad in India. Mumbai, India’s largest city sitting pristinely on the coast of the Arabian Sea, is also an exceedingly popular destination for study abroad programs in India. Both are major global cities; New Delhi being at the heart of Indian politics, and Mumbai serving as the country’s commercial capital and major economic power.

Other popular cities where to study abroad in India include Hyderabad, Chennai, and Jaipur. India is a very culturally, ethnically, and linguistically diverse country, so your experience studying abroad will differ significantly from region to region. One thing to decide early on is whether you would rather study abroad in northern or southern India, then work your way down from there by researching several possible destinations.

Subjects & Courses

International students decide to study abroad in India for all different reasons; some are more academically driven, and others care more about the journey itself. It is possible both to enroll at a local university and pursue courses that will advance your degree track (most Indian universities luckily use English as the medium of education), or to take a variety of different courses tailored for international students while studying at a smaller satellite school.

Some popular subjects that students pursue while studying abroad in India include Development Studies, Women’s Studies, History, Philosophy, and Economics. If you enroll at a local university then you will have the luxury of choosing from a full course catalogue while also immersing yourself in student life. Studying abroad at a smaller international or satellite school may limit your course options, but it can also be a great way to brush the surface of many different aspects of Indian history and culture.

Many India study abroad programs are also subject-specific, meaning that you can study alongside students of similar interest while benefiting from a more focused academic approach to the Indian context. For example you might choose to embark on a summer program built around sustainable development, which may also offer the opportunity to combine your studies with an internship or other form of community engagement.

Scholarships & Costs

It is very affordable to study abroad in India. While currently enjoying a rapid degree of economic development, India nevertheless remains a less developed country, meaning that most costs of living will be exceptionally low by Western standards. Tuition and program fees can still prove quite expensive however, so it is a good idea to check out our Scholarship Directory if affordability is a concern.

Accommodation & Visas

Homestays are the most popular form of accommodation while studying abroad in India, providing international students a rare opportunity to immerse themselves fully in Indian family life and culture. Individual apartments and dormitories are also often made available. Wherever you live, bear in mind that commodities such as air conditioning, internet, and hot water may not always be accounted for (especially in rural areas, where living conditions remain basic).

You will usually need to apply for a student visa ahead of time in order to study abroad in India. The exact visa you will need depends on factors such as your home country and the duration of your studies in India; you can check out our Indian Embassy Directory for more information regarding your individual situation.

Benefits & Challenges

Culture Shock. This will be a big theme throughout the duration of your study abroad program in India. As a local professor once put it, “There is everywhere else in the world, then there is India.” Be prepared for an eye opening experience.

Personal Journey. India has attracted world travellers for thousands of years as a land of infinite depth and complexity. Studying abroad in India you will learn a lot about the world, and a lot about yourself as well.

Exploration. One of the great bonuses about studying abroad in India is how affordable it is to travel around the country. Long train rides through the countryside or short flights overhead are your ticket to unforgettable adventures.

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Spend a semester or academic year in the diverse and modern city of Hyderabad with AIFS. You’ll earn up to 16 credits through a variety of courses studying at the University of Hyderabad, living in an International Student Residence Hall. Service learning and volunteer opportunities are available.

Jama Masjid of Delhi

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University Studies Abroad Consortium offers study programs in Bangalore, India that provide an ideal location for gaining insight into how the technological and business revolution is influencing the Indian society. Students will be studying at Christ College and will experience living alongside students and immerse in the culture and make meaningful connections and new friends.

USAC - Study in India

Prominent practitioners affiliated with Duke and world-renowned NGOs have partnered to give you an unmatched opportunity for guided study of the multi-faceted systems of today’s India. You’ll delve deeply into serious, complex issues facing both urban and rural India, investigating cause-and-effect relationships spanning the fields of public policy, global health, development, and conservation.

Duke University India

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Semester at Sea is a global journey that brings students face-to-face with a diversity of our world's cultures and perspectives. Every spring and fall, Semester at Sea explores up to 11 developed and emerging countries and 15 cities on a 100-day voyage. Students represent nearly 25 different countries and 250 institutions, and with the faculty, staff, and crew become a supportive and colla...


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The Pacific Discovery India Photography Summer Program offers students the opportunity to explore the far reaches of northern India while investigating photography, culture, religion, and history. The program combines a week of volunteer service-learning and three weeks of amazing educational adventure travel. Students will develop their photography skills under the tutelage of Kevin Connelly, ...


Explore the culture of India through Syracuse University study abroad programs in Mumbai. Students can enjoy expanding their knowledge about Architecture while experiencing life in India. This summer program is only open to American citizens.


The Council on International Educational Exchange provides international students the opportunity to learn various aspects of Indian society, history, and culture through specific study abroad curriculum. The program is offered to worldwide participants who are interested in studying Arts and Sciences and International Business and Culture. Live in Mumbai and Hyderabad while being immersed in t...


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Temple University offers a program in Gujarat, India complete with workshops, apprenticeships, and field trips. The program focuses on Indian civilization related to religious and artistic traditions. Students with technical, studio, and performance skills are encouraged to apply.


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If you're looking to experience the world, climb aboard. Since 1993, Broadreach has taken over 12,000 students on adventures abroad for middle school, high school and college students. Prepare for hands-on experience, trying new things, making lifelong friends and having amazing adventures while earning a pile of certifications as proof of your achievements. The world awaits!


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Dragons combines rugged travel, volunteering, language study, trekking, homestays, internships and the study of culture and philosophy to provide participants with an AUTHENTIC experience of the developing world through summer and semester programs. Embrace your courage and adventure in global citizenship with Where There Be Dragons. Where do you want to go?


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Study the arts, public health policy, sustainable development, traditional medicine, or food systems on an SIT Study Abroad program in India. All programs include educational excursions, experiential learning, and immersion in Indian culture. Or explore urban studies or health on a comparative program that travels to India and three other countries.


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Spend three months studying abroad in India with Carpe Diem Education. Study programs are open to students aged 17 to 23. Placements are available in eight cities, where participants can learn about Hinduism and Buddhism. All participants are accommodated in home stays with Tibetan families.


Experience India like you never did before. The University at Albany, SUNY, has a study abroad program located in Bangalore, India. Students under the program may focus on the areas of Environmental Studies, Social Work, and Government. The program also includes immersion with local communities, and is equivalent to 6 academic credits. Participants live in dormitories and may take the program d...


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Get to know India's current health issues and explore its health care system. With CFHI's global health care programs, students study while earning cultural and professional competency. Discover what it is like living like a local by either staying with a local host family or another type of accommodation for the duration of the program. Programs are suited for those studying Nursing, Health Ed...