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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Manchester

There is a rumor circulating that Manchester is the wettest city in the UK, but I want to tell you the truth… it isn’t. And, in fact, that “fact” was only started to keep Manchester under the radar. When you study abroad in Manchester, you’ll enjoy amazing food, world class nightlife, top sporting teams, up and coming art, stunning architecture, and very friendly locals. And, your study abroad costs will be a lot less than London! So make sure you don’t miss out—study abroad in Manchester, here’s how.

What you need to know to study in Manchester

Manchester is the North’s hidden gem and there is plenty to keep you occupied both academically and socially. 

Popular subjects to study. Students of any discipline will find ample opportunities to study in Manchester. Popular subjects to study in Manchester includes business, music, physics, and computer science. The business schools in Manchester offer a range of courses that are internationally respected and suit every need. You can also find well-respected music schools. And did you know many of the local universities are home to several physicists to conducting Nobel Prize winning research?

Short term and summer programs vs. long term programs. A semester in Manchester will give you chance to dip your toe into the “Mancunian” way of life. During that time you can explore the museums, eat and drink your way round the Northern Quarter, and catch some of the many sporting events on offer.

Studying abroad long term in Manchester, like a full academic year, will give you all sorts of benefits. You’ll have ample time to enjoy nearby hot spots like the Peak District, Liverpool, and North Wales. Don’t forget to take advantage of the sport opportunities on offer in Manchester (watching and partaking). Football, cycling, rock climbing, and running races are all up for grabs. Remember though, by the end of the year in Manchester, you’ll have to decide whether you are a United or City fan—and will need the football shirt to prove it. 

Attending universities vs. other program types. Within Manchester, there are several well-respected universities that will allow you to experience the British education system and British university environment. You can study at one of these institutions through a study program at your university, through directly enrolling at the university, or through a third party company, like the ones listed here.

Life in Manchester for International Students

Life up North in Manchester is quite different from London. Be prepared for how friendly everyone is, enjoy the variety of accents you will hear, and make the most of Manchester’s vibrancy.

Manchester is famous for its music scene, and has produced famous groups such as Oasis, The Chemical Brothers, The Stone Roses, and (some may not agree) Take That. Throughout Manchester, you will find people making music, people listening to music, and people partying to music. Get into the spirit and maybe one day you will win a Grammy. 

Discover the many different districts of Manchester from the creativity of the Northern Quarter to the mouth-watering dishes of curry mile. It is hard to believe that there can be so much variety in such a small area.  

Manchester has plenty to amuse cultural buffs with several theatres, galleries and museums. The city’s involvement with the industrial revolution and women’s suffrage can be seen through the architectural wonders that dot the city’s landscape. 

Don’t forget to bring your brolly (British slang for umbrella) to Manchester  with you as it does rain sometimes!

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop for study abroad students in Manchester

Festivals. If there is an excuse to celebrate, then Manchester will be celebrating. Food, beer, folk, horror, are some of the many festivals on offer throughout the year. Watch out for the Manchester International Festival, which is held over three weeks and includes world-premiers of musicals and theatre, musical performances by world-class performers and plenty of free exhibitions. 

Travel. By studying abroad in Manchester you are one hour away from Liverpool, the Peak District, and Chester, two hours away from the Lake District, North Wales, and London and under three hours from Scotland. To summarise: if you want to discover the UK then Manchester is a great place for any explorer to be based. And, don’t forget there is an airport 30 minutes from the centre with flights to Europe and beyond.  

Football. As soon as you mention Manchester you will also hear “United or city?”. This question has divided a city, and there is a whole museum dedicated to football. Make sure you watch a match and also, experience a match in one of the local pubs where you may be shocked at some of the chants. Are you red or blue? During your study abroad pick a side and see if you pick a winner. 

In the UK, there is a joke about a North/South divide, and by the time you finish study abroad programs in Manchester, you will definitely be on the North’s side! Enjoy the food, festivals, and friendliness during your semester or summer abroad and discover the hidden gems in Manchester. 

So if you want to study in the home of Oasis, football rivalry and a city that accepts any excuse to party then read our comprehensive guide to studying in England.  

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A Guide To
Studying Abroad in Manchester


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